Top Ten Best Gay Movies

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1 Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain definitely deserves to be 1#. Not because of the plot itself or the characters (those are some of the things that make it good though), but because of the development between our two main characters. They were not born gay, they just developed a bond more powerful than friendship. And as the story progresses, they show how deeply affective it is to both the main characters and the supporting cast. And on top of that it's subtle, beautiful, emotional and passionate, just like the relationship between Jack and Ennis. This is the film that made me feel invested throughout the intire time, and if you're not into these kinda stories...that's fine. I can understand why some people wouldn't want to watch this film. But if you are looking for a film that is going to challenge you psychologically, Brokeback mountain is one of those near-masterpieces to check out. ❤️

2 Trick

It rates a comment if its number 2. A light hearted but endearing memory.

3 American Beauty
4 Shelter

It is an outstanding movie, that makes one feel life is beautiful. All the concepts of love is seen (Family, friends, lovers) and even the acceptance of the society is shown. Its done so clean and refreshing

Great story, trevor wright is awesome... And hot!

I love how the story ends and how they act.

5 The Crying Game
6 Boys Don't Cry
7 Ang Lihim Ni Antonio
8 Milk

This should be the movie of all time - this man was murdered standing up for gay rights and helped pave the way for the social acceptance we have today. but we all know it could be better.

Harvey Milk is a brave gay hero, someone we should never forget, ever.

Harvey had the strength that most of us wish we could have tubeum self in the world that hated him and he changed that world.

He was willing to "come out" when it wasn't done. Without people like him it wouldn't be normal today.

9 Torch Song Trilogy

If you haven't seen it, it about the epic quest for love and accceptance that we all search for while battling the inner demons of self loathing ingrained in us by society. Truly a tragic ending!

10 Latter Days

A movie with incredible acting. The gay people actually win in this movie. I don't see how people can prefer that steaming pile of crap Brokeback to this.

I loved this movie, when he goes to the mothers house looking for him.

I can't believe brokeback was rated higher than this masterpiece

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11 Get Real

This was my first "gay" movie, loved it because it hit home for me. It is a Brit film, but I completely delved into it and watched it over and over. Not a comedy but a coming of age tale that is heartwarming.

12 Beautiful Thing

It has a great storyline and really conveys emotional feelings, with great bouts of comedic relief!

It's funny and fab acting. It's interesting and comedian. This film is so cute.

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Very moving story.

13 Dog Day Afternoon
14 The Birdcage

Ok, robin williams and nathan lane, who could want more comedy? A classic, yes a remake of an older French comedy with the garnishes of Nathan Lane as Albert, "Try more gum". Quotes abound that will permeate and make you giggle. Most of my friends, and me of course, have committed many, many quotes to memory. A delicious tale that makes a popcorn and movie night that much more.

15 Heavenly Touch
16 Kiss Me, Guido
17 Prayers for Bobby

How can you not LOVE this movie. It just makes me cry every time I watch it. Sigourney Weaver is just perfection in her acting as always, and Ryan Kelley does an absolutely amazing job. I think everybody NEEDS to watch this movie because it could save a lot of lives.

18 Love is Strange
19 My Own Private Idaho
20 Philadelphia

Gorgeous and touching movie, it has to be one of the most stunning potrayals of the troubles and the prejudiscm that gay men face in society. This movie will definitely get you thinking, will definitely make you cry. To me one of the best movies out there.

Nice, but misses on the fun required..! We look for 'some' chemistry..!

21 In & Out

This is one of the best gay films that deal with
"coming out". And it is hilarious.

22 Rent

I LOVE this movie. Although, it's better on broadway.

23 Yossi & Jagger
24 Love, Simon

I loves this movie! It was really inspiring! It encouraged me to admit I'm Bi to my friends. Don't judge me! No shame! #LOVESIMON

I love this film! They stayed true to the book, and got incredible actors and actresses

I'ts so moving and beautiful! first real gay movie I've seen LOVE IT!

25 Eating Out

Want to laugh... This is it = stereotypes and the resulting laughs. The situational comedy adds to the insanity. No thinking required, just sit back & watch it undress

This should be on the top 2 at least! Great movie with hot actors!

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