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The Incredibles is a Disney Pixar media franchise that began with the eponymous 2004 film about a family of superheroes who hide their powers to avoid trouble with the law, until Mr. Incredible gets lured into a confrontation with a vengeful enemy. It was followed by a 2018 sequel, Incredibles 2.
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1 Violet Parr Violet Parr is a fictional character from The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. The movies follow her and her family as superheros, living in a world where superheros are known as destructive and must abide only by their secret identities. Violet has the power of invisibility (reflecting her quiet personality)... read more

I have a soft spot for Violet. It's not every day you get a rendition of your "average teenage girl" who's dealing with those familiar teenage problems and angst (something the super thing can only double) which does not forget traits of caring, kindness and intelligence. For some reason these days it's target group which is easier and therefore more often presented as purely a punchline or literal punching bag. Violet is treated like a human being in the minds of the Pixar creators and therefore she feels more like a human being we strongly can relate to and it goes a very long way.

2 Edna Mode Edna Mode is a fictional character from Pixar's Incredibles Franchise. She is a well-known suit designer for super heroes of all kind. She has a slightly spunky attitude and firmly believes that your costume should be powerful, while still looking good.

Edna is amazing. Heck I'm watching the movie right now and she's my favorite.

Not what she say but the way she say it! All superheroes need her!

Coolest character for the amount of screen time given. Not a single wasted second

3 Bob Parr Robert "Bob" Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, is the protagonist of The Incredibles and is the deuteragonist of Incredibles 2. He is voiced by Craig T. Nelson.

I have a soft spot for Bob because he reminds me a little of my dad! Mr. Incredible, the titular character, is cool, good-hearted, passionate, and just a little arrogant. All those traits--especially his inability to ignore anyone in trouble and how much he loves his family--make him such an endearing character. I wish I could vote for both Bob and Helen, though, since Elastigirl is also such an awesome super who I think is criminally underrated (though hopefully not anymore after Incredibles 2).

He's really funny! Second movie: You have powers!(Bob) Jack-Jack sneezes and bursts into flames,lightning, later eyes. (Bob) Oh my god.

4 Jack Jack Parr

Jack Jack is my favorite character in the series because he's a cute baby with a ton of unique powers. He's probably the most powerful superhero in the series because of his many abilities. His spotlight is especially shown in Incredibles 2, where he gets a lot of screen time and during all of his scenes, he gets to show how much of an adorable infant he is and how awesome he unleashes his full potential.

He's so cute and funny! He even has all the super hero powers! It's amazing how he can't control them but possesses them..

5 Helen Parr

Helen deserves a higher spot than her husband to be honest. She is the reason he got his confidence back when fighting the robot and plus, she always cares about her children anyway possible. I don't understand how rash is #4.

She has badass fighting skills, heroic personality, an independent woman, puts her loved ones needs above her own & hates it when anything bad happens to her loved ones as well as herself.

Deserves number 1! But I won't complain because at least violet is number 1

6 Dash Parr

I watched this in Spanish class last week coincidence huh anyways dash was my favorite character the son in the family and he reminds me of Bart Simpson. Athletic an exiting fun and overall awesome character.

My favorite character in the movie. He and Edna were the best.

I like dash he his not to fast and not to slow he his the best speedster

7 Lucius Best / Frozone

He is so funny!" Can't you make water from the air!(Bob/Mr. Incredible) What does that mean! (Frozone) It means It's hot! And I'm dehydrated! What's your excuse, you run out of muscle! Also" Honey, where is my super suit!?!?" I was so sad when he turned bad in Incredibles 2 while he was guarding Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack! Why did I not vote for Dash!

How is he so low on this list? When this site was loading, I was expecting to see Frozone at number one, but instead I saw Violet.

Frozone is completely hilarious! I mean, I'm watching the movie right now and surprisingly on the ''Where is my supersuit? '' part and I'm cracking up!

8 Buddy Pine / Syndrome

I feel bad for his back story because how he was treated by his favourite hero. But to be fair, he was annoying him even though he was just a kid back then. But his intentions are AWESOME!

9 Mirage

Mirage may have only been in the first movie but she's a very entertaining character with decent development and her personality is pretty enjoyable.

R.I.P. Elizabeth Pena (1959 - 2014)

10 Bomb Voyage

Everyone can relate to the time when he said " I think you are going to get a bit hungry after that ham". This quite helps me get through life

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11 Kari McKeen

Kari the Babysitter is cute and she seems nice from what was shown in the first Incredibles movie and the short Jack-Jack Attack. It's just sad that she was traumatized when Jack-Jack's playfully and unintentionally used his many powers in front of her, which lead to her getting stressed out. Still, I don't think she hates Jack-Jack; she just wasn't expecting something like that to happen.

12 Gilbert Huph

AKA the Donald Trump of Pixar Animation Studios. And that's what makes Mr. Huph a badass villain who was infamous for taking way too much power over his own worker Bob Parr despite being WAY physically weaker.

13 Voyd

Voyd is a likable character and a welcome edition to the franchise. All she wants to do is to have friends and be accepted as a hero. Her powers are neat and her personality is very relatable in an enjoyable way. She feels like the kind of person you would want to talk to for hours and she feels like she can be anyone's best friend.

14 Honey Best

I always wondered if that was actually her first name.

15 Screenslaver

Pizza Guy/Screenslaver may have not been a decoy and not the real villain from Incredibles 2 but his intimidating design, his quotes (prerecorded by Evelyn), and his fight scene with Elastigirl are very cool. At least his reveal isn't bland and anticlimactic like the Mandarin from Iron Man 3.

He's one of Evelyn's projects and puppet.

16 Winston Deaver

Winston Deavor is such a nice guy; he's energetic, lively, enthusiastic, and selfless. All he wants to do is make superheroes legal again after many years of controversy. Winston wants to help people understand the supers better and that's very kind of him.

17 Evelyn Deavor

Evelyn Deavor is probably one of the most complex villains in Pixar ever. Her plan is definitely very elaborate, unique, and very original. She's very different compared to other Pixar villains and I like the way she's written. Plus, her villain twist doesn't feel contrived which is good. My family and I find her interesting and she's definitely more complex than Syndrome in terms of her personality and her plan.

18 The Underminer
19 Rick Dicker
20 Apogee
21 Tony Rydinger

Tony Rydinger is a love interest character who isn't bland like some. He is shown to be a nice guy who's very outgoing, polite, and mature. His relationship with Violet is moderately sweet and not one-dimensional. Tony's design in the first film may look uncanny but the sequel definitely made him look better and more decent.

22 Gamma Jack
23 Bernie Kropp
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