Top 10 Characters from The Outsiders (1983)

Which "The Outsiders" (1984) character is the best?
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1 Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade

Everyone always talks about how he's innocent, but I actually don't think so. While still sweet, he killed a man, and has been through some horrible stuff with his parents. We gotta give him more credit, cause he's tuff!

He's just really cute as in puppy dog cute in the movie. He just seems really innocent-even if he killed bob. He obviously didn't mean to.

Johnny is such a sweet guy, he still manages to smile even though he lives a horrible life. I love him more than anything

My second favorite character. I feel bad for him, but he is a very nice guy though.

2 C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis

My 2nd favorite character.I find it funny that Ponyboy is kind of a mixture of both Sodapop and Darry.Its also funny that he is a little more like Darry and he likes Sodapop more.

He is kind, outgoing, and an all around great person.

He's so nice and I just love him so much!

3 Matt Dillon as Dallas "Dally" Winston

I'm glad he's number one. Not because he's my crush (which he is) but because someone finally found the real him. For a majority of the story Ponyboy made it sound like Dallas didn't care about anyone or anything. I am glad that Ponyboy learned Dallas' true personality.

My favorite character in the book, his personality reminds me of my favorite fictional character. And he kicks butt too, like in that rumble!

He was always so amazing when it came to the gang. Even if he was tough, you knew he had your back. And at the end... well let's just say, I cried. A lot.

In english we had to read outsiders (I already read the whole book and watched the movie) The kids in my class are on chapter three and because the teacher gets everything online, we had these worksheets and one of the questions was
"Who was all drunk and annoying cherry and marcia or whatever" And since I had already read everything, I was like sobbing like
"He's not a bad character"

4 Rob Lowe as Sodapop "Soda" Curtis

My favorite character.He is just such a good character and so good at playing him.After watching The Outsiders and reading it for the first time I was speechless.

WHen you wish you had a brother so you could have a brother like him...

Hands down best guy ever. He's so cool.

He is so happy and cheerful!

5 Emilio Estevez as Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews

He has a sense of humour but also can be heart warming the sound off his voice is amazing he doesent care what others think and will defend his family a.k.a The gang also he is hot +++++++

6 Patrick Swayze as Darrel "Darry" Curtis

He was very important because he was the one who drove Ponyboy away and made him run away in get into that trouble.

God rest his soul

7 Tom Cruise as Steve Randle

Extremely underrated. Also lives chocolate cake. I mean, come on! Who doesn't like that!?

Even though he didn't get enough screentime. He is probably the nicest character in the whole show.

8 Diane Lane as Sherri "Cherry" Valance
9 Glenn Withrow as Tim Shephard
10 Michelle Meyrink as Marcia
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11 Darren Dalton as Randy Adderson
12 Leif Garrett as Robert "Bob" Sheldon

The only thing I know about him is that Johnny murdered him.

13 Lynne Hatheway as Sandy
14 Tom Waits as Buck Merril
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