Most Memorable Kylie Minogue Songs


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1 Can't Get You Out of My Head

When you mention her name, everyone goes like: "LA LA LA... LA LA, LA LA LA" - mood333

I just love this song, so cool. should be at number 1 though.

2 Confide in Me

Very memorable song because it is quite different from the majority of her famous hits. It is a very powerful song vocally and orchestrally. Love this one.

3 On a Night Like This

My all time favourite Kylie track! Pitch perfect and good to dance to, but also slightly laid back and can be listened to at a dinner party.

Vocally one of her strongest performances - Irina2932

4 Love at First Sight
5 Better the Devil You Know

This will always be my favourite

6 All the Lovers
7 In Your Eyes
8 Spinning Around

Kylie's great comeback in 2000 - Irina2932

9 I Believe In You
10 Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm)

The Contenders

11 Fragile
12 Locomotion
13 Come into My World
14 The One
15 Never Too Late
16 Slow
17 Chocolate
18 I Should Be So Lucky
19 Got to Be Certain
20 Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
21 2 Hearts
22 Fever
23 Red Blooded Woman
24 Breathe

This song is an excellent, unusual trip-hop piece from Kylie's creative album "Impossible Princess". Kylie's vocals are oustanding and this song is so underrated, yet a fan favourite and very memorable to those who have heard it.

I cannot believed the orchestral version was cut from "The Abbey Road Sessions" - it was beautiful, listen to it on YouTube!

25 Did It Again
26 Wow
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1. Better the Devil You Know
2. Confide in Me
3. All the Lovers
1. Can't Get You Out of My Head
2. Spinning Around
3. Love at First Sight
1. Can't Get You Out of My Head
2. In Your Eyes
3. Chocolate

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