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When you dive into the world of Tamil cinema, you find yourself amidst a treasure trove of gripping narratives, breathtaking performances, and unforgettable musical scores. Among the constellation of stars that light up this cinematic universe, one name resonates deeply with movie aficionados - Ajith Kumar. Known for his versatility and his ability to bring a diverse array of characters to life, Ajith, affectionately known as Thala, has enchanted audiences around the globe, making him a renowned and respected figure in the industry.

This compilation aims to bring together the crème de la crème of his filmography, offering a selection of his most acclaimed and loved performances. Whether it's high-octane action, intricate drama, heartfelt romance, or thought-provoking thriller, every film stands as a beacon of his multifaceted talent, displaying the depth and breadth of his artistic prowess.
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1 Vaali

Perfection at its best!

Beautiful songs + movie.

I like the movie

2 Mankatha

Literally the best South-Indian film I have ever watched in my life: the best BGM, the best intro, the best climax, and by far the best plot-twist ending any director could bring to the film. Hats off to Ajith Sir and Venkat Prabhu Sir. This blockbuster rocked Tamil cinema and it still remains in everyone's heart as the best film to be aired. Action King and Thala both rocked and nailed the show. Too good to be put into words. You have to see it for yourself to know. I bet that you'll say there is no better movie ever produced that could overtake Mankatha. Time may pass, but Thala remains Thala.

Ajith proved that he is the mass hero among all Tamil actors with his 50th movie, Mangatha. He broke every rule in the cinema industry. No one would stoop to play a villain character in their 50th movie, but Thala did it. He is unstoppable. Vijay cannot be compared with Ajith. The next superstar is Thala Ajith. And he proved it with his latest ventures, Aarambam and Veeram.

3 Billa

Ajith is the next superstar.

This is the movie that turned Tamil cinema towards stylish making.

4 Amarkalam

This is the movie which made Ajith a raw performance-oriented actor.

5 Villain
6 Varalaru

Varalaru is a great movie. I like the villain character of Ajith. Ajith plays it really well in the movie. Nice climax scene. Love the song 'katril ora varthai', a very nice romantic song.

Ajith might be the only one who would have done that film. Excellent performance in all 3 characters. And the dance scenes were also great, which is very rare for Thala. Must-watch movie.

Super acting sets in Varalaru! Then, this movie wasn't remade by other heroes! Because they were frightened of heroism being missed.

7 Dheena

This is a great mass film of Thala's career. The restaurant scene was amazing.

It's an action & mass film.

8 Kadhal Mannan
9 Citizen

Really good movie. It's a story that invokes the anger to stop corruption.

10 Kadhal Kottai

This movie is a wonderful love story. No hero is suitable for this movie. Ajith is the best for love stories, action, etc. He acts differently from other actors.

Actor Ajith's each act is wonderful.

The Contenders
11 Mugavari

Nice movie. My Thala rocks in that movie. He's the only mass hero who could act like a girly man in Varalaru. But that movie wasn't good, and not bad too. Mugavari is a movie which shows the reality in the film industry.

12 Vedhalam

It is a different movie, and Thalai acted very well. It is quite an entertaining movie with good stunt and some sentimental scenes.

My all-time favorite.

The acting is very good.

13 Yennai Arindhal

Tamil movie goers just want movies with that "mass" factor and unrealistic actions. They do not relish a good movie like Yennai Arinthal. Directors like GVM are not respected enough in Kollywood. Most people here are just Ajith fans who don't know anything other than screen presence. That's why Vedhalam is above all this movie. Vedhalam was a complete disaster and crap.

Trisha and Anushka were great in the film.

14 Veeram

Best film for Ajith Kumar. Its overall box office collection is 60 crores, more than Jilla. The film released on the same day. It gave a chance to Ajith to prove his Veeram.

Ajith is always handsome.

Thanks, super mass movie.

15 Aarambam

Ajith is the next superstar.

16 Aval Varuvala
17 Attagasam
18 Kandu Konden Kandu Kondan

Kandukondain Kandukondain is an amazing movie. Ajith's mind-blowing performance during the climax is the best! “Enna Solla Pogirai” song - Ajith's acting in this song is so amazing with good performance! This movie has hope as a major theme and shows that dedication can lead to what you want.

Ajith looked semma handsome and romantic in this movie! Super Thala! It's his 28th movie!

This is the best movie.

19 Kreedam

Ajith is a real hero.

20 Aasai

My best movie: Aasai.

21 Vedalam
22 Thala 56
23 Nerkonda Paarvai

Vera level movie.

24 G
25 Paramasivan
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