Top 10 Best Moments In Captain America: Civil War

Warning: This list contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you go watch it because IT IS VERY AWESOME!!
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1 The Airport Battle

The moment that everyone was looking forward to seeing in this movie turned out to be very epic! I loved every single shot of this scene. All the characters fighting each other. The action the stunts, it was all so incredible! Spider-Man and Ant-Man were very hilarious. Something to point out is that this whole fight sequence was shot on IMAX cameras. Watching this movie in IMAX 3D was absolutely stunning! This was such a fun scene to watch and it makes me want to see the movie again!

Watching all their solo movies was great. Seeing then team up in the Avengers was even better. But nothing compares to seeing these heroes face off against each other. Truly epic

2 Spider-Man's Appearance

First, let me get this out of the way. Aunt May is hot! Anyway, when I saw the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man showed up, I was so happy. It made me very excited to see more of him in the movie. When I saw the movie, I was not disappointed! Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever! It's so great that they actually hired a teenager to play Peter Parker this time. The previous actors were in their 20s or something. Spider-Man was awesome in this movie and I look forward to seeing the movie Spider-Man Homecoming!

3 Cap Defeats Iron Man

Exactly what I was hoping to see in this movie! TEAM CAP FOREVER! During their fight, it looked like Iron Man is winning, but Captain America gets mad and takes him down. He does this by smashing his shield into Tony's armor, destroying the power core. Even though this is what most of us wanted, it is also what Baron Zemo wanted. His plan was to tear apart the Avengers and that is exactly what happened. It was still great to see Iron Man get taken down by Cap.

He only won because it was his movie and he had help from Bucky. In real life, Iron Man would win.

4 Tony Finds Out the Truth

In this emotional scene, Tony finds out that Bucky was the one who killed his parents. When I watched this movie, the audience in my theater actually gasped during this part, including me. Although, it wasn't actually Bucky's fault. He was being controlled by Hydra. Tony didn't take this very well. This lead up to such an amazing fight sequence with Iron Man, Captain America, and the Winter Soldier.

5 Giant-Man

Spider-Man's reaction was the same as my reaction. In this movie, we find out that Scott Lang/Ant-Man can make himself become huge. Unfortunately, being giant can have its disadvantages. Spider-Man decides of go all Empire Strikes Back on him and wraps webbing around Giant-Man's legs causing him to fall. You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Giant-Man was awesome and would've been surprising if I didn't already know it was going to happen. Thanks, Lego.

6 Steve Stops Bucky's Helicopter

Now this is something that will definitely make people go "woah! " As Bucky is getting away in a helicopter, Steve Rogers shows off his incredible strength by keeping the helicopter from flying away. And that's not all. Steve manages to dodge the propellers with his lightning fast reflexes. This part actually scared me and a few other people. Of course, as we all know, Captain America is just that awesome!

Oh my goodness, this scene was truly amazing! This is a prime example of CGI used in the right way!

7 Stan Lee Cameo

Near the end of the film, Stan Lee makes a delivery to Tony Stank. I was laughing very hard at this part and so were the rest of the audience.

8 The Beginning Fight Scene

What a great way to start the movie! Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are hanging out at a café while Captain America is in an apartment and Falcon on a roof. They then spring into action and fight some bad guys. Black Widow takes down some terrorists and secures the bio-weapon. Crossbones is also involved. He tries to kill Cap but then Scarlet throws him into a building while he's burning, killing many people which makes her feel guilty. This is a very powerful scene.

9 The Tunnel Chase

This is such an awesome chase scene! In this scene, Black Panther is chasing after the Winter Soldier. This scene is done with practical effects, including the car rolling over. This scene was clearly made to promote Audis but it was still a fun chase scene to watch. I especially thought it was cool when Bucky started riding on a motorcycle.

10 Young Tony Stark

Early on in the film, we get a look at Tony Stark's past, back when he was 20. This part is very cool because it is still Robert Downey Jr. portraying his 20 year-old self. The effect was done with CGI which made him appear to be younger. This isn't the first time we've seen this happen. In the second Tron movie, they did the effect with Jeff Bridges and in Ant-Man, they did the effect with Michael Douglas.

The CGI on this scene was very good!

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11 Cap Leaves the Shield Behind
12 Cap Tells Iron Man "I Could Do This All Day"
13 Ant Man Inside Iron Man's Suit Tells Him "It's Your Conscience" Speaking
14 The Final Battle Between Captain America Iron Man and The Winter Soldier
15 Steve Saves His Allies from Prison
16 The Kiss

Bucky and Falcon's reaction was actually better than the kiss itself...

17 Black Panther Stops Zemo's Suicide Attempt
18 Ant-Man's First Appearance
19 Black Widow Lets Cap and Bucky Go

I love how loyal she is! Cap and Natasha's friendship is so great.

20 Scarlet Witch vs Vision
21 The End Credits Scene
22 Black Panther's First Appearance
23 The Ending
24 Vision Tries to Cook
25 Clint vs Natasha
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