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1 Thuppakki

Biggest collection movie! Break the all movie records include enthiran record also!
Enthiran=13 days=collect-100 crores
Thuppaki=10 days=collect 100 crores
So vijay is the mass.

This film rocked! In just 11 days it grossed 100 crores.
The music pulled our ears. It was the best action music I ever heard. A.R. murugadoss's films are quite nice. Vidyut Jamwal gave us the thrilling feeling as a villain.

The music and the action gives me goosebumps. Vijay looks handsome and the fight scenes makes sense as to how he can beat up 20 people at once. As he is a military captain and the topic of sleeper cells and terrorism is amazing. To me, the ending was a little touching. Rocking songs as well. Great piece of cinema!

Tuppaki is the best film of ilayathalapathi vijay. This is vijay's only one action film of note incluted over action. This is the highest box offish collection tamil film after enthiran.

2 Ghilli

Gilli is the best Vijay Action Film ever! I liked Prakash Raj acting in Gilli. I loved all the fight scenes. This film is the shortest action Vijay film.

Ghilli is the best Action Vijay Film ever. Prakash Raj's Actor Was The Best

Ghilli is the best film

GHILLI IS THE Biggest hit in 2004 in tamil cinema. vijay sir acting is wonderful and amazing. So. I love this film.

3 Kaththi

A different theme and tells about the issues of Villages and problems faced due to multinational companies. Vijay's performance and difference in dual roles outstanding and wether he looks bubbly jeeva or lean and rude and charm kathiresan he excels in both parts. Any idiot can abuse him. But you need to understand an actor now these days satisfies every part of audience with song, fight, action, sentiment and entertainment is not a easy task. Vijay is the best actor always

I could say this is the best movie for Vijay because it speaks abt burning problem of villagers especially people involved in agriculture. It brings out the real face of Corporate strategies, Media and Lazy approach of Urban people over Village problems. Along with Social message the screenplay is well written by handling dual role effectively. After Ramana movie, Murugadoss sir wrote a script on burning Social issues and presented with power packed performance of Vijay.

I Liked this movie very much.

Seriously Pokkiri above Kaththi.. at least Kaththi had a Social Message, Good Acting by Vijay and an engaging Screenplay too.. While Pokkiri Had Stupid Logic, Commercial Stuffs and Acting wasn't that good too ( Copied Mahesh Babu )

I think one of my favorite movies in the world is Kaththi it has a great story line, many great action features, Ilayathalabathy Vijay said 'I'm Waiting' Again. I think this should be at least in the top 3

4 Azhagiya Tamil Magan

I love the movie

It was a great movie but negative character doesn't suite for vijay he is a hero

5 Pokkiri

Pokkiri ran for 200 Days above in cinemas. This is the only latest film which had ran for more than half a year. The story was really superb! It is an Action-Thriller film. It has a thrilling feeling in this film and I like that.

Vijay the mass hero

My favourite vijay anna movie...I like vijay anna and my cute asin movies...

I love vijay anna. In this film your acting good.

6 Kadhalukku Mariyadhai

All time best movie

Is one of the biggest love story. It my favorte film and I will see the movie in 12 times

My favorite movie. Until now...

This is very nice movie

7 Nanban

A completely different Vijay film with no masala, no mass, and no overaction. Just perfectly done. Vijay bring justice to Aamir Khan's role. One of the Vijay classics. And if you say that Vijay doesn't know acting, watch his old movies(like Kadhalukku Mariyadhai, Ghilli), Kaththi, and Nanban. Very best acting from him. Suriya Vijay all hard-working and talented fellows.

Vijay's acting is very nice in nanban. I like vijay very much in this film. I and my friends also three members after seeing nanban film.

Nanban is one of the most comedy vijay film. It grossed 164 crores. It has an interesting story and I like that.

This was very good movie. This movie dedicated to all good friends.

8 Poove Unakkaaga

This Vijay Movie is the best ever! It ran for 250 Days in cinemas. It released on 1996. Vijay's face was really cute in this film. Nobody will forget this film.

It gives moral for good love..

Vijay's first hit film

It's shows that who is Vijay... This the first turning point of Thalapathy

9 Thirupaachi

My 1st favorite of Thalapathy's film...Vijay ran more than 200 days with housefull shows... Love thiruppachi... Second half excellent...

The best film in the world wide film...

Vijay is a universal heo

Good movie and story

10 Kushi

Kushi is a super good love story. I like vijay cute smile and dance in the flim

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11 Sachien

This is my favorite romantic film ever! Vijay's romantic scenes were superb! The story was good. Beyond all the Romantic Vijay films, Sachein is the longest romantic vijay film.

Sachien is one among my favourite movies... I admire vijay's action, comedy, his dressing sense... I have watched this movie more than 50 times...

Sachien is good movie which is all for the teens and lovers... the wonderful message it coveys is that don't show any ego between friends and lovers

I have seen movie in week three times. Romanticism and helpful.

12 Theri

It shows what if a IPS officer become true to his police uniform in a country like India.Salute to all those police officers doing their work sincerely.
We have to promote such films to show that a country like India need such IPS officers. Jai Hind!

Theri ilayathalathalapath VIJAY has a sparking collection just 100 crore in 6 days. Sparking 50 days, sparking 50 crore, sparking 100 days, sparking 100 crore. 175 crore( U$26 million) beating lingaa
154 crore( U$23 million)

Theri,sparking collection.
Theri- 7th day 100 crore
Theri- 50th day 200 crore
Ilayathalathalapath Vijay first 200cr
Ilayathalathalapath Vijay third 100 crore
2016 first 100 crore
2016 second highest grosser first kabali

Theri is one of the finest films of vijay. Not only breaing the records...the film was also a pakka mass entertainer

13 Friends

This film teach us to true friendship. Always vijay was super hero.

Vijay has acted well. The screen play and acting of big star casts like Devayani, Surya have festooned to a different level.

Vijay anna all time favourite. No one can beat him.

What an amazing movie this movie teaches you about friendship in a soft and very funny way

14 Thullatha Manamum Thullum

I like thullatha manamum thullum most... It's my first favourite movie... I love vijay

It's was a wonderful film which I seen..

Vijay Sir is always best

Best movie nice songs

15 Sivakasi

This film is the best film. Sivakasi is the only Vijay film which is an Action-Masala. This is the best Action-Masala Tamil Film ever. The story is superb!

My favorite movie

I love this story

16 Velayudham 2

Ilayathlapathy vijay uncle this will be your next blockbuster hit movie

17 Thalaiva

Really nice... Comedy first have and superb fighting scenes during the second half... And a unexpected twist

Vijay he is hero and don of of the movie thalaiva and he is also hero and don of Tamil cinema vijay dance is Tamil pasanga song attract all cinema viewvers so... we also Tamil pasanga

Hard work never die

The nice movies

18 Jilla

If vijay gives any option to marriage I will be the person who gives first response that is to marry me I love you vijay bharathi is very lucky to have such a great and handsome husband I miss you vijay. I loved Jilla movie a lot the first movie I'm watching the vijay movie I'm from telangana state by watching this movie I got to that he is a Tamil hero in Telugu I have never watched thuhuppaki and snehithudu movies

Jilla next mass of vijay

Jilla is a Awesome movie and you can see jila more than veeram. Vijay is the one and only 2 superstar. The next movie of vijay is pagalavan I ope so. Pajalavan will be the next biggest movie of diwali. I love vijay. Thalaiva is a good movie also. Thank you

I loved that film. It was too superb. I enjoyed it. I love my hero, vijay.

19 Dheeran

Upcoming vijay mass action film...

20 Puli

Vijay super hit fantasy movie puli. this movie dedicated for childrens because kutties always like vijay very much. I like song and mass dance and super hit fight scenes in puli I like the character marudhiran.

Mass fantasy film in Tamil cinema... I love in puli film...vijay anna expressions is very very cute...

Why this kind of films releasing and spoiling Tamil cinema's image.good but not suited for Tamil are bad and story also bad and there's not at all logic in this film.

Movie with thrills and twists.

21 Velayudham

Really nice movie... I like sentimental scenes lot in this movie

Vijay is the only super star in the world.

Superb movie of vijay

The film of reality

22 Kuruvi

Kuruvi has one of the action feeling. It's comedy are the best. The dialogs are superb! Kuruvi's ending has an interesting look. Kuruvi's poster were so awesome.

Awesome action movie. Vijay next superstar!

Kuruvi mega hit movie

Kuruvi the best movie

23 Chandramukhi
24 Shahjahan

It is a best love film

The best movie ever

25 Kaavalan

Kavalan is superb film in vijay's career. Because it is the wonderful love story. It's a remake film but compare other language malayalam, hindi, telugu not bad. But I don't like that feeling. Because vijay has wonderful feeling export that imotion and feeling is really very nice and cute. I love very much this film. Kathaluku mariathai is cute and wonderful film for love next this film. Fentastic and fabulous.

Kaavalan had a beautiful Romance and Drama feeling. It's quite interesting at the last. I have watched it 79 times.

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