Best Jurassic Park Movies

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1 Jurassic Park

Nothing has ever come really close to topping this one, and that is not likely going to change. You can't beat a classic, and that is exactly what this movie is.

Who hasn't seen this movie? It's a great movie that's very realistic for the time when it was made. And who doesn't love dinosaurs?

This is another example of why the originals are the best.

2 Jurassic World

A fresh start after the first three movies with new characters but also appearances from old characters like Wu and Rexy.

The Raptor Squad is one of my favorite things of the JP/JW franchise. Just brilliant, even if it is a little unrealistic to extremely critical people. I mean, who doesn't like Blue?

Jurassic Park the first movie and Jurassic World are definitely my favorite JP movies.

I love Blue so much, and the bond between him and Owen is just heart-melting. He has saved his life so many times, and it's amazing that a reptile, let alone a dinosaur, could be as loyal and loving as a dog. I hope to see Blue in more upcoming movies!

3 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

My second favorite Jurassic Park movie behind the original. This movie isn't quite as broad as Jurassic Park III or as cheesy as Jurassic World. It is just wonderful. I watched this movie three times and I feel like I could watch it again and enjoy it. I love it so much that I almost feel like it is actually better than the original.

Jurassic Park II: The Lost World is an AWESOME movie, from the scene where Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore) falls on some glass, and it slowly splinters before your eyes, to the surprising scene when the T. Rex rampages through San Diego. I love every aspect of this movie.

I like it because the overall plot line is the most complex, and I also think that the quotes are the most memorable ("Mommy's very angry," and "we should have stayed in the damn car!"). All in all, JP: TLW is a very good film that is a worthy sequel to Jurassic Park.

4 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I believe Fallen Kingdom, while not holding the original fear from my first experiences with the franchise, is still to me the best movie in the Jurassic franchise. While I have seen all the movies, I am still of a young age, so take this with a grain of salt.

I found the ending well made, representing how invasive species can affect not only the area but also people in said area. Overall, I believe it's, at the very least, the best world movie.

So great... not only is it much better than its predecessor, Jurassic World, but for me, it's the second best installment of the Jurassic Park series.

5 Jurassic Park III

Better than Jurassic World, but nowhere near a masterpiece such as Jurassic Park or The Lost World: Jurassic Park. A very broad movie, a young person, such as an immature teen, could come up with the plot. The plot involves a rich guy convincing a not so rich guy to take a tour of another failed Jurassic Park experiment (a park in the movie, not an actual movie).

Some dude who has a catchy name, Sam Neill, realizes that there is another reason for the invitation to come to the site. After dinosaurs attack a group of the tourists, seven or eight people are left fighting to survive. Perhaps a smart fifteen-year-old could come up with the plot.

6 Jurassic World: Dominion

The new movie is underrated! It brought Ian Malcolm and everyone else back. It also was very cool. Awesome acting skills right here. It should be ranked higher than Jurassic Park III. This movie rocks!

I hated this movie so much! It was way too long and it was terrible. Doctor Wu looks so bad he should not be in it.

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