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1 Jurassic Park

This is the movie that forever changed the way people looked at dinosaurs and the way dinosaurs were portrayed. Before JP, dinosaurs were mostly portrayed in two ways in the mainstream media, either cartoony-type characters or low budget movie monsters. But this movie destroyed those two stereotypes by doing a more serious, scientifically-accurate(for most of it) and realistic portrayal of dinosaurs. In other words, they were portrayed as actual animals of nature trying to survive and are just driven by their own pure instincts.

2 The Land Before Time

This is one of my all time favorite movies. Characters are all memorable some more than others ( Ducky < Sharptooth) and of course such an amazing story.P.s how does toy story count as a dinosaur movie?

The Land Before time is definitely one of the best dinosaur movies out there, but it can't compete with some others. I like it and all, but my vote has to go with Jurassic World.

The Land Before Time has 13 Sequels and a T.V. show.

(And A 14 Sequel Coming Out December 2015 and it will be Traditionally Animated so it won't be another Disgraceful Computer Animated Movie.)

I think The Land Before Time deserves the praise and fans that it gets because who would not agree that The Land Before Time is Awesome?

3 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

I don't understand the hate. I always thought this was a really awesome and well written sequel. Sure it's not better than the first classic, but it doesn't have to be. It is simply made to be a continuation of the first movie. The characters are actually very funny, believable, relatable, and very human. It also does a very excellent job at being an action-packed rollercoaster ride. Plus, a lot more dinosaurs to explore. It's one of those sequels that you have to have the right mindset to enjoy and appreciate it.

4 Dinosaur

This was the right kind of movie to be released for the 21st century. Not necessarily the best, but the right one. It showed how far humanity has come from when dinosaurs existed and the struggles we endured to get this far. Sort of like how these dinosaurs even at the end of everything struggled to find some world they wouldn't die right away from.

Who in the world put that dumb land before time better than this? Dinosaur is awesome. It looks amazing for an animated movie. I also love that they put a carnotorus as the bad guy instead of a t-Rex. I love the carnotorus! And land before time is the dumbest movie ever.

5 Jurassic World

Yeah, Jurassic Park may have been a whole new frontier, and Jurassic Park II: The Lost World may have had some awesome moments, and even Jurassic Park III had some cool stuff, but Jurassic World (in my opinion) is the best. I think so because it has some action scenes that are more fast-paced (such as the scene where the Indominus Rex escapes,) as well as the characters finally think of using guns against the dinosaurs. I'm not saying that the other Jurassics aren't good though. Yes, even you, JP3, Spinosaurus and all.

6 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I don't care how many people say that this film sucks. This movie was good for being the 5th film in a movie franchise. I think finding Blue and Rexy, and as many dinosaurs as possible was a cool mission. The Indoraptor was also pretty good and terrifying. I give this movie a solid 8/10. The reason, not 10/10 is because the animations for the dinos were a little overdone, and also because they tweaked the T. Rex roar a bit.

Why do people hate this terrific movie? They say, the plot was weak, how come? This movie was as awesome as the predecessor, why hate it?

7 Jurassic Park III

I don't get why everyone hates Jurassic Park III so much. I was actually happy when the T. Rex got eaten. Before you start hating on me, it's because the Tyrannosaurs get so much love, I was happy to see another dino get the spotlight. Jurassic Park III is defenatly (sorry for the bad spelling) better than Jurassic Park II: The Lost World, but compared to Jurassic World and the original Jurassic Park, it can't compete. Now please, give Jurassic Park III some love, and stop hating on it!

Not a horrible sequel, but one of the weaker entries in this franchise. I am aware that this film does have a little bit of a fan base. a lot of people do like this movie. It has grown on some people. Me personally, I think it's okay but not better than the first two films. It's just rather unremarkable in my opinion, but not terrible.

8 King Kong (2005)

What's not to like about this film? When I saw it at the cinema, in the final scene the audience were audibly shocked and saddened. Guess they never saw the 1933 original!

King Kong could beat any T. Rex in the movie he ripped the T. Rex mouth open while holding the girl don't know if he could beat Godzilla

To me this is the second best dinosaur movie. Jurassic park being first of course.

9 Journey to the Center of the Earth
10 The Land That Time Forgot
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11 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice age movies are so amazing! Dawn of the dinosaurs is my personal favorite! The characters are fantastic, the dinosaurs are amazing, and the story is adventurous and has a happy ending! I personally think it should be number one!

12 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
13 The Good Dinosaur

People who will say this movie is bad, have no feelings on their mind. Or simply have no life. They are just Jurassic Park fans and wants to look for actions but not a good story. If you're an honest guy, I bet at least tears will come up on your eyes when you will watch the whole movie.

Pixar makes amazing movies. I doubt that this movie will be bad.

I love this movie! Thunderclap is my favorite!

14 Walking With Dinosaurs

This movie was unbelievably cringey and stupid. Do not watch.

What the what! Should be at least 10th

15 The Valley of the Gwangi

I hope they'll be a remake of this film. I love this film even when gwangi battle the styacosaurus and the elephant.

Excellent movie impressive effects for the time acting was good

16 Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost is awesome, Jurassic park is much better,
But Land of the Lost should be higher than 'The Valley of Gwangi' or 'The Land that time forgot

17 One Million Years B.C.

Ray Harryhausen did a wonderful job on the dinosaurs and plus he is a genius!

18 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
19 Barney's Great Adventure

Barney sucks go watch Dinosaur King instead.

Max, Rex and Zoe are better role models than some creepy purple dinosaur.

20 Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia
21 You Are Umasou

You can go see AniMat's review of it to see how amazing it is that it was at least just one step away from getting his Seal of Approval! Me tell you why later.

22 Planet Dinosaur
23 Dinosaur Revolution
24 Balawis
25 The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island
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