20th Century Fox Movie Franchises that Feel Most Out of Place Being Owned by Disney

By now, most of us know that Disney took over 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios). Of course, that means every 20th Century Fox film and film franchise is now a Disney property. Doesn't that feel weird? Some films feel like they sort of belong here (1997's 'Anastasia' has been mistaken a Disney film ever since it released) while others feel completely out of place under the Mouse House. This list compiles the best examples of films that we're having a tough time believing are now under Disney ownership.
The Top Ten
1 The Omen

Like 'Alien' and (I guess to a degree) 'Predator,' any horror film or franchise feels out of place under Disney. Will they try to make something out of this dormant franchise? Who knows.

2 Hitman

Far less fitting for Disney than Planet of the Apes.

3 Borat

Surely a better 2006 movie than literally everything Disney actually made back in 2006.

Probably the very last kind of movie Disney would ever think about making.

Imagine if they added a Kazakhstan pavilion to Epcot and put a Borat attraction in there.

4 Alien

There's virtually no element of this franchise that feels like it would have anything to do with Disney. Yet, out of all the franchises acquired by Disney, this one has the most potential (next to any of their new superhero franchises, of course).

5 Die Hard

"Yippee ki-yay, motherfer!" Now imagine Goofy saying that. If the thought makes you laugh, you'll probably agree with how strange it is to think of a Disney-produced film using that piece of dialogue.

Yet, if they make more John McClane-centered films, you're guaranteed to hear it.

6 Predator

On the same day they announced 'Deadpool 3,' they also announced that a reboot of the franchise is coming from '10 Cloverfield Lane' director, Dan Trachtenberg.

7 Kingsman

So R-rated. So over the top. So wonderful. So un-Disney. Yet here we are.

8 Planet of the Apes

Apparently, a new film with the potential for further sequels is in the works from 'Maze Runner' series director, Wes Ball. They're saying it will continue the Caesar storyline of the last three films, which is good.

Here's hoping Disney does the series justice.

9 Deadpool

As of the day before I posted this list (November 20, 2020), it was announced that Marvel Studios is finally moving forward with 'Deadpool 3.' The two writers behind 'Bob's Burgers' are writing the script, and, of course, Ryan Reynolds is returning.

Time will tell if the film will be included among the MCU characters or will stand alone in its corner of reality. Either way, it's weird to think we could someday see the merc with a mouth standing alongside characters like Thor or Spider-Man.

10 Ice Age

Hey, it's animated, so it's like a Disney film, right? Well, if you've ever seen a sloth with its nipples on fire in a Disney film, then you're right - they're totally similar. For the rest of us who have never seen that kind of humor in a Disney film, adding this series to the Disney+ catalog feels understandably odd.

The Contenders
11 X-Men

Like Deadpool, it's weird to see the (presently) longest continuously-running superhero franchise outside the MCU come under Disney ownership. We know mutants will soon appear in the franchise. We're not sure when, where, or how, but it's coming, and it'll be both exciting and hard to believe (think of how it felt to see Spider-Man in the MCU for the first time).

12 The Fantastic Four

Maybe under Kevin Feige, we'll finally see Marvel's first family properly realized on film. Just maybe.

13 Home Alone
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