Top Ten Horror Movies for Kids

NOTE: I will be excluding films like Goosebumps from this list because they are aimed towards children. I am primarily focusing on more edgy films that could still be okay for kids. I am also not including Poltergeist or Jaws on this list. Those movies are very gory and scary, and are on everybody else's list. Just because it's PG, does not mean it's kid friendly. PG does mean parental guidance.
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1 Creepshow

Premise: Four horror stories based on those of the EC comics from the 1950s.
Year: 1982
Rating: R

While Creepshow is a fairly gory film, almost all of the violence is tongue-in-cheek, and adult content is kept to a minimum. Kids will laugh at the dark humor and be impressed by the awesome creature effects.

2 The Invisible Man

Premise: A man becomes murderously insane trying to become invisible.
Year: 1931
Rating: NR

The Invisible Man is a great introduction to the Universal Monsters series and has little violence and some great humor.

3 Fright Night (1985)

Premise: A teenage horror fan and a former horror star battle a vampire who moves in next door.
Year: 1985
Rating: R

This fantastic homage to old monster movies should appeal to older kids who can handle a few scenes of nudity and some vampire violence.

4 The Fog

Premise: A small seaside town must defeat a ghostly fog.
Year: 1985
Rating: R

Despite the R rating, there is almost no violence in The Fog, and virtually no blood and gore.

5 The Blob

Premise: A giant, monstrous blob attacks a small town.
Year: 1958
Rating: NR

Almost no violence whatsoever. Do not show your kids the 1988 remake, though.

6 Darkness Falls

Premise: A demon known as the Tooth Fairy wreaks havoc on a man who once escaped her as a child.
Year: 2005
Rating: PG-13

Darkness Falls is not the best, but it is probably the scariest movie on this list. If your kid cannot handle scenes of terror, do not show them this movie. Other than scariness, this movie is fine.

7 The Stuff

Premise: A popular food product known as The Stuff turns its consumers into brain-dead murderers.
Year: 1985
Rating: R

Little gore or adult content, making The Stuff a fun family Halloween movie if taken the right way.

8 Grabbers (2012)

Premise: Monsters invade a small Irish town, and citizens discover the only way to defeat them is to get drunk.
Year: 2012
Rating: NR

There is a lot of alcohol in this movie. A LOT. If your kid can handle some drinking, then this movie is fine. No other real questionable content.

9 Paranormal Activity

Premise: A couple decides to capture ghostly events in their own home on camera.
Year: 2007
Rating: R

Yes, yes. I get it. Paranormal Activity is not a kids movie. I know. The movie's only rated R for language, and there is not very much to be scared of in this movie. It's definitely not as scary as people make it out to be.

Show this one to older kids, as the ending may be very surprising and disturbing.

10 Mother!
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11 The House That Dripped Blood

Premise: Four stories about a cursed house and the deaths of its previous owners.
Year: 1971
Rating: PG

It's about time I put a PG-rated movie on this list. Classic horror anthology is light on violence and focuses more on scares.

12 Goosebumps
13 Gremlins
14 Dracula (1931)
15 Gremlins 2: The New Batch
16 Alien
17 Aliens
18 Predator
19 The Shining
20 Frankenstein
21 Bride of Frankenstein
22 Twilight Zone: The Movie
23 Dracula (1958)
24 Ghostbusters
25 Jeepers Creepers
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