Top Ten Ideas for Horror Movies

These are the best horror movie ideas. If you detest some of them, that's your problem. And if you hate all of them, you're probably gonna end up in one of them.
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1 Mass Grave

Victor wakes up one day to see a pile of bloody corpses in his backyard. He goes everywhere in his house, and sees even more corpses. He is later diagnosed with a disorder that he is an excessive sleepwalker, and learns he kills in his sleep. It's up to him to control it.

Really original and creative. Would be a great movie!

2 Mother, Mother

After her mom and dad's divorce, Harmony decides to take a vacation with 5 friends to a beach house. Here are all six characters:
Harmony- Independent, kind, but extremely serious.
Keegan- Smart, humorous, but clumsy and out-of-shape.
Matt- Athletic, also humorous, but really dumb.
Crystal- Good with weapons.
Mackenna- Mackenna is dumb, but surprisingly a brunette. Practicaly useless in survival.
Jackson- Jackson is shy and somewhat suspicious. Also Mackenna's boyfriend.
After the first night, they wake up to see Harmony isn't in bed, and eventually find her hung. Now it's up to the final 5 to try to escape.
Note: Harmony's mother IS a suspect, but not the killer.

3 The Missed House

Tasha is a single mother of seven living in the "ghetto" of Detroit. Her husband had died in a fire while he was working. While Tasha wakes up one day, the streets are suddenly deserted, and corpes are hung on the electrical wire. For some reason, Tasha still sends her children off to school, but when they get back, she is hung, also. Now it's the seven children tring to survive, with very few things to defend themselves with.

Reminds me of the game Outlast - very well written, I can see potential

A very effective and engaging idea I can see that as a full feature film someday

4 Unruly Sight

A family of four goes on a campout in the middle of the wilderness for a couple nights, and they never came back. Thr father's younger brother, along with his sister agree to look for the family after the search party is shot down. Only one of them survives...

5 Nursery Rhymes

Brielle is an owner of a daycare center. But one day, all her toys are somehow replaced with jack-in-a-boxes. One of the children she takes care of them opens one, and cyanide gas comes out. They die. Brielle is now responsible for her own safety, and the safety of other children.

I'm doing horror trailers at school, I think this is gonna be a great idea for one!

6 Surreality

Laurence is a mechanic who works from home. As he works on cars one day, wrenches keep falling on him one day. Then screwdrivers. Then drills. Then nails. Laurence gets a cut in his knee due to one of them, but survives. The killer keeps trying to kill him in many ways, but none of them succeed.

7 Glare

A serial killer named Cathrine has already killed 28 people, and never been caught. Cathrine's bodies are all preserved in a freezer. Cathrine then tries to catch another victim named Elavia, but she escapes. Cathrine then sees Elavia get run into by a suspicious truck, then die. The truck then tries to run into her. The truck keeps running over people, and the police are smehow missing. Is this killer worse than Cathrine?

I like this idea. This should definitely be a movie.

8 Three Torches

A fire devastates Reed City, Michigan, and there are just five survivors: Amy, Erika, Will, Trey, and Merideth. However, a sixth survivor is trying to kill them in this destroyed city.

Great idea! I'm using it for a horror movie for school!

9 Dear Diary

This whole movie is a princess story gone wrong. A princess named Cirilla has finally found her prince: Kennedy. Kennedy is killed three days later, so they don't live happily ever after. Cirilla needs to become more aware of her surroundings of she doesn't want to die.

10 Slender Man

They should make a movie out of this!

The Contenders
11 Eleven Souls

Eleven people live in a deserted apartment complex. They all know each other, and get along well. One of them is killed, one of them is the killer. The keep dimishing until two are left: The killer and the survivor. The survivor and the killer surprisingly both die, after they stab each other.

So... The eleventh place goes to the only one with eleven in the name? Perfect.

12 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Movie

(I've been moving things up a lot lately) Yeah, I would really like to see FNAF a movie. As long as it follows the first game. Not the lesser sequels.

Strange, 'cause they're actually making one!

13 The Game

Three friends who visit the other friend's house to party and have fun get a call from a mysterious stranger, telling them that they are forced to play a game of "Last Man Standing". Soon then, each friend starts descending into madness and kills one another. Only one friend survives and later gets a call from the mysterious stranger on his cell phone (he puts his phone on speaker this time). After the stranger congratulates him on winning the game, he then tells the friend to go into the laundry room where he will get his prize (he brought his cell phone with him but little did he know that he accidentally left it on speaker). Once the friend enters the laundry room, he is then shot in the back and is killed. There was no one there after he got shot. The only thing remaining was a gun with smoke emerging from it, on the floor behind him. The friend dropped his phone after he got shot and while the phone was still on speaker, the stranger called and said "You lose". There is then a message on the wall painted in blood behind the friend that says "YOU LOSE! " The stranger then laughs maniacally over the phone.

14 Final Destination 6

They should have a train crash for the premonition!

15 Mr. Josh
16 The Demon's Festival
17 The Grudge 4
18 Man of the Dark
19 Paint
20 Electric Shock

There is a high school who's doors are locked with electric locks, meaning that they can only be opened when the power is on. One day, the power suddenly goes off. Little do the students know that the power outage was from a person breaking into the school and breaking the power box. The killer slowly starts killing off the students in the dark. None of them are able to escape because the power is off.

21 Creatures of the Amazon
22 Saw 8

Another trap should be this: A person is stuck in a small room, chained to a pillar in the middle of the room, and the he/she has only one arm free, and has to get the key at a bottom, of a bucket filed with razor blades, the key will unlock the padlock holding the chains together, and then they get to an unlocked exit door. they have to work fast because the room is filling up with water.

100% one of the traps should have someone with a magnet glued into there back pulling the person toward buzz saws (kind of like the first trap in Jigsaw) and the person has to rip the magnet out of there flesh.

23 Vallery

A girl named vallery goes to her bedroom and starts playing on her phone. At least one hour later she hears 3 knocks at her door. Vallery opens her door and sees a tall shadowy figure standing in her doorway. Vallery stands there frozen with fear as the shadowy figure stabs vallery in the chest. Vallery awakes from a deep sleep and walks down the hallway to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and realizes she is not shown in the mirror. Vallery runs back to her room in fear and sees her corps on her bed. Vallery turns around and runs downstairs. Vallery screams I'm fear as she sees her family's corps on the kitchen table. Vallery sits up in her bed and breaths really heavy.2 years later a feiend from vallery shows her pictures of some houses ( in willing to move ) and in every picture in the window is a tall dark shadow.

24 Acid
25 Air Cond666itioner

A man buys an air conditioner that gains sentience and tries to kill him and his family.

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