To Koreans

nipponnjinn In conclusion, Japan and Korea don't need any mutual interaction/ relationships anymore in the future. We Japanese, especially among young generation, are already sick and tired of Koreans hatred attitude toward us, those who are residing inside or outside of their peninsula or even raised and educated outside of Korea. Their hate toward us seems never change. Why don't you all Koreans ask for breakup of diplomatic relations with Japan to your government. We are very happy with that, and you sure will be so as well.

We are all okay, then. We don't give a crap about your country anyhow anymore. We have already realized that having good relationships with Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan is much more important to us, and our government is now trying to focus on it.

When our country faced huge suffer by natural disaster, you dont need to help us anymore. Please dont donate or do anything for us. It is so annoying to hear when you bring things out something like as if you say we Koreans have donated the most when the eathquake and tsunami occered in Japan, while you always say stuff like Japan is sinking into ocean, we celeberate the eathquake, god bless radioactive monkies.

Just leave Japan alone !

You can hold your grudges eternally, and whine towards inside and out of your country wherever/whenever/whatever you like. That's fine with us. Do not look at us anymore. If you may say like Japan is going to be isolated from other East Asian countries though, but we dont care. You can bash Japan whereever you like in any occations such as Olympics , international baseball matches, Asian football cup and etc.. However, One thing ,at the very least, you should keep in mind that we Japanese learned what our old generations made mistakes in the past, and that's for sure, all Japanese citizens living in the present have promised, and practicing that we wont never happen that terrible war in the name of Japanese constitution since WW2.

No worries about us. Good bye South Korea!


But Japan hasn't given enough money to Korea yet! - visitor

I'm an south-east Asian, Japanese people have our full support :) we like you guys. NIHON WA SAIKO! - visitor

Thank you, South-East Asia!
Japan will do best for South-East Asia, not for Koreas nor for main-land China.

Only three evil countires (China and both Koreas) hate Japan in the world.

These three countires never face facts but fabricate everything from history to their faces (especially Koreans).

That's why they have never received Nobel Prize in science or Fields Medal in mathematics at all.

Japan, Taiwan, India and Pakisan have received Nobel Prizes in science.
Japan and Vietnam have received Fields Medals.

Natural science require people to face facts.

China and both Koreas don't face facts, but make evil stories.

Therefore they have got nothing and will never receive any great prize in science. - visitor

You do know what mistakes your old gen made in the past not just to Koreans but to people all over Asia? Then don't blame Koreans. Tell your government folks not to provoke them any more. - visitor

YUP... and we don't really give a crap about you guys... who killed between 3 million and 10 million Chinese and Koreans. Whining? Puh- lease - visitor

South Korea is the most disgusting country in the world. They always make their country becomes famous and popular in the world. In order to influence the people around the world to fall in love on their country, they spend a lot of money in Asian T.V. channel to broadcasting their dramas or K-Pop. They use a lot of tactics (pretty actors and beautiful landscape) to make the people around the world worship on their country. Don't easily fall in love on South Korea because there have many countries are beautiful too. The Korean is very sly and aggressive people. Nowadays their country is famous and popular, they becomes arrogant and always think their country is number 1. Shame on you South Korean! - visitor

Oh I am Korean and all I can say is "I am very sorry to you Japanese, on behalf of my country. " I do not hate all the Japanese (except for the super mean ones, I am very sorry for that too :p) and actually, I have met some, and they are super kind and funny and generous. I hope you guys do not hate all of us. haha. well, for Koreans, I guess if you one of the ones that like, did not respect the Japanese, should say sorry to them. yeah. I love you guys too (both Koreans and Japanese, I meant) I mean, not all of them are bad. they are actually nice! I hope you forgive us Koreans for all that rude and mean stuff bye! - visitor

Mmm... I am european and despite my best effort to learn korean for 4 years at the university level, and be a friendly non korean I found that koreans are racist and hate non koreans. Insecurity about themselves might be the reason for that racism, or historical trauma from might explain it but it does not justify it. I am no longer learning anything about south korea because that country is hyper nationalist and unfriendly. Also they don't know the difference between non americans whites and americans. Sometimes I think if I ever had to visit Korea I would like to visit North Korea not South Korea. - visitor

Japan did lots of bad things to Korea in the history and still now, Japan try to make Korea's east sea to sea of Japan it is un-forgiveness. Just leave you alone? That's what I want to say to Japan. please just leave Korea alone. Do not try to take Korean's world, and Korean's right anymore. - visitor

Laugh out loud why do you all think South Korea is the bad one. We all learned History and know enough more about our history. Japan has always wanted to eat our land but they couldn't. and Now, we know japan is trying to take Dokdo away from South Korea. - visitor

There are nice koreans who helps japanese, and there are nice japanese who helps koreans. there are other countries which damaged other countries and did terrible stuff to their nations, but that's the war... japan did lost many people, kids, women, too. we should put the past behind and move on.

But I do hope that korea stop asking money off japan since korea hates japan, I think its not fair to talk smack about japan and still asking japan to help them in money wise. Japanese yen doesn't grow out of tree so. also should stop the prostitute statue, its not a pretty sight. just make tons of them in korea... we japanese paid enough money to korea so if these people wants the money they should ask korean government to pay for it. but I have a really good korean friends and I know they are nice people. I just hope our governments, both japan and korea, stop ruining the nations being friends to each other. May the force be with Japan though! - visitor

Japanese just two-faced people, very cruel! - visitor

HERE HERE! I so agree - visitor

SO TRUE - visitor

Chinese: rude
Korean: arrogant
Japanese: fake - visitor