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1 Drunken Master

One of the best movie ever, but jackie is way better in drunken master 2..

I like the awesome styles! The fight was also was very amazing!

Super movie and number 2

A MAN who would do anything for us to entertain.

2 Rush Hour

This is very good movie. I like this movie.

Great Movie... Action with comedy is always fun.

It's the best ever! Carter acts like and idiot but he's so funny and chan is the king of of spy movies and Kung fu

It was best buddy cop action-comedy martial arts film in the history of hollywood

3 The Legend of Drunken Master

Best fight scene in all of cinema history. Some of the best stunts in film history were executed in this movie. Also one of the most entertaining movies of all time as well as one of the best action and comedy movies I have ever seen.

I really love this movie the drunken master is so humorous getting scolds, hit from his dad. That mad me cry.
Superb mann...

Great movie of all time

I love this movie

4 New Police Story

Loved it. Here you can see Jackie Chan as an actor who can fight and not a fighter who can act. Loved the storyline.

Come to think about it... This is one of the strongest performances of Jackie's career

This movie is fantastic (emotional and action). I really love it

What an action movie

5 Rush Hour 3

This movie so comedy that I forgot my sadness it's a very good movie

Great and funny

6 Kung Fu Panda 2
7 Rush Hour 2
8 Police Story 3: Super Cop

Even for Jackie the action in this movie is insane. The train scene alone makes this movie worthwhile

9 The Karate Kid

The film has loads of information and especially every children may like this movie. The one of the best martial arts movie is the karate kid.

It was the #1 movie in America, until dumb Toy Story 3 came along. I think Kung Fu Panda should be on here though. (I know Jack Black played Po, but Jackie Chan was still in it. )

When do you retire?

10 Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God

This movie has one of the funniest fights in history when they were underground with the planes so hilarious.

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11 Shanghai Knights
12 Police Story
13 Kung Fu Panda
14 The Forbidden Kingdom

Great Story. The Soundtrack is amazing as is the Drunkin Master performance by Jackie Chan.

Jackie chan is a best actor in all world and I am a big fan of jackie chan or I am a pakistani

Amazing movie I loved

He is the great actor

15 Rumble in the Bronx

Jackie chan is outstanding his stunts amazing what a movie to be watched.

Marvalous and amazing stunts by jackie chan, fight against the evils.

16 Chinese Zodiac

I have to watch this

17 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Amanda Grimm My Book Jackie Chan is a Boy who is used as a Janitor at his kung Fu School. Jackie Chan can't fight and is Always getting Bullied by the Teachers and Pupils. one day an old man helps Jackie train Jackie create his owe Style and Mixes it with the Snake's fist. his Style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. one day the old man is trouble by a man who dose' the Eagle's Claw' and Jackie helps the old man

Strong comical debut with iconic fight scenes, even if the movies is a little bit outdated, that is also the charm of it.

Best Jackie Chan film because of the skill level and because it has Hwang Jang Lee in it!

This was the best in my opinion. No doubt.

18 Who Am I?

The Best stunts and a great story. Who could ask for more out a Jackie Chan movie!

My favorite movie in the childhood..

19 Shanghai Noon

One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies! Funny and Intense. The other favorite is Shanghai Knights. Can't believe these two were not the top rated ones. Just such a wonderful mix of story, fighting, and funny.

This movie was real good!

A western cowboy movie about an Easterner who is in the Wild West, 19th century

20 Jackie Chan's First Strike

Wow rush hour 3 is ranked higher than this what is wrong with you people

How can it be on no 17

21 Operation Condor
22 Project A

One of the finest!

23 Robin B Hood

Very funny. Has a nice family type storyline

Great touching story

Its fantastic movie

The best comic movie

24 Jackie Chan's Police Story

Come on this should be on the top spot cause it's the best martial arts + action movies for its raw stunts and fight scenes which sets the bar for any wannabe action stars.

Shame it's not in top 3! Funny, almost full of action, probably Jackie fought the most in this movie, the stunts, his character...everything fits.

25 Young Master

Two thumbs up

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