Top 10 Best Movie Review Sites

We all love to be critical of movies, and it’s actually the job of some people and websites to rate and do an in-depth review of these movies. You can actually contribute to the final rating on things like IMDb. So here are the top ten best movie reviewing websites.
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1 IMDb IMDb is a popular online database that provides comprehensive information about movies, including cast and crew details, plot summaries, and user reviews. It allows users to rate and review films, making it a valuable resource for movie enthusiasts.

Of course, this is the biggest, the most well-known, and the best movie-reviewing website of all time. With hundreds of thousands of votes from random people and critics around the world, you can submit your rating out of ten stars and it contributes to the final rating. Many movies have over a million ratings and thousands of reviews. You can write your own review, but it is unlikely anyone will get to it as there are so many. The only problem with this website is that there are tens

2 Rotten Tomatoes Rotten Tomatoes is a well-known movie review aggregator that collects reviews from both critics and audiences. It provides a unique "Tomatometer" rating that reflects the percentage of positive reviews a movie has received. The website also offers editorial content, interviews, and trailers to keep users updated on the latest film releases.

All I have to say is that this is a very inaccurate movie reviewing company. When you get all these depressed and grumpy critics together, the only movies that get good reviews are the depressed and grumpy ones. This is just a very inaccurate website with lots of problems, but they have received lots of praise and looking at the individual reviews, not the tomato meter will give you a better idea of the movie. And many of these depressed movie reviewers take some masterpiece like the godfather, Shawshank redemption, or Inception and say: "Not sad enough. Me actually feel good after seeing this so me give it 1 star". I mean, get a life, people! But the majority of reviewers on this site are good, so I started it off at #4

3 is an online platform dedicated to film criticism and analysis. Named after the renowned film critic Roger Ebert, the website features reviews, essays, and articles written by a team of knowledgeable writers. It covers a wide range of genres and provides insightful perspectives on movies both new and old.

This recently deceased critic has detailed, accurate, and in-depth reviews of practically every movie. Very good critic, but as he is just one person you can't exactly say he's better than IMDb, which has over 10 million users.

4 Common Sense Media Common Sense Media specializes in providing movie reviews and ratings from a family-friendly perspective. It focuses on analyzing content in films to help parents and guardians make informed decisions about what their children watch. The reviews address potential issues such as violence, language, and sexual content, making it a useful resource for families.

This website is pretty amazing. It only has one random person who gives the movie a rating out of five stars, with the average being three, but the rating is usually inaccurate, so the reviewing aspect of this website isn't great. However, they give a very accurate age rating and a ranking out of five for different categories that make it that high, such as violence, inappropriate stuff, etc., and users can give their own rating out of five stars and age rating on it, though it goes into a different category, so this is quite good.

5 The Guardian The Guardian is a respected news organization that covers a wide range of topics, including movies. Its movie section features film reviews, news articles, interviews, and opinion pieces from knowledgeable writers. The website offers a mix of mainstream and independent cinema coverage, appealing to a diverse audience.
6 Metacritic Metacritic is a platform that aggregates movie reviews from various sources, including professional critics. It assigns a weighted average score to each film, allowing users to quickly assess critical consensus. In addition to reviews, the website provides user ratings, user reviews, and a forum for discussions about movies.
7 WatchMojo WatchMojo is a popular YouTube channel and website that specializes in creating top-ten lists and video content related to movies. It covers a wide variety of film-related topics, including genres, actors, directors, and memorable scenes. WatchMojo's engaging and entertaining approach makes it an enjoyable destination for movie enthusiasts.

Ah, I forgot watchmojo! Thank you to whoever added this to the list.

8 Letterboxd Letterboxd is a social networking platform for film lovers. It allows users to create personal film diaries, rate and review movies, and share their thoughts with a community of like-minded individuals. The website also provides curated lists, discussions, and recommendations, fostering a vibrant and interactive movie-watching experience.

I knew nothing about them before this, but while researching for this list many people seemed to like them and after checking out the website they seem good.

9 Film Comment Film Comment is a publication dedicated to in-depth film criticism and analysis. It features thoughtful essays, interviews, and reviews written by prominent film scholars and critics. With a focus on arthouse, independent, and international cinema, Film Comment provides a platform for insightful discussions and exploration of film as an art form.

This website is definitely not for people who just enjoy watching movies for their own sake, but for serious scholarly film buff. It puts out print magazines that highlight a handful of articles highlighting the different artistic aspects of the movie. Very good, but sometimes a bit boring and maybe not for the average person.

10 SensaCine SensaCine is a movie review website that caters to Spanish-speaking audiences. It offers comprehensive coverage of both Hollywood and international films, including reviews, news articles, trailers, and interviews. With its user-friendly interface and extensive content, SensaCine is a valuable resource for movie enthusiasts in the Spanish-speaking world.
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11 is the online presence of the renowned music and entertainment magazine. In addition to covering music, the website also offers movie reviews, features, and interviews. With its distinctive voice and cultural influence, provides a platform for engaging discussions and analysis of the latest films.

Just an average movie reviewing website. I have nothing negative to say about them, nor anything positive, so they earn a place on here.

12 Yahoo! Movies Yahoo! Movies is a comprehensive online platform that covers a wide range of film-related content. It offers movie news, reviews, trailers, interviews, and exclusive features. Yahoo! Movies also provides user-generated ratings and reviews, creating an interactive community for movie enthusiasts to share their opinions and discover new films.
13 FilmAffinity FilmAffinity is a Spanish movie review website that focuses on providing personalized film recommendations to its users. It uses a collaborative filtering algorithm to analyze users' tastes and preferences and suggests movies they might enjoy. FilmAffinity also offers reviews, ratings, and a forum for discussions, creating a vibrant community for film lovers.
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