Most Underrated Sci-Fi Shows Ever


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1 Lexx

Indescribably underrated. Most people who dismiss it have no idea what it really is. When it hits you, you take Lexx to the grave.

Brilliant show that inspired Farscape and Firefly in some moments. Very interesting locations, the oozing showers, the insectoid ships... - Alexandr

2 RoboCop: The Series

Twenty-two episodes were made, but the series was not renewed for a second season. Too bad, the show was interesting, creative, not that violent but still catchy - Alexandr

3 TekWar

Decent Sci-Fi series that deserved a 2nd chance - Alexandr

4 The 4400

Interesting story, characters, twists, even music - Alexandr

5 Firefly

This deserves the #1 slot. Not only did it have interesting characters, EVERY recurring character was not only interesting, but had powerful chemistry with the rest of the crew. Not only was the setting interesting, every smaller stage within that setting was unique and interesting, without every breaking the character of the larger universe. Not only was the story interesting, every side story had depth and developed along with the main story through the season's progression.

This series actually made more money after being cancelled, than it did before. How did Warehouse 13 and Farscape get 3 and 4 seasons each, when this didn't even get one?

I think many people will agree with this one - superb story, great effects, interesting characters, many cool action moments - Alexandr

Great Series and stories. I agree with others - this gets cancelled and other series go year after year and have nothing.

The best show ever made

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6 Earth: Final Conflict

Brilliant and very unique show but countless conflicts between actors/actresses and producers ruined it. I'm furious. The show could have been a big classic - Alexandr

7 Invasion

The series had such potential and the producers announced some exciting future plotlines... For a future that would never come. - Alexandr

8 Mann and Machine

The eternally hot Yancy Butler starred as a prototype gynoid, partnered with a robot-hating human. Not exactly the most original combination, but one that could be made to work. - Alexandr

9 Earth 2

Earth 2 was an utterly genius show that never lived to see a second season. No FTL drives. No lasers. Just a small colony trying to survive in a hostile environment, and trying to decipher the cause of a mysterious disease. - Alexandr

10 Andromeda

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11 Torchwood

This show is not as appreciated as should be. Yes, Dr. Who is unbeatable classic but this one is very interesting too - Alexandr

12 Star Trek: Voyager
13 Space: Above and Beyond
14 Alien Nation

Long before District 9, Alien Nation told the story of a slave population of extraterrestrials who crashed on earth, trying to assimilate into a non-willing population. - Alexandr

15 Mutant X

Being a huge X-Men fan I had to watch this show and I wasn't disappointed. It's not copy of x-men, it's really great series... But very overlooked series - Alexandr

16 FlashForward

This show sucked me in from episode 1. There is no reason in hell that it should have been cancelled!

17 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The John-Henry story-line was fascinating - machines deciding if humans were worth keeping around.

18 Surface

Most overlooked show, I gues because it only lasted 2 seasons (1 and a half). Well written and well acted.

19 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Dean Cain was very cool Superman/Clark Kent and Teri Hatcher was wonderful Lois Lane - Alexandr

20 Wonderfalls
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