Kim Junsu


His voice is so amazing and sweet, as if I will fall in love with him. You can't ignore his voice when you hear his wonderful performance.

He is super great in singing live, his voice is totally unique, he's not only good in singing pop songs but also try best be a musical stars, he is one of the best Korean singer!

He has most unique and lovely voice that I've ever heard.. I never get bored when hear his strong and powerful voice.. Always his voice and himself.. Love you My Angel Xiah..

I think his voice is the most unique in the world. Because wherever he is, we can figure out his voice easily. He has the ability to sing all the songs well and to give you a perfect performence. We all feel so happy to hear his voice, which always gives us motivation.

His voice totally unique! He can sing different kinds of sang very well, when he singing in the stage, you can feel he entered into the spirit of the sang.

There has never been a voice like Dimash's. period. A range of 5 octaves. Singing all genres from opera to rock and rap. Flipping easily between low baritone to tenor to alto to soprano to dolphin sound and whistle, his voice can be emotionally raspy or pure, crystalline and soaring. A kind, filial, generous and inspirational personality. And the cherry on top: a 6ft 3 handsomeness that spans from cuteness to ruggedness.

He is the one of the top singers! His voice is powerful and unique! He is the first Asia singer who is singing around the world!

He was born to sing! His voice is so wonderful and love his voice. I hope he will sing on the stage!

I really love Junsu's voice, I think he is the best singer in the world, I will stand by him forever. But I am a Chinese so I couldn't speak any nice wolds about his voice.

F you ever list to him, will know why his voice so amazing, just as air to fill fully of every breath of yours, so tender but also so strong to cover every corner of the space, he is amazing.

His angel voice, he can sing all songs, so wonderful, more than I can say, he is a powerful singer, always love him so much.

No singer in Asia has a vocal range like him, he's incredible. Except the other JYJ members, that is

Oh god I love his voice! But he never tours to Canada! It's not fair! I'll just have to settle for YouTube then :P

Junsu has a unique voice. He can sing a ballad sweetly, go hard with R&B, and belt out theatre musicals. His vocal range is awesome.

Junsu's voice is unique. Maybe you can't find the same voice all over the world.

He is the best voice in Korea and his voice is one of the best worldwide..

You will never believe if I tell you. Listen to him yourself and feel it

Unique, power! He can control his voice during dancing, is PERFECT.

If you hear his voice, you will be fascinated by this charisma man.

Well, he is known as Asia's number 1 male vocalist for a reason... But that aside he has worked with many musical icons such as Sylvester Levay and Brad little too!

He is the most hardworking singer I have ever seen. His huskiness and vibrato deeply impressed me, even introxicating. His effort and talent contributes to a perfect totipotent singer. What's more, his kindness of charity and passions of football touch my heart. His inocent smile and chipper laughter practically melt my soul. Especially his turnup stern attracts every fan's eyes.

Junsu from JYJ! His voice is absolutely unique and impressive!

One of the most unique and beautiful voice I have ever heard.

I think his voice is unique! He sings very well and amazing.

In my mind, he is the greatest singer, he devotes his life to singing. He can give the world a surpring, so let us try to know more about him. Come on, KIM JUNSU.