Most Underrated Songs by Popular Music Artists

Some artists released great songs but these songs were just as great or greater, but left out.

The Top Ten

1 Coast to Coast - Europe
2 The Millionaire Waltz - Queen
3 Superstitious - Europe
4 (I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement - Duran Duran
5 Halo - Depeche Mode
6 Some Might Say - Oasis

This song is highly underrated whereas "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back In Anger" are highly overrated. What is wrong with these people?! Rhetorical.

My favorite by them along with Wonderwall.

It's quite possibly their best song - FettiMC

7 Little Susie - Michael Jackson

Never Heard of it.

8 On the Loose - Europe
9 Synchronicity I - The Police
10 Criminal - Britney Spears

The Contenders

11 High Hopes - Pink Floyd

I love this song. I think it's underrated because it was done shortly before the group split.
What I really hate is the fact that Pink Floyd formed the year my father was born, and broke up the year I was born. He was in the lucky generation. - PositronWildhawk

One of the most underrated songs! The Division Bell is, perhaps, one of the most underrated albums.

One of the most underrated songs EVER.
"Steps taken forwards, but sleepwalking back again, dragged by the force of some inner tide..."
The last true Floyd song.

12 Love Chaser - Europe
13 Breaking Into Heaven - The Stone Roses

I should point out that the sample shows the BAD beginning of the song that goes on for two minutes. The GOOD part, which is the remaining six minutes, is the most underrated of all music. Listen to that NOW! Or listen to the short version that cuts the bad part out.

I-I-I'm gonna break right into heaven
I-I-I-I can't wait anymore

Don't know what it is about those lyrics that get me, but they do. Can't argue with them.

So underrated; I adore this track and think, how was it left out of society?!?!

14 March of the Black Queen - Queen

This was the "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY" berfore there ever was a Bohemian Rhapsody.

15 Sleepwalker - Nightwish
16 On the Edge - Tokio Hotel
17 Angel Eyes - Abba
18 Raining Again - Moby
19 Me and My Monkey - Robbie Williams
20 Shoe Box - Barenaked Ladies
21 Phoenix From the Flames - Robbie Williams
22 Crystal - New Order
23 Run Run Away - Slade
24 Daddy - Korn

Love it, and that album

25 Pain of Love - Tokio Hotel
26 Human Nature - Michael Jackson
27 KÜSS Mich (Fellfrosch) - Rammstein
28 7 Days to the Wolves - Nightwish
29 Under the Influence - Eminem

One of the best songs by D12

30 Jet Airliner - Modern Talking
31 Just Got Paid - ZZ Top
32 Fade In-Out - Oasis
33 Falling for the First Time - Barenaked Ladies

Agreed. This is very underrated. - PetSounds

One of the best songs by BNL, which deserves ten times the recognition that it got.

34 A Question of Time - Depeche Mode
35 For No One - Beatles

A beautiful song with such poignant lyrics. The French horn solo is the icing on the cake.

One of the best songs on Revolver... and with an album as great as Revolver, that's saying something.

36 Cockiness - Rihanna

I think that this song is way too underrated. This is one of rihanna's best songs and should be one of her biggest hits vote it up

37 Bad Girl - Madonna
38 Blinded In Chains - Avenged Sevenfold
39 Papi - Jennifer Lopez
40 Hot Fudge - Robbie Williams
41 Marilyn Monroe - Nicki Minaj
42 Live Forever - Oasis

One of their most popular.Not underrated - FettiMC

43 Stargazer - Rainbow

Underrated song. It's very epic, intense, generally better version of Kashmir. I don't know why it is always overlooked

44 Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd

A great, hypnotic tune that fits the mood of the album well.

45 Temptation - New Order
46 Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
47 Hey America - James Brown
48 Panama - Van Halen
49 Don't Look Back - Boston
50 No Regrets - Robbie Williams
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