Best Movie Soundtracks of 2013

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1 Man of Steel

One of the top Hans Zimmer soundtracks! Absolutely amazing. It captures the essence of superhero blockbuster thrills. It will make you tear up and then make you jump out of your seat in excitement at all the right moments. All the tracks are magnificent and filled with intensity and emotion. A favorite!

"If You Love These People" is the best thing ever!

2 Oblivion

This is already an aesthetically pleasing movie, but the soundtrack only makes it that much better, mixing in blends of Hans Zimmer-like tracks with more soothing and ambient sounds, all to make for a memorable movie and soundtrack.

Joseph Kosinski films always seem to have great music. Tron Legacy had Daft Punk, and this movie's soundtrack by M83 is phenomenal. It's ambient and atmospheric, drawing you into the world and also reflective of the sadness of all that was lost. Also, the end credits song featuring Susanne Sundfør is great. The whole soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful.

3 Gravity

A stunning soundtrack for a masterpiece of a film. Favorite soundtrack and film of the year!

4 Captain Phillips

Henry Jackman succeeds in making a unique and intense score for a movie in this genre. It's brilliant and helps emphasize the suspense and dread really well. It complements the movie exquisitely. A beautiful yet fierce soundtrack. Loved every single track in Captain Phillips. One of my favorite scores and movies of the year.

5 The Great Gatsby
6 Prisoners

Beautiful and chilling. Prisoners is a masterpiece in every aspect.

7 Spring Breakers

An awesome mix of great songs along with Cliff Martinez's score.

8 Pacific Rim

Absolutely magnificent! One of the best blockbuster soundtracks that grabs you with its intensity and excitement, which goes along perfectly with the movie. A grand, cool, and beautiful score for an amazing film.

9 The Place Beyond the Pines

A dark, beautiful, and brooding soundtrack composed by Mike Patton. The additional music by Arvo Pärt, among others, is so gorgeous and used so brilliantly. Plus, the Ennio Morricone track is wonderful and fits perfectly. Every single piece of music in The Place Beyond the Pines is stunning and fits like a glove. Love this movie!

10 The Wolverine

Excellent! An unconventional "superhero action" soundtrack, yet perfectly fitting. A terrific blend of western, noir, and superhero intensity. Beltrami, who has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, makes one of his most exciting and best scores so far. A magnificent movie with a superb soundtrack.

The Contenders
11 World War Z

Such an excellent soundtrack that complements the movie perfectly. Wickedly cool, intense, and beautifully emotional where it needs to be. A pulse-pounding thrill ride of a movie with an amazing soundtrack. A masterpiece!

12 Star Trek Into Darkness
13 Kick-Ass 2
14 Elysium
15 The Lone Ranger
16 American Hustle
17 Rush

Absolutely magnificent soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

18 Only God Forgives
19 Metallica Through the Never
20 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
21 The World's End
22 Gangster Squad
23 Riddick
24 Pain & Gain
25 You're Next
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