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1 Part of Your World

This song ties with Let it Go, but as Elsa was a Queen I didn't think it counted as top ten Disney princess songs. Ariel has such a sweet, pretty voice that combined with the slightly sad song makes it truly amazing. Ariel also is the best princess!

Of course this would be number one, and with very good reason. "Part of Your World" is a Broadway-style ballad that's beautifully written, beautifully sung, and just plain wonderful to listen to. And it's also perfect for Disney-themed karaoke nights!

THANK GOD. I worried for people to be voting for "Let it go" when this song is clearly superior and so beautiful. By far the best Disney princess song.

2 Colors of the Wind

This song sends such a powerful message. Pocahontas is quite hated and I don't understand why? She stops a war from happening, saves a man she loves and has such an amazing singing voice it is so feminine and strong and powerul a lot like Ariel's, Elsa's and Tiana's. This is my favourite disney song ever.

This song is really inspiring and brings out a powerful message. I just don't understand why this song is so underrated.

Colors Of The Wind teaches us about Nature and Gaia's most mysterious ways. (I'm a Pagan, by the way).

3 A Whole New World

I have literally never felt the way that I do after hearing this song from any other Disney song, and probably almost any other song in general. So beautiful and should absolutely be #1, it is an Oscar winner.

This is the best Disney Princess song I have ever heard. It is so beautiful and romantic, and shows a lot of emotions and feelings between Jasmine and Aladdin.

I love this song- so iconic and really touching + it is way more free and relatable than let it go, personally I prefer a whole new world.

4 Reflection

I always cry when I listen to this song. It makes me feel really emotional and feel connected to Mulan. The song brings out a motivating message and my deepest desires.

The best Disney princess song by far! Her voice is lovely, the imagery is lovely and it is so full of emotion and passion

This song is the best Disney song ever! It talks about finding your true self inside.

5 I See the Light

This song gives me goose bumps! The lyrics are so sweet and Rapunzel's voice is simply beautiful, as well as Flynn's

So underrated! Their voices sounded amazing together and the scene is soo good!

The song is very touching and beautiful, it lights up your day!

6 Once Upon a Dream

I LOVE this song! it's so classical but also hearty warming and makes me smile.

I love this song! So dreamy-like...

7 Belle

Love this song, but where's How Far I'll Go? That's my favorite song of all time!

Hi my sister Aimee love this song it must be number one it makes her so happy I love this song too!

I love this song, especially when Emma Watson sings it. #BeautyandtheBeast2017

8 Someday My Prince Will Come

Why could it be so low when it is the best Disney song ever? I'm sure that none of the Disney princesses can have a wide range voice like her.

Snow white should be number one! The actress who done snow white give up all her work and that to become snow white! Well done snow

I still hope someday my prince will come. I'm still wanting.

9 For the First Time in Forever

So cool and uplifting! Makes me feel motivated.

This is a very cute and catchy song!

10 Almost There

It's really inspirational, and better than "Some Day MY Prince Will Come". That song is lame. How is this not in the top ten?

I just love this song so much! I cannot get enough!

The Contenders
11 How Far I'll Go

This song is so beautiful and raw: it is just a girl singing her heart out in the best way possible. The vocals and visuals were amazing.

This is by far one of the greatest songs in the history of Disney. This should definitely be in the top 10, at least in the top 5.

I love this done and listen to it every day! Moana has such a unique voice and it tells such a story!

12 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I really love this song. It makes me go very emotional as I hear it. After listening to this, I started believing in my dreams and a little magic.

This song is very inspirational, it teaches to dream big, because dreams do come true when you believe!

I love singing this and its just really beautiful and reminds me of disney

13 I Won't Say I'm In Love

I'm all down for Meg. She is sassy and sophisticated plus she knows how to have a good time. She isn't a hopeless romantic but an unexpected geek. She thinks about what she's gonna do and say and isn't perfect as it is known in her song.

This song should be higher. Even though it is not sung by a woman that disney recognizes as a princess she is strong and powerful. Not to mention sassy. It's a truly powerful love song.

14 Tale As Old As Time

This song is way better than 'Let it Go' and other modern Disney Princess songs. I can't believe that this is so low on the list.

This song is so sweet and simple. My favorite Disney princess song when I was small.

I actually cry when I hear this. It's so so beautiful...

15 When Will My Life Begin?

I really connect with Rapunzel after listening to this song. The song is so uplifting. I listen to it when I'm bored and I just always find something to do after that.

I know how she feel's I am still wanting my life to begin.

This is a cute little cheerful song!

16 God Help the Outcasts

Esmeralda may not be a princess, but she's still better than Elsa.

17 Belle (Reprise)
18 Beauty and the Beast

This song is just perfect. It fits with the atmosphere of the movie and who better than Angela Lansbury singing it! Personally I think that this is Disney's best song!

One of my favorite Disney song so peaceful.

19 Touch the Sky

This song from Merida is absolutely beautiful. When I hear this song, I see miles upon miles of the green lands of Scotland. I also really love this song because it has a very Scottish sound and reminds me of my Scottish ancestors.

20 If You Can Dream

As the oldest anthem for the princess, at least Tiana and the CGI princesses aren't exist.

21 I'll Make a Man Out of You

Amazing song vote with the coercing river and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

I don't really think this is a princess song. but I really like it so I voted for it.

22 Love Is an Open Door

Cute and uplifting song. It's so cool!

23 Just Around the Riverbend
24 I'm Wishing / One Song
25 I've Got a Dream
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