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The song whose lyrics, were terrifically done and great to listen to.

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1 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem Cover Art

A lot of people believe Eminem is overrated, but they often admit that this is a great song. I personally like his later music as well, but people for some reason tend to go all hipster on it and talk about how stuff before 2005 is so much better, so here you have it, the greatest rap song off all time.

Best Rap song ever. First rap song to win an Oscar award and it also won grammy awards for best solo performance and for best song.


White People Gonna White People. This song is not the most lyrical of all time. It's not even Eminem's most lyrical song. You culture vultures are irrelevant and have the Rap IQ of a damp mop. The clown who cited awards like Grammy's is the prime example of a clueless white biased idiot. Awards/Sales have no place in quality review of hip hp culture, a culture to which you do not and never will belong.

2 N.Y. State of Mind - Nas N.Y. State of Mind - Nas Cover Art

Ain't no better son than this, give me your top five I'll wait... Illmatic still remain top

Holdin' an M-16, see with the pen I'm extreme
Now, bullet holes left in my peep holes
I'm suited up with street clothes
Hand me A.9 and I'll defeat foes
Y'all know my steelo
With or without the airplay

Nas is the Greatest Rapper of All Time, I don't know why, but when I listen to Nas, I feel that everyone other rapper is just massively overrated and that the people who think those rappers are the best don't know rap and are just biased...

Eminem isn't even that nice...especially compared to NaS.

3 Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique Cover Art

Such a masterpiece, beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

Incredible word choice, flow and lyricism in general. A masterfully told story with deep subliminal and direct meaning.

Tells a great story, amazing putting the words so brilliantly together like this

It's in my opinion the best story to be told in a song and it's the lyrics that paint this picture in your head.

4 One Mic - Nas One Mic - Nas Cover Art

Haha, you'll know this is a great song from the best to ever do it better... Escobar season has returned

Best song ever... Em is Em... but Nas did it pure... no other song is on par with this

This song is genius,

The best ever to do it better

5 Writer's Club - Proverb

Great wordplay, flow and concept... And also truelly lyricised... His best track and possibly his third most lyrical (after "Heartbeat" and "1st, 2nd and 3rd")

6 Heart Beat - Proverb

Lit.. That's it

7 Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G. Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G. Cover Art

well BIG was incredible in all tracks, my best from him still remain Hypnotise

Absolutely The Very Best Haha:-)

8 All I Do - Hishaam
9 If I Die 2nite - 2pac If I Die 2nite - 2pac Cover Art

The alliteration and imagery in this? Talk about poetry, this is it.


I'm sick of psychotic society somebody save me
Addicted to drama so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me
I run in the streets and puffin weed wit my peeps
I'm duckin the cop, I hit the weed as I'm clutchin my glock
Niggaz is hot when I hit the block, what if I die tonight

10 Stan - Eminem Stan - Eminem Cover Art

I grow up listening to this nuclear bomb song from one of my favorites

This should be the only EM song on this list. Get these white culture vultures a new culture to try belonging to. Rap isn't for them. This is a great lyrical song, Lose Yourself is just a pop-alternative rap rock song that sold a lot of albums & movie tickets, metrics that are meaningless to lyricism.

I agree that Lose Yourself shouldn't be #1 and that Em is a tad overrated, but keeping on hammering "WHITE" at every sentence is not much better than the "alt-right" you accuse many people to be a part of. - JoLeKosovo

A song with great emotion and emphasises on day to day struggles

The story that set it off

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11 Father - Golden Shovel
12 Changes - Tupac Changes - Tupac Cover Art

This song was a national anthem to me. great song from legendary Pac

One of the few rappers to talk about actual problems not just sex drugs...

As terms of lyrical this song deserves to be much higher, along with Nas and biggie and Em

Any song from Tupac has a real lyrical meaning.

13 I Want My Money - Golden Shovel
14 I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common Cover Art

Common is a great lyricist! This song was definitely the greatest hip hop song of all time

Way better than the others above it except dance with the devil

15 Parental Advisory - Writers Block
16 Jesus Walks - Kanye West Jesus Walks - Kanye West Cover Art

Listen to the first bar


17 Dosage - Mothipa
18 Bophelo Bami - Tumi and the Volume
19 Life's a Bitch - Nas Life's a Bitch - Nas Cover Art

This one hits had. I like this better than NY State of Mind. Universally relatable.

Life's a bitch and then ya die, that's why we get high

20 The Truth - Hymphatic Thabs
21 M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar Cover Art

Now you all know that Kendrick is the current GOAT, you think I am lying okay fine check out, sing about me I am dying of taste by Kendrick Lamar

From the first line to the last line, pure despair and emotion. A real trip down memory lane.

Best and realest song out there! Shows a lot about Kendrick and his skills he has!

The absolute flow and lyricism while still telling a story and sticking to the theme of GKMC! Amazing!

22 Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre Cover Art

Yo, you can't just forget about the legendary NWA greatest, he did it better than your best pick

23 Infinite - Eminem

Yup. No one knows about this track and I wish everyone did. This is why Dre signed him. Incredible

Shows ems raw talent and skill back when he wasn't doing it for only money. Before he got struck by the commercial success, when he was putting out songs so lyrical that I think infinite is in my top 10 songs by em

Before Eminem got famous, he made songs like this. This song perfectly showcases Em's raw talent with words.

Go listen to this, your mind will be changed

24 Mathematics - Mos Def
25 Rewind - Nas Rewind - Nas Cover Art

Great song, Nas is a lyrical genius

who is your best storyteller? mine is Nasir Jones, Olu Dara

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