Top Ten Films With Unnoticed Plot Holes That Need to Be Filled

Some of these really drive me insane. What about you?

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1 The Birds

I know this comment will be voted down. But I have to point this out.
This is big. There is no outcome to the story. We realise that birds have mysteriously begun attacking people, and we don't find out. It repeats the obvious over and over throughout the film. So where is this film going? We simply get people running from birds, which was nothing special. And considering that the film ends just before something might have happened, without tension, without action, just with them boringly driving off, it shows directly that nothing has changed. So, nothing you saw before was significant to the plot.
The main characters in the story have no role in stopping the birds. Without them, the birds would still have been attacking people, and done equal amounts of damage, and the humans would have reacted in the same way. The latter, frankly, was clich├ęd. A scream, a slap to the face, a gasp, a small insignificant fight. Sound familiar?

2 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

It's all the Skywalker family tree here. At the end of episode three, Anakin and Padme's children were separated, and since Dad was now Darth Vader, their ancestry was kept secret from them in order to keep them safe. I would have thought that "Luke Skywalker" was a dead giveaway. And this is also a big mistake in the next installment that follows on from this. Darth Vader has this sudden connection with the force to Luke only after Darth Sidious mentions "the offspring of Anakin Skywalker". How did Vader not see this before; it was right in front of him!
There's also the smaller but still big issue in this movie concerning the rebel base. The Death Star was built to destroy planets, and for some reason, it was waiting for the rebel base to come within range of the Death Star, as there was a PLANET between them. Hold on a moment!

3 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi

Another Star Wars related plot hole. The first Death Star had a poorly designed defense system, a shaft through which one could get a shot into the centre of the ship and blow it up. The second Death Star had one large enough for a ship to fit through!

4 Men In Black 3

Simple as this: Boris the Animal went back in time to kill Kay before Kay could stop and arrest him. If Kay was dead before he hired Jay, how was Jay still there? And when Jay gets back, Kay remembers the conversation on the phone at the start of the film, which would not have happened if Jay and Kay made friends or acquaintances when Jay went back in time. And if Kay wanted the ArcNet to be launched into space, with the only means of which being via Apollo 11, surely MIB could have called NASA in advance? Much easier than trying to bribe the security guard and then climbing up the supports and jumping onto the rocket.
I just spoke about this in more detail on my list of plot holes in the MiB film franchise. Look it up.

5 The Lion King

I haven't seen it since I was who knows how young, but I know the plot holes.
Firstly, we look at Mufasa's death scene. Before the stampede, we see a few hundred wildebeest and no more. But during the stampede, we see exactly this number of wildebeest every half of a second. So it would all be over within that time, Simba would have been fine as long as he held onto the tree, and neither Mufasa nor Scar would have the time to get there before the stampede finished.
So suppose Scar's plan wasn't flawed like that, and Mufasa was trampled to death. Simba was the only eyewitness, and so Scar could have killed him without telling him to run away and leave it to the hyenas.
Thirdly, Mufasa's ghost appears only YEARS after he died. So, Dad, where've you been all these years?
And finally, Timon and Pumbaa follow Simba back to confront Scar, despite them having no role in Scar being overthrown. Without them, Simba would have got on fine.

6 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This episode reveals the existence of the time turner. Odd, that. If wizards could travel through time, they could have stopped the whole story from taking place. Like stopping or killing Voldemort before he started making any Horcruxes.

They could have gone back in time to keep Voldemort from even being born!
And if someone can get their hands on one just to change classes a lot then that means they probably aren't that rare.
Explain JK Rowling.

Wow! Yeah, that's a good point Positron. Hell, Hermionie could have fixed the Voldemort maniac by time warping. Rowling failed to predict this loophole.

7 Star Trek: Into Darkness

Very good point, PositronWildhawk. Another plot hole I noticed is the end fight scene between Spock and Khan. They need the regenerative abilities of Khan's blood to heal Kirk, right? Well, what about the 72 OTHER super-humans in cryo-sleep ON the Enterprise? I mean, the fight between Spock and Khan was boss, but unnecessary.

In this film, we establish that Kahn was frozen for over 300 years. But considering that the year was 2260, Kahn must have been frozen in 1960 at the latest, long before such technology would have been developed.

8 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

We know this: The "plot to make terrible things happen at Hogwarts" involved Lucius slipping Tom Riddle's diary into Ginny's cauldron, such that she would be possessed by it and would kill Mudbloods and open the Chamber of Secrets. So, considering that Harry Potter has no role in this plot, why would Dobby stop Harry from going to school, considering that Dobby didn't know Harry would be under attack until Harry found the diary? You may also notice that Ginny developed a crush on the handsome lad that is the boy who lived, which she would have mentioned in the diary, and so, both Dobby and Lucius would have needed to know about Ginny's crush for the idea to make sense; for Harry to be under threat and for Lucius to give Ginny the diary in particular.

9 Monsters, Inc.

This one is obvious. If monsters could portal through doors to scare children, couldn't humans do the same?

Oh, agree we should be able to do this, if only to scare little boys and girls...

10 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

In the beginning, after the sorceress Zi Yuan curses the crazy mass-murdering emperor without him realising it, he says he'll kill her bro unless she marries him. She knew that he would start to melt within a matter of seconds, as would his army, so she could have just played it off. And she also got stabbed in the stomach, but then the yetis raced her to the pool of eternal life, which would have meant travelling in excess of two thousand miles to get her, and back, in the days where a horse was the fastest means of transport. Logically, she would never have survived.

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11 Titanic

Also, why weren't people ripping doors of hinges, grabbing tables and chairs and floating on them? Why would the band play music until they died instead of taking those instruments and floating on them?

Why wouldn't Jack get on one side of the door/table (I can't remeber if it was a door or table) and Rose on the other side to balance it out so they both could survive?

Jack and the other could have survived. It isn't plot holes, it's stupid.

12 Toy Story

This one is pretty easy to notice.
If Buzz didn't think he was a toy, then why did he act like a toy whenever Andy came into the room?

Well Earth is a mysterious planet and Buzz is a spaceman. He probably thinks the Humans are dangerous aliens and he will die if he doesn't freeze

13 The Legend of the Titanic
14 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

A point that was well made in The Big Bang Theory. But I still love this film. And that TBBT episode.

15 Back to the Future
16 The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

This one really needs to be changed to just "The Lord of the Rings". Anyway, the plot hole is: Why couldn't they have used the Eagles? They would have taken less time, got the job done quickly and Sean Bean wouldn't have died, for once. Even the Nostalgia Critic can see this one.

17 It's My Party
18 E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial

Does E.T. Need a bike in order to fly?

19 Cars
20 The Shawshank Redemption
21 The Dark Knight Rises

Plot hole: How did Bruce Wayne / Batman get from the Pit to Gotham without a passport, travel tickets or anything that could help him travel?

22 Robots
23 The Matrix

If you need an operator to get you in and out of the Matrix, then who got Cipher in and out when he went to make a deal with Agent Smith?

24 Citizen Kane

The whole movie is about the search of " Rosebud ". The last words before he died in the beginning of the film. However, they show the scene when he dies saying the last word alone in his room without anyone to actually hear that word.

25 The Wizard of Oz

How could the Wicked Witch go through her entire life without getting ANY water on her? Not even a shower? She must smell really bad!

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