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1 Emmet

He is such a normal and an ordinary guy. He is the most special, the most talented and the most extraordinary person in the univers because in the lego movie he used to live in an apartment like I used to. He is very awesome.

Emmet is a fantastic character he showed courage and bravery and he taught me that everybody is somebody. He also risked his life for his friends that's pretty cool in my book
That speech was fantastic I wish their were more people like Emmet from the Lego movie.

Emmet is the BEST character in The Lego Movie. Why? He's an honest, fun, cute, positive, humble character! He felt bad when he lied to Lucy about telling him he was the special, when he wasn't but was honest with her of why he lied. He comforted Unikitty when her home got destroyed and hugged her even! Aww<3 He was nice to Lucy although she was rude to him and trusted all the master builders. He even SACRIFICED HIMSELF FOR HIS FRIENDS! That's hard to do! He was even the closest one to saving the universe! In my opinion, he is the best character in The Lego Movie. He definitely deserves to be #1. WE LOVE YOU EMMET!

2 Batman

Batman is the best lego character because he is funny and thinks that he is the best at everything that he does when he is not.

The best batman portrayal in lego, funny yet still maintains the batman composure.

I liked this batman. The batman in the Lego batman movie sucked.

3 Benny

He was super funny I kept on watching the spaceship scene over and over again trying not to laugh. He also sounded like a YouTuber I watch aka Bashurverse. Bashur tweeted on Twitter saying he was it and right after saying that apparently everyone thinks that it's him so He just didn't care and started to joke about it.
Seeing the spaceship scene lightened up my day. This year hasn't been the best and I don't know why. I think he should've appeared more, but that's just what I think. No hate! K?

He's adorable and funny! I love his voice too, it fits him so well, by far my favourite although emmet is very nice too

4 Uni Kitty

Who can't love her! And who can't pity her for loosing her home, and that 'my home... ' Part was really quite sad, but at the same time that "you people need to be more FRIENDLY' and rage...

Uni Kitty gets my vote. She is nice, and I like it when she is Angry. On the other hand, she is still great because she has so many personalities and loves Emmet. Here are my top 3 favorite characters:

1. Emmet
2. Wyldstyle and Unikitty Tied
4. Benny
5. Batman

I love unikitty! But I just wish she got more screen time! Other than that she is so funny and I love angry kitty!

5 Wyldstyle

I love pink and blue and purple. In the storyboards, her used be longer, but in the movie she just has short hair. I dislike short hair!

Her real name is Lucy. I like her style. Anyone else reminded of Princess Leia?

I thought she was better in the original.

6 Good Cop/Bad Cop

Bad Cop is a hilarious character. I find him different with the fact that he seems to have multiple personality disorder... And well... I just love him!

"Hey buddy! I'm your friendly neighbourhood police officer. Would you like a glass of water? "
"Too bad! "
That is the only reason I need.

He was the funniest and it was an awesome movie bad cop I think was more funny then when he was good cop.

7 Vitruvius

Played by the one and only morgen freeman.

8 Lord Business

He strives for total perfection like I do, and e's president of the Octan Corporation AND the world!

He is actually my favourite character in the lego movie and also I love his voice

9 Metal Beard

I barely escaped with my head. And my internal organs.

10 Milhouse

The forgotten Simpsons Lego sets were not forgotten. Thanks The Lego Movie for remembering and showing us these relics with a cameo.

We got to see a preview of the now available Lego Simpsons minifigure of Milhouse!

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11 Dumbledore
12 Gandalf

Yeah him in a Lego movie-well really cutscenes from a game but they were put together well enough it was like a movie.

13 Superman
14 Where's my pants? Guy
15 Abraham Lincoln

Bring your space chair back here!

16 President / Lord Business
17 Green Lantern
18 Green Ninja

I love ninjago, it is the best in my life! This is supposed to be in first place man!

Meh. Didn't have much of a big role. He's better in Ninjago though. My favorite character!

19 Han Solo
20 Rex Dangervest

He is literally just an Emmet clone.

21 Chewbacca
22 Michelangelo
23 Pa Cop
24 Finn
25 The Man Upstairs
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