Best Movies of 2010

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1 Inception

An amazing movie with flawless performances and awesome everything. Here's my cue to talk about how amazing the movie is in a 3000 word comment, your I've already done that on other lists so I'll leave it at this.

This not only the best movie of 2010, but the best movie of all time.

It has everything I could want in a movie- action, character building, an extremely interesting plot, a GREAT soundtrack (Time is one of my favorite songs), you have to think, and everyone can have their own opinion about how it ended, and even about what happened IN GENERAL. Someone could think the ending was a dream, or the whole movie was a dream, or certain parts were, or that the movie wasn't an inception of Fisher, but on Cobb himeslf. Words cannot express how much I love it.

it really isn't close here. Inception is the best movie of all time, so of course it dominated the list of the year it came out. If you haven't seen it, don't feel too ashamed, just watch it because you're really missing out

Holy Cow, that movie was a classic! Never for even a single second did I feel bored, I was hooked, I didn't even get up to pee after the interval (poor me, I had a hard time :P) Leo DiCaprio's really changed his Titanic image, he ROCKS... and of course, Chris Nolan makes the best movies, the Dark Knight, Batman Begins et al...

2 Toy Story 3

Guys, this movie isn't even out yet but I'm predicting it's gonna be amazing, only a few more weeks till it's released! I'm so excited for Toy Story 3!

Should've stopped here. Toy Story 4 was terrible. Toy Story 3 will always be the best in the series.

One of the last years where the best movies list weren't flooded with superhero movies.

Best toy story needs to be number 1! I also hate Alice in wonderland. (way to many advertisements)

3 How to Train Your Dragon

What grabs me about this film is that even though it is technically a fantasy, I can't help but get the feeling that everything I'm seeing really happened at some point in history. And not in a dull, preachy way. On the contrary, there's never a dull moment in the film. The relationship between man and beast has never been told in a more beautiful, yet surprisingly realistic way. My favorite movie of all time. Bottom line, it deserves to be higher than number 16.

Why is this so low? This movie had an amazing soundtrack, really awesome graphics, great voice actors, the list could go on forever. This movie does not deserve to be so low. It should be at least in the top ten, this movie deserves to be number one.

Oh. My. God. Only 15th? I'm such a fan of this movie that I don't even know what to say. The soundtrack is considered by me as the greatest work of music ever--it really is great--and the film was stunning, grabbing, HILARIOUS, and awesomely awesomified with bucketfuls of awesomely awesomed awesome. WATCH IT TO SEE! HTTYD2 is coming out in 2 months and I absolutely cannot wait!

How the hell is this so low? This movie was amazing! It should be number one! Even better than Toy Story 3 and Inception.

4 Tangled
5 Despicable Me

Watching this one today, it's still a satisfying experience. It's a good movie, I mean, it's no masterpiece, but it's entertaining, and it leaves you with a happy feeling after watching it.

One of the funniest movies I have seen in a while!

What? This is #18? This should be in the top ten!

6 The Social Network

Love this movie... the writing is so fantastic, almost every word spoken out of the characters' mouths is brilliantly thought out

Inception is amazing movie, but come on Social Network is better.

Seriously.. This needs to be higher.. It's definitely better than the expendables

7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

In my mind, Harry potter was the only film series that pulled off the "split the last book into 2 parts" thing close to perfectly!

Wasn't too sure about splitting the book into two movies. However it actually works.

How is Percy Jackson, a forgettable seen it all film, above this film which was dark and haunting

This film was awesome

8 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This should be higher on the list! Accurate actors, ingenius writing, and following the source material accurately.

9 Iron Man 2

Wow Iron man, the coolest superhero in the history of marvel, the same hero with a better superhero-suit.

10 Black Swan

This film was a bit of a Red shoes rip off, but it was still the best film of the year. Darren aronofsky is a fantastic director, this is not his best work, but this movie and inception were the best of the year (with shutter island coming in third. ) it really should be a lot higher.

Truly the best film I have ever seen. I related to Nina on a level that I never have with a movie character. A masterpiece in every way.

Best movie ever? Why is this not higher, a fantastic use of the media of film to show an insight into somebody with a slowly distorted sense of reality

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? Rabies
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11 Megamind
12 Easy A
13 127 Hours

Come on people. This is ridiculous. James Franco was so good in this incredibly directed film, I can't believe this isn't number 1.

This movie has great soundtrack it should get an Oscar and good performance by James Franco. Too bad he didn't win for Best Actor

14 Kick-Ass

It's like crack it's addicting and makes you want more! Awesome movie with awesome violence, funny jokes, suspense, and anything you would want in a movie.

In reality, yeah its inception. but this one deserves a boost to get top 10 creds

15 The King's Speech
16 Shrek Forever After
17 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
18 Diary of a Wimpy Kid
19 Predators
20 Grown Ups

Why the hell is this not first? Isn't adam sandler's amazing comedy, hilarious plot and just all-round laughs not enough for you? Greedy people...

21 The Fighter
22 Shutter Island
23 Tron: Legacy
24 Alice in Wonderland

Yes, I love Johnny Depp. Is this a Tim Burton film, by the way? I'd like to know.

25 The Other Guys
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