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Kevin Darnell Hart is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hart began his career by winning several amateur comedy competitions at clubs throughout New England, culminating in his first real break in 2000 when he was cast by Judd Apatow for more.


This dude would make my #1 as the most overrated unfunny comedian of all time. This guy doesn't even have 1 moment or 1 line of funny in his entire career. I'm convinced there's no acquired taste for Kevin Hart. The only reason why anyone would laugh at this jokes is marketing (it's like selling baking powder to people, while creating a buzz that it's the best cocaine ever) which works on the people in society who live in a constant state of hypnosis. Wake up people!

Kevin Hart is about as funny as a tumour growth. Not only this but he is also painfully unlikeable, there's something about him that pisses me off. I have gone out of my way to not watch a movie after finding out that he was in it & I will gladly keep doing that for the rest of my life (not that he will remain relevant for that long). He is like a pair of annoying trainers (the ones that flash when you touch the ground) waiting to go out of style and a few years down the line, everybody will cringe at his very being. I'd rather stick multiple, medicine filled needles in my eyes than watch his pathetic attempt at comedy. I guess what I'm trying to say is, no. No, I don't like Kevin Hart.

I don't think he is funny in the slightest. Every time I see him doing a "comedic bit" all he really does is yell out words really fast. What's more he is just everywhere in the media and I have no idea why. In the past few years he has been in back to back movies, one of which got a sequel, but none of them looked entertaining. Do they really think that bombarding us with his image will make us see him in a better light? I just feel like people are trying to condition us into liking him. Then at the Oscars they announced that he would be hosting next year. Why would this lousy comedian be given the honor of hosting the Oscars. In general I think this guy is a no-talent hack and I do not want him shoved in my face anymore.

Kevin Hart tops the list. A wannabe Eddie Murphy with a short man complex. Just because your jokes are loud doesn't mean they're funny.

He is ok but too say he is the best, like people say he is, makes him overrated. His stand up and the things he do outside of it make him more of a court jester. No meaningful jokes, just silly but he is trendy

Most of the reason morons laugh at him is because he shouts his jokes really loud so they cannot hear their own thoughts and then he makes a really dumb face after each joke, tricking people into believing he just said something funny. Lucky for me, I'm partially deaf so I can actually think while he's invading my ears with his terrible material and delivery. Overrated is an understatement.

Thank you everyone! I thought I was the only one that just can't laugh at him. What's his gimmick, anyway? Saying everything in an overenthusiastic way? That seems to be stolen from Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, who did it much better. But unlike the other two, nothing he says is actually funny. Or original.

He is annoying and not that funny... He is hype and sales.. So people mistake that as god.. And its not all bad but not all good

He is a small man who always craved attention. His jokes are garbage..& he cannot act to save his life.

He's an unfunny, joke stealing, one dimensional, I'm short and black feel bad for me, type of comedian, he is no where near as talented as people make him seem, he couldn't touch any of the comedy greats.

Tries to be Eddie Murphy and not succeeding. Just today I have watched Eddie's Delirious from 30 years ago and it's still so funny. While Eddie F words a lot and includes many R rated jokes, he does it in a tasteful way, with great impressions and makes accurate and funny anecdotes. Kevin Hart simply throws words out so fast from his mouth, not even stopping to let the crowd enjoy his last joke before rushing to the next one. Curses non stop just for the sake of being cool and overall just not funny. Low level humor.

Most culturally, intellectually and philosophically irrelevant and unfunny "comedian" that is also the "BIGGEST" stand up act of all time in terms of numbers. We're living in a real world version of "Idiocracy" when this guy is considered the best "comedian".

His comedy shows are JUST telling stories, he rarely makes jokes, and they happen to be funny. Not to mention he's in EVERY MOVIE EVER NOW! - YoshiDragon240

If you took away his fame and his voice no one will find him funny.

"Kevin Hart is officially the funniest man on the planet" - Ride Along commercial. The movie was tolerable at BEST and that's if you're bored or looking to kill time.

If you seen one of his movies you've seen them all. If he was tall he might not even be famous... God awful and worse he thinks he is somehow inspirational... Then again, if you can become a comedic super star without having any comedic talent maybe you should be an inspiration.

His acting career has been "Kevin Hart plays his new character... KEVIN HART"

Mostly loud and annoying. I've never laughed.. Ever. I don't understand why my friends find him funny, thought something was wrong with me. And yes.. We get it. You're short. Ha ha ha

Talks fast. Talks ghetto. Screams. Ha ha. So damn funny! (NOT) He has yet to make me laugh once. He's all about the delivery but the content of what he says is not funny. Why is he getting paid so much? I predict he will fade quickly unless he gets some genuinely humorous material. Saw him on his highly-promoted TKO show and changed the channel in under 5 minutes. Not entertaining in the least.

Not only is he not funny but there is something about him that makes me dislike him. I rarely dislike people I haven't met but I'm totally disgusted by him. I wouldn't go see him in concert if it was free.

Boring, jokes have potential but never really make you crack a rib

Kevin Hart is so boring, so unfunny I can't even think of anything to write about him, other than he's one of the luckiest people alive and it makes me think I should get into comedy.

Seems like a good guy making a lot of money on a schtick. Good for you, Kevin. Get off my bloody screen!

Was once very funny back in the early 2000s; he was part of the NYC in-crowd with guys like Patrice O'neal. Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, and the rest of the Tough Crowd guys. But he sold out badly in the 2010s and started pandering to cliche "black" comedy which destroyed his credibility. He may have millions, but he doesn't have respect.

Ride Along was a tolerable movie at best. Soul Plane was racist. Almost any film he is in is lame! He seems like the kind of guy you'd want to have a drink with, but that's all he has going for him!