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1 Total Recall (2012)

I like Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale but the movie itself, was weak - Alexandr

Seeing Kate Beckinsale is NEVER unnecessary!

The original film isn't even that old. - TheRiceKing

Definitely the most unnecessary remake. It doesn't have the charm or silliness of the original. And definitely the most important that it's missing it's Arnold Swazzeneger.

2 The Omen (2006)

Terrible! Remakes are so pointless and such a waste of money. What IS the point of them? - icthruu

Just awful. Enough said! - Alexandr

3 The Pink Panther (2006)

Original looked funny and entertaining. This one looks stupid - Alexandr

God! This movie is a waste of time!

4 The Thing (2011)

They didn't add anything new nor smart to the story. The main female character was very annoying in addition - Alexandr

So what? It was an unnecessary prequel! Get it!

Every once in a while comes a good remake, that happened in 1982, now Hollywood had to go remake a remake. - TheRiceKing

Prequel or sequel, who cares? This movie was awful and absolutely unnecessary!

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5 Psycho (1998)

I guess they were trying to remake the original because of how old and dated it was, but who in the right mind thought about casting Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates?

When you remake Psycho with Vince Vaughn as the lead role, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

6 The Wicker Man (2006)

Not scary at all. Just silly - Alexandr

Not the bees

7 The Hitcher (2007)

Original is better but nevertheless this one is worth to watch. And Sophia Bush is very good ( and hot! ) in this movie.

Original was much better - Alexandr

8 Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)

Compared to original movie this one was dull - Alexandr

9 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

It's like the writers just simply came out 'we have a new idea for a remake of the original beloved classic, willy wonka and the chocolate factory'. Tim burton said 'let's put this idea in work'.

God! This movie was painful to watch! It really hurt. I this version, charlie is way too perfect and flawless. In the original he was more like a normal kid - he had emotions and feelings, while in this version, he seems colder than frozen rock and he has no personality at all. Also, his grandpa joe has no personality too. The original grandpa joe was funnier and more stubborn. The bratty kids are also badly played/re-imagined. I mean, how could someone ever top the 1971's verruca salt. In that version, she was aggressive, mean and incredibly spoiled. In the new version, she's also very spoiled but she isn't rude or aggressive in any way. Actually, there she seems quite polite and nice. THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE! Also, the girl who plays her pretty much put no efforts in ...more

Look, I understand what you mean. But I'm really not feeling hurt because of the remake. It was bad, I know what you mean, but I have no idea why do you have to be so upset about this? I don't like the remake too, I watched just one time and I'll never watch again. If you don't like it you should just avoid it, like me.

This remake was a total disaster.
Tim Burton, what's the matter with you?! Just stop remaking things and do something original for crying out loud! I'm not a Tim Burton fan, but there are some of his movies who really impressed me like 'Batman' or 'Sweeney Todd'. But this movie was a total mistake.
I saw in a commercial, that Burton is going to do a remake of 'willy wonka and the chocolate factory'. I was all like 'god, when are they gonna stop doing those crappy remakes'. In the commercial, Burton said he didn't like the first movie and decided to do another one. How dare he?! Well, it's a good thing he didn't like the old one, because I didn't the new one. I decided to give it a chance anyway and started watching it with an open mind, maybe he really was going to do a better movie, but he didn't. In this version, charlie pretty much doesn't do anything. When he found the golden ticket he wasn't even excited. He has nothing to do in this movie. The bratty kids are also poorly ...more

Wow! There are so many butthurt people in the comment section! Is quite weird that all the people who read the book hated the 1971's version and like the 2005 one. You guys are too nostalgic. The original willy wonka managed to be entertaining for a few times, but then he became boring and his jokes weren't funny at all. I mean, he quoted from classic literature and played classical music. He also seemed t friendly and social for someone who spent 20 years in a factory. Depp's wonka was funny and dark and his jokes actually were funny.

You mean when Roald Dahl hated the 1971 movie he didn't want Gene Wilder to play Willy Wonka, thought it was too much about Willy Wonka and not Charlie. Roald Dahl called the 1971 movie a little too saccharine too sappy and sentimental. Maybe this is more like the book. It should've been called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1971 because that's the name of the book.

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10 The Fog (2005)

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11 Rollerball (2002)

They ruined everything here. The acting was just Godawful! - Alexandr

12 Vanilla Sky (2001)
13 Planet of the Apes (2001)

Tim Burton didn't even wanted to work on this.

14 Black Christmas (2006)
15 Fantastic Four (2015)
16 Arthur (2011)
17 The Women (2008)

Very boring if you compare to original - Alexandr

18 Godzilla (1998)

Plot doesn't make sense. the movie looks like reused clips from Jurassic park.

19 The Stepfather (2009)
20 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
21 Point Break (2015)

All the charisma and charm the original had got just about completely sucked out of this borefest. The only saving grace for me is the real stuntwork, but that just makes me think this should've just been a straight Xtreme Sports movie or documentary instead.

22 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
23 Ghostbusters (2016)
24 Clash of the Titans (2010)

I guess they were trying to remake the original because it looks pretty cheesy (the stop motion effects still don't hold up). but could they have at least tried to make it as good as the original or even better than the original?

Harryhausen's meticulously crafted stop motion creatures would dominate this Cgi mess of a film any day. - TheRiceKing

25 The Haunting (1999)
26 Bewitched (2005)
27 The Tourist (2010)
28 My Bloody Valentine (2009)
29 101 Dalmatians (1996)

This movie does not have the charm of the original. Glenn Close ruins Cruella de Vil with her overacting. The dogs don't talk and the human characters take up too much of the screen time. It's like Home Alone with dogs.

30 Charlotte's Web (2006)

Bland remake. Bad acting. Lack of emotion. The original had songs show all emotion.

31 RoboCop (2014)

The original was an awesome movie featuring a new cyborg policeman who fights corporate greed, corruption and crime. The new one should be called Cyborg Dad because it talks about his family more.

32 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
33 Sabrina
34 Ben-Hur

This movie is such a classic, why remake it? - SplashMoun10

35 Ben-Hur (2016)
36 The Parent Trap (1998)
37 The Mummy (2017)
38 Death Wish (2018)

Why? just Why? - RustyNail

39 It (2017)
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