Most Memorable Madonna Songs


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1 True Blue True Blue
2 Like a Prayer

The song is about a passionate young girl in love with God, who becomes the only male figure in her life. The song is very strong emotionally and very well performed by Madonna - Irina2932

3 Vogue

Topped the charts in over 30 countries. It became the world's best-selling singles of 1990's - Irina2932

4 Like a Virgin
5 Papa Don't Preach

A bit controversial song. Women's organizations and others in the family planning field criticized Madonna for encouraging teenage pregnancy, while groups opposed to abortion saw it as a positive pro-life message.
Anyway, the song itself, is very strong, beautiful, powerful (emotionally & vocally) - Irina2932

6 Hung Up

Huge hit from 2005 that topped 45 countries. Probably the greatest Dance track of the 00's - Irina2932

7 Material Girl
8 Music
9 La Isla Bonita

"La Isla Bonita" is noted for being the first Madonna song to have a Spanish influence in it. It's my personal favorite track by Madonna and I'm sure, many people will agree with me - Irina2932

10 Express Yourself

Great song and fantastic music video only helped it to become memorable & even classic track - Irina2932

The Contenders

11 You'll See

Vocally brilliant track. Madonna sings it with such a passion and emotions - Irina2932

One of my all-time favorite ballads by any singer.

12 Take a Bow

The single was a major hit in the United States and was no less big in other countries. It's one of her greatest ballads. Brilliant performance - Irina2932

13 Ray of Light
14 This Used to Be My Playground

A bit sad but very beautiful and powerful ballad from the film "A League of Their Own" - Irina2932

15 Frozen

One of Madonna's darkest and most personal songs. Despite that, it became one of her greatest hits and was very well received by music critics and fans - Irina2932

16 Crazy for You
17 Who's That Girl
18 Die Another Day
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1. Like a Prayer
2. Vogue
3. Like a Virgin
1. Papa Don't Preach
2. La Isla Bonita
3. Like a Prayer


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