Top Ten Military Training Movies

These are movies where a minimum of half the movie is about boot camp or some other military training system rather than actual combat. For example, We Were Soldiers features plenty of training footage but the majority of the movie takes place in a combat theater and therefore it is more about the war than the training.
The Top Ten
1 Full Metal Jacket

Hands-down the best boot camp scenes of any movie in history, you'll be laughing and crying at the same time in this movie. Not billed as a comedy, the first half (the training portion) was almost entirely unscripted. If it weren't for the lesser-watched second half of the movie (the actual war part), this movie would be in the top spot.

When you have an actual, Vietnam-era, former Marine Corps Drill Instructor playing the part of the Drill Instructor, it does not get any more real than that! Those are at least my father's words who was drafted into the Marine Corps during Vietnam. He was amazed that Hollywood finally got it right.

2 Top Gun

The most intriguing movie ever. Highly inspiring and motivating, this movie is by far one of the best fictionalized cinematic depictions of the air force.

Homo-eroticism aside, Top Gun single-handedly led to an influx of recruits into the military. It has all the adrenaline you could ask for.

3 G.I. Jane

While there still is a double standard between men and women in the military, this movie's choice to portray a strong female lead rebelling against hypocrisy is a welcome message.

4 Tigerland

Arguably Colin Farrell's best movie, Tigerland is a diamond in the rough when it comes to military training movies. Emotionally charged scenes, philosophy, and plenty of action make this a great all-around choice.

The best military training movie, in my opinion, and one of the best Colin Farrell movies.

5 Jarhead

While there is combat in this movie, even when the war begins, life is mostly a series of exercises for these soldiers. In the war but not in the fight, life is nothing but wasted time and endless training scenarios for these troops.

6 An Officer and a Gentleman

Iconic scenes from this movie have been played out in pop culture ever since it was released. A relatively accurate portrayal of life in OCS that the Navy wasn't exactly pleased with.

7 Ender's Game

Sci-fi in nature, this movie based on the best-selling book of the same name, is one of the few military movies with kids in the starring roles. What child or young adult wouldn't want to take part in the zero-G training scenarios these kids engage in?

8 Hacksaw Ridge

Very touching movie, a movie on perseverance, faith and bravery. I watched it over four times and still shed tears.

9 American Sniper
10 Biloxi Blues

An interesting account of life during boot camp but not always on base, this movie captures the human side of new recruits getting ready to ship off to war.

The Contenders
11 Heartbreak Ridge

A tried and true rendition of an old soldier put out to pasture trying his best to impart the knowledge of years to a batch of unruly new officers. Commanding both respect and fear toward a bygone era (some say), this movie will get you thinking about the past, and future, of war.

12 Men of Honor

Based on a true story, this film is heartbreaking and triumphant at the same time. Showing a side of the military that often goes unnoticed, Men of Honor captures the civil rights struggle of a group required to fight for a freedom they do not enjoy.

13 Carry On Sergeant
14 Tribes
15 Major Payne
16 No Time for Sergeants
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