Top 10 Best Marvel Superhero Movies

The ten greatest superhero films based of of characters from the Marvel Universe.
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1 The Avengers

Awesome to see all the marvel heroes come together in this awesome film. The characters are all very human, and have excellent development. They didn't need to worry about giving each character a backstory and persona because they already did that in their respected films. Also, the movie is serious while also being superhero-y, something many films couldn't pull off. Overall, the best marvel film, and my favorite superhero movie.

The Avengers movie is definitely the best movie in the MCU. It was the movie that brought the original six together. It, in my opinion, started an era in the MCU. The original six work together in this creates such an amazing and powerful movie. The characters are so real and it's great to see them develop more as this story goes on. It also makes the MCU better. Marvel creates incredible movies but this one is definitely one of the best ever. My favourite movie ever!

This was the first cross-over team up superhero movie ever, basically, at the time of its release. Nothing on this scale had ever been attempted (to completion) before and it's unlikely any movie will ever reach its level of significance any time soon (or ever, perhaps).

My first Marvel movie, and my favorite. Although I wish Hawkeye and Widow could have received more character development... Joss did the best he could with the tools he had. And I have to admit, the way this was planned, well, I daresay it might be a cinematic masterpiece.

2 Iron Man

The Avengers was a rather mediocre film from a cinematic aspect. Bland plot, little to no character development, weak dialogue. It missed most elements that really define a movie as great, and is considered as such simply due to the unification of the Marvel heroes, and he CGI.

Iron Man however, has a lot more to offer. The plot isn't one dimensional. It's a rather interesting story that follows not just the beginning, but also the evolution of Tony Stark. It has witty diolague, and spot on delivery as expected from RDJ. The film has a great balance between action and story, as well as great pacing throughout the entire film, which are two things The Avengers simply did not have.

All that easily makes Iron Man the best Marvel movie, only rivaled by the excellence that is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Both bring all the elements to not only make a great comic book movie, but also a great cinematic piece.

In all honestly, where would the franchise be if they didn't have this great movie to kick it off? I know that I'm repeating what many people say, but it's just so true that I can't help it! Sure, The Incredible Hulk was there, but close to nobody knows it. Iron Man gets a lot of the credit for the amazing movies we have today. If this movie was a fluke, we might not have the MCU as we know and love.

Much better than TDK in every aspect(except for the villain, of course.) Fanboys come at me. Iron Man is one of my all time favorite superhero films, and I love how it's got something for everyone. Great plot and storyline, witty dialogue and jokes, fantastic acting and directing, cool visuals and effects. I love how a Marvel takes a lighter and more humorous tone with their movies. I don't like the whole grit-fest DC puts on.

It's the perfect film to introduce people into superhero movies, everyone who says they don't like superhero movies and watch this will change their mind.

3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie brought a lot of combat, definitely more so than any other Marvel film. It was not the kind of action with random magical beams shooting everywhere, fighting monsters, or robots. They were well trained soldiers in firefights or hand to hand. It's proven that people enjoy that kind of action more. The choreography was excellent. This film also brought a highly engaging plot that this cinematic universe had never seen before: SHIELD is no longer an ally but the enemy. Captain America faced a political and technological threat as well as a formidable assassin who was a former friend. Million of lives were on the line in a scenario which is not so far fetched, which helped the viewers care about the threat. Strong performances by Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Falcon added more awesomeness. Best film that I have ever seen by Marvel, and way better than the first movie. It's in the conversion with the Christian Bale Batman series for my favorite superhero movies ever!

I love this movie. It's my favorite movie period. Civil War is a very close second but I had to choose this one. It has so much to it. First it has the hottest guy ever Captain America. Second it has other great heroes like Black Widow and Nick Fury. It even introduces a new hero Falcon. Third it has so much action in it more than most Marvel movies. Fourth it brings back Bucky Captain Americas old friend but as a villain. It was so surprising and unexpected till the very end. I would never thought of Bucky saving Captain America at the end. I thought CA was going to die and I started crying in the theaters! Its just so amazing and I love it. It's the first Marvel Movie I'll show my kids but they'll probably have to see the First Avenger first to understand. On your left!

Somewhat gritty, completely believable hand-to-hand fight choreography, solid and graceful character arcs, awesome characters (Falcon anybody? ), and smooth dialogue all make this the best Marvel movie to date, forever silencing those who say that Captain America "isn't cool." Plus, the heroes didn't change characters completely between movies. I could go on, but that would make this an essay.

The Avengers will never live up to the level of awe this movie did. It's well written, it's dark and it's more grounded than most Marvel movies. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson's performances are more convincing in this than they were in the Avengers. It wasn't your typical MCU movie. This movie has more depth than any of the films in this franchise. This film proves that Marvel can make a movie that could live up to the level of perfection.

4 Spider-Man 2

Guardians and winter soldier are definitely not better than this. I mean. I loved them both but the captain america one is really overrated, it's a detective, action thriller kind of film which is great, with a solid plot and great action sequences and writing. BUT the final act of the film, feels weak, the "final battle" where Steve fights the winter soldier and the two "weapons" crash and then the movie ends feels kind of boring to end a film with the premise it built through out the whole film. I mean if I am going to watch a Captain America film O expect hil doing massive things ( he's a superhero) rather than just discovering things and tying loose ends. In short Steve plays more as a really strong and kick ass detective than a superhero and that's the part I find boring for a Super-hero movie. On the other hand guardians despite being entertaining it isn't a "movie- movie" per se. I mean, its kind of a comedy, the heros don't take the villains too seriously and they are just ...more

I just recently re-watched the entire Spider-Man movie series (including the 2 reboot movies) and after some thought I came to re-realize that 'Spider-Man 2' is still my all-time favourite superhero movie. As far as the flashy, colourful, comic-style superhero movie goes you can't really top this.

Avengers at the top? Really? That movie has ZERO story, ripped off Transformers 3 and has no heart or depth to it. Spidey 2 is by far the best Marvel movie, best story, had the most heart, great action, and is just better than any other Marvel film. And it's not even close...

Great villain, great story. Nice set up for Harry in Spider-Man 3, which still disappointed though. And also, one of the greatest, if not the greatest scene of all superhero films (train fight / train stop scene).

5 Guardians of the Galaxy

This should be #1. Besides the Avengers movies, there are multiple main characters who all have amazing chemistry with everyone. There is lots of humor but emotionally chargers scenes as well. This story is so good, I actually believe the sequel is even better. The characters are so lovable, even the villains. The soundtrack is the best as well!

Perhaps I'm biased. I read the Guardians of the Galaxy for years before this movie ever came out. I loved this series immensely and the fact it got a movie is awesome. Loved seeing Rocket, Gamora, Star Lord, Drax and especially Groot on the big screen. This movie really caught what the Guardians are to me. An added bonus for me seeing some of my other favorite characters as well, like, Thanos and Ronin the Accusor.

Maybe not the best actual film, but certainly the most entertaining. It's a roller coaster from start to finish and defiantly the funniest marvel movie. I'm sure as more people manage to watch it, it will climb up this list, I can't believe films such as iron man 3 and the amazing spider man are above this. but I suppose its just because more people have seen them

I'll be honest, I wasn't too sure about this movie judging by the trailers (which weren't that great) but Guardians of the Galaxy delivered in all the right places. Perfect blend of action, effects, and plenty of humor to make it entertaining from start to finish.

6 Captain America: Civil War

This movie was excellent. If you guys haven't seen it you should. Go to the theater or if you can't wait till it comes out on DVD and make sure you put it on hold at the library early. I waited since January to see it. It's my second favorite movie of all time. Winter Soldier is my favorite bit this is a really really close second. It's so epic and amazing. I won't tell you any spoiler alerts but I'll tell you this. It's so much better than I expected and I expected it to be awesome. After the theater when I saw it I was dancing and was so happy. It made me that happy. I've been smiling so much this week thanks to Captain America. He rules and Iron Man is trash. Oh by the way there are 2 end credit scenes. One at the first mini credits and one at the very end of the real actual credits in case you missed them or is going to see it. It's so amazing I would recommend it to your friends or family.

Brilliant emotional intensity at the end. The consequences perhaps should have been higher following the airport fight but overall a really entertaining flick that left phase 3 blown wide open. I'm not sure if it's the best in the MCU, however it's up there with Iron Man, Winter Soldier and the first Guardians. As the only one of those outside the top 5, it gets my vote.

Screw who ever hates this film, I love it to death no matter what some people say about it. but it's probably my favorite tied with The Winter Soldier. It's just as emotional and compelling as the last Captain America movie. And it was miles better than Batfleck Vs Sucker man: Dawn Of disappointment.

This is my favourite movie ever. The plot was one of the best ever (no spoilers), the action was incredible (hand - to-hand stuff and large scale fighting), and it had one of the best villains in the MCU. 10/10 If you haven't watched it yet, then you haven't lived. HIGHLY recommended.

7 Avengers: Infinity War

I liked this movie a lot. This movie gave me a different feel than most movies. In the other ones, you know everything will turn out all good. But in this one, it feels like everything might not turn out all right. I do kind of like the part where the characters pre-snap died. I'm not happy about their death, but if they just came back to life, their death would be meaningless. The next time they die, it might feel like, oh, everything will turn out right and they will come back to life.

Should be a LOT higher. It was funny, the ending was extremely sad, and each character had a good amount of time on-screen. It basically put every superhero movie from previous years together to set up Endgame.

Infinity War was amazing! Everyone played a big role in this film. Everything was stellar except Thor's hit at Thanos and not killing him. That was so annoying.

Best marvel movie. It was unpredictable had great action great performances, and a great plot. With so many characters and they still managed to pull it off.

8 Spider-Man

Hey I love all the new spider-man movies especially into the spider verse and homecoming, but let's be honest, none of these spider man movies would be good if this movie didn't happen. Note: I was disappointed that green goblin wasn't like he was in the comics, instead he was in this weird iron man type suit

Why this is better than the amazing series, he learns a lesson about responsibility and not killing, the death scene was actually sad, showed the struggle in his life, has better movie tie in games, better more epic intro music, and more I can name.

I'm impressed that this movie is still so high on the list. It's a wonderful superhero flick, don't get me wrong, but it's been a long time since this movie jump-started the superhero movie craze (riding the wave that started with 'Blade', 'X-Men', and 'Blade II', of course).

While 1998's 'Blade' and 2000's 'X-Men' started off the modern era of superhero movies, 2002's 'Spider-Man' was the movie that skyrocketed the genre into mainstream success. The rest is history.

9 X-Men: Days of Future Past

I really liked it. It was a continuation of both The Last Stand and First Class, but still kept it homely with Wolverine and a few familiar faces. I loved how they showed each character's side, so you wouldn't hate any of them.

This was sort of a sequel to both X-men:First Class and X-men 3. It was by far the greatest X-men movie and most likely the best Marvel movie, so I'm not sure why it's not on here yet.

This movie was amazing but lacked a little interest and saw it on a computer but it was pretty darn good. Marvel Movie Rate 9.12

This movie was a lot better than expected.

10 X2: X-Men United

It's still the best X-Men movie (in my opinion) and was (for nine years afterwards) the biggest-scale superhero team-up movie ever made. Too bad its terrific set-up for a sequel went nowhere with the next film.

Really intense, Wolverine is great in this one. Funny when he is scared of the cat. Epic when he uses his claw to start car. He's is truly the mix of intense, epic, and funny.

X2 is a brilliant superhero movie, one that I think stretches what the genre can be in the best way.

This movie showed how good xmen can get after the first one was just not as good as this. The NightCrawler Scene helped boost this up to 7. Marvel Movie Rate: 9.26

The Contenders
11 Logan

Logan's the best movie ever. It's story line is amazing. This movie shows Wolverine's struggle when he gets old. Charles,Caliban and Logan die in this movie. It shows the rise of young mutants. It's a worth watch. Not just one time but five times. And it should be on the first place. Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Patrick Stewart's acting was amazing. It's the best X-Men movie. And also the best Marvel movie. This movie will make you cry. It's a family movie too. Wolverine's also my favorite superhero. Other movies like which are on the top, The Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Spider Man 2, Captain America: Civil War are very nice and have nice graphics.
But they are not worth watch for a family. While X-2: X-Men United is the best X-Men movie on this list. But Logan surpassed it because of better story line, acting and characters. And the worst thing on this list is Deadpool being high on the list. Logan is far better than Deadpool. ...more

One of the only movies to ever make me cry. This film tells a story no other Marvel movie would dare to tell. Not just a perfect superhero movie, but a perfect movie in general. Do yourselves a favour and watch this if you haven't. And if you already have, watch it again. It's that damn good.

This is one of the best movies you will ever watch in the history of superhero movies. Some people would say that all he cares about is himself, but he learns to care for the children who were different like him.

Top five Comic Book movies of all time. Best x-men movie. The redeemer of the terrible wolverine trilogy. The precursor to in-depth characters, dark, rated r, super hero movies...

12 Deadpool

SO GOOD! Deadpool' like a comedy GOD! When I saw this I was like! This is like what good! As he would say! So damn violent! Which makes it good! I really like the part at the end! WACK WACK SPLAT!

I love that a movie that hasn't even been made is higher than actual movies. I love you, internet.

It's awesome it's got some sick fighting in it and a good story to it I think it's better than avengers.

It's the best I've seen from Marvel, and it's the most recent one. It's funny as hell.

13 X-Men: First Class

Believe it or not, I used to more or less dislike this film (gasp). I think I used to resent it for throwing the franchises' continuity out of whack. Now, 7 years later, the franchise has totally stopped caring about maintaining a believable timeline (We're supposed to not notice that 'First Class' and 'Apocalypse' take place 30 years apart while NOBODY has aged more than a couple of years? ) so now I don't care anymore either. Consider me a fan.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite X-Men movie. For one, the characters are absolutely 3-dimensional & fun to watch, showing even little-known mutants that deserved a spotlight. Second, the fights & special effects were purely awesome. Not to mention, it proved they could have a good X-Men film without piggybacking on Wolverine by only giving him a small cameo halfway through. My one complaint is that they killed off one of my favorite recruits after 10 minutes of screen-time. Otherwise, it's practically perfect. Well done, Sony. Now if only the Fantastic Four movies were this good...

I love this movie, so much! It has an awesome all star cast! James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kevin Bacon!

Great movie, Best X-Men movie I've seen, the only one I haven't seen is X-Men Days of Future Past, and that looks even better.

14 Avengers: Endgame

Saw the movie premiere night, absolutely phenomenal and hilarious, great character points and plot development from the writers and though it is 3 hours, it's 3 hours well spent. epic, fun, and cheer-worthy. This film had my theater in tears of laughter and sadness. Great sacrifices from staple characters, good end to Mk. 1 of the marvel movies, wonder how they are going to do Mk. 2. Really brings in all the different points from the other movies and finishes the original Avengers' careers with a bang. Abslolutely amazing, I used to think Cap was kinda lame, but this movie made me love him so much more, same with Iron Man, you can see how his personality changes to do something he never would have done in the past movies. In short, this really brings out even the lamest of Marvel characters and sets even the worst movies in a light I never would have seen them in.

Endgame was really good however nit the best marvel movie. First of all, in the beginning there wasn't a plot and it was sorta boring. Second, what they did with thor was so terrible I can't even begin! Third, (warning spoiler) they killed off such good characters. Last, it was too long. However it was pretty good because there was almost every MCU character in it and marvel made good money from it!

ENDGAME NEEDS TO BE #1! It's funny, heartwarming, sad, and exciting all bundled up into one. Each character got a chance to shine and the effects were phenomenal. It was definitely the perfect way to end the Avengers, and even though I'm sad there isn't going to be any more movies, I'm satisfied with how it ended. 11/10.

Not really that good. I just got back from seeing it, and I was really disappointed. I liked it, but it wasn't great.

15 The Amazing Spider-Man

Wasn't expecting much, but instantly became my favourite Marvel movie when it finished. Such a great film with great new actors, villain and a more engaging story with a more accurate-to-the-comics Spiderman. Not just a great reboot, but a great movie altogether

With that full head of hair, it makes you wonder how he even tried to put that mask on. Tobey maguire was better.

This Movie does not deserve to be in the top 15! This should be in the 50-100 spots.

I may never watch this movie again. For me, it's relevancy has been reduced to eternal "meh".

16 Captain America: The First Avenger

This movie finally nailed the origin story of a Marvel superhero. They didn't add gimmicks that weren't in the original book just to please studios or to appeal to the Pokémon generation like the web coming out of Peter Parker's wrists or the wrong starting lineup for the X-Men or the wrong powers for Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider. They told the story as it ought to be told. The casting was also amazing, Chris Evans actually looks like a Kirby drawing.

Good Cap movie. Chris Evans does a great job as Steve Rogers, in fact the whole cast was phenomenal. I also liked that the movie was based in WWII. I thought Marvel might just skip by that part in history and jump to present times.

Why do so many people say that The Winter Soldier is better, this is the movie it's the perfect combination of an action, war, and superhero movie, and The Winter Soldier has too much talking, but This movie is packed with action!

True hero story, not deserving of all the crap it gets. Though the Winter Soldier is my favorite Marvel movie(might just be my favorite MOVIE movie), I wouldn't of liked it as much without this one to build Steve's and Bucky's characters. It is most certainly on MY top ten list

17 Avengers: Age of Ultron

This was better than the first Avengers movie. It was better written and had characters that you could relate to. The emotions were more conflicted and better explained, and that definitely helped. However, one thing missed: This was an opportunity to have a villain maybe too big and too bad, but in the end, it was just like the newest Fantastic Four movie: too easy.

What happened to Ultron? The trailers made him look so bad and evil. In the movies he was singing! Ultron sucked. However I liked the adding of quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. They were cool. Scarlett Witch is my second favorite marvel character behind Capitan America (he's so hot and awesome). Why did quicksilver had to die? The first Avengers was so much better.

This film is amazing. It is so much better than the Dreamworks movie Home, Home sucks. This film Age of Ultron is one of the best Marvel movies of all time. This is one of the best films of 2015, too.

#1. Marvel movie Hands Down. All that crap like Iron Man 2 and Captain America The First Avenger Thor and Thor The Dark World 100% in my opinion should be worse than this movie.

18 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Don't know about you guys, but I think this could at least be top ten. People love this movie, the voice acting is phenomenal, and it does do things that don't work in other movies, but they managed to make the movie better. It's amazing what you can do with the visuals of this movie. Miles Morales was the greatest character to make this movie off of, and you could tell that, even though he's Spider-Man, he's just another Brooklyn kid.

A majority of people who saw this said that it is the BEST Spider-Man film, so please people, put some respect on this incredible film and get it higher on this list.

Why isn't this in the official list?

19 Iron Man 3

An underrated film, in all honesty. There's a great story here and the twists in the story should have been applauded when, instead, they were condemned. Why? Because "tons" of fans wanted the real Mandarin. If I recall, barely anyone (outside of comic readers - who are few in number compared to the mass media audience) knew who Iron Man even was before the first movie in 2008. It's not like how 'Spider-Man 3' ruined Venom. Seriously, people. Appreciate the movie for what it tried to be; original.

This movie was good in almost all aspects. Good plot, pretty solid cast, good action. So what was wrong? The Mandarin twist. For someone who loves the Mandarin character this was a massive disappointment. Not to mention they had been building him up as a bad ass all movie, and you yearned to finally see him, and that's what we get? Sorry Marvel, you took all the wind out of that movie, with that move.

This movie is my favorite compared to all the other Iron Man movies. Pepper wasn't an annoying Mary Sue in this one, and she had great character development. Tony finally learned to balance himself.

I adored the Mandarin. He was one of those smartass types of villains. He was ruthless as hell but that's what made him so good.

This movie had some very good scenes. This movie had Tony Stark facing the Mandarin. Marvel Movie Rate: 8.9

20 The Incredible Hulk

I love this movie way more better than the first. A lot more action, destruction, and actually has an enemy the Hulk faced off. The first movie was just awful and all the Hulk does is destroy buildings. Get this to at least #10 please.

This movie hit all the right notes. A great backstory for Banner, an awesome plot, and great casting. Especially Edward Norton as Banner/Hulk. I still think he is better then Ruffalo in all aspects.

This movie was intense and the soundtrack was also amazing. The first marvel movie I ever watched. I can watch this movie over and over.

Hulks always been my favorite marvel hero and Edward Norton did a great Bruce Banner... So ill go for this one.

21 Black Panther

I've never been a fan of marvel. But this film force me to be a marvel fan, love this movie, love this character. It should be the best marvel superhero of all time. Now America's White people will give respect to the BLACKs a little bit more. The film could change the future of black film directors. It is sure that the film is like wonder woman of 2018. Wonder woman credit- highest grossing movie by a female director, Black panther credit- highest grossing movie by a black director. I hope, it pass 4 billions.

I love this movie but I think some people are acting like there were no black marvel characters before this or something (Nick Fury was white in the comics). And there are tons of great black film directors. Look at M. Night Shamalayan! There was no racial problem within Marvel before this, people are just looking for something to complain about. Just like it would be weird to make Miles Morales white, it would be weird to make a white comic character black, but they made a good choice and cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, who is one of the most die hard characters in the MCU.

Have they placed black panther 20! What, iron man 3 is higher than this! What, I mean seriously come on this movie is way better than avengers 1 black panther got 92% on rotten tomatoes! All I'm gonna say is that it's a disgrace that black panther is not in the top ten.

There is something different about this movie compared to other marvel movies. Actually so many things are different making it new and different for the marvel fans than your standard action movie with a lot of jokes. This movie was great!

22 Thor: Ragnarok

My favourite Marvel movie because it's so funny! It's not extremely serious like the other movies, the jokes are so great and Banner and Thor are great together! Definitely my favourite Marvel movie.

This should be number 1! Great characters: Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, Hulk, Grandmaster, Hela, Skurge, Heimdall, and Gladiators, too! Powerful goddess of death killed by surtur, who destroyed Asgard, afterword Thor survives a ruthless attack by Thanos who killed everybody else

Why is this so low? This is a perfect comic book movie. A perfect reboot for the Thor series that feels straight from the page of a Jack Kirkby comic

Best Thor movie and best superhero movie to date.

23 Ant-Man

While I feel like Avengers 2 was the best film, I am a bit biased towards it, because Ultron is my favorite comic villain. I just saw Ant-Man last weekend and it was amazing. The plot developed at a steady pace (which I feel is one thing 'Ultron' lacked, since they had to cut, like, an hour off) and the humor was wicked awesome. I love Luis' inserts. So far, my favorite movies are Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Avengers, and Captain America 2. I'm looking forward to Black Panther (he's my favorite comic character) and Captain America 3.

A charming performance by Paul Rudd as Scott Lang backed up by Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. This movie is responsible for elevating Ant Man from being the Aquaman of Marvel to being a fantastic character in his own right.

This movie is one of the best Marvel movies ever. 1. Avengers Age of Ultron 2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Avengers 4. Iron Man 5. Ant Man 6. Xmen First Class 7. Captain America The Winter Soldier 8. Amazing Spider Man 2 9. Xmen 2 10. Xmen Days of Future Past.

So ant man is like a mashed potato sandwich.
It's has like a coolness and then the middle is like woah its like nice and yummy and funny and then I just feel like it's like woah and I love it because of the great mushiness and I love Mr. Shnoodle it's FaT hwhhahaahah

24 Thor

The reason this movie doesn't get the love it deserves is because it wasn't hyped up. Nobody really gave any care about Thor. However, the acting is amazing, the fighting is decent, the romance... subpar, but the visuals are STUNNING. It is actually DIZZYING how well it was made... and, like I mentioned, the acting was touching and relatable.

The Thor series probably has the best casting out there. Idris Elba knocks it out of the park as Heimdall, the Warriors three are portrayed great, and Portman plays her part well. Even Kat Dennings was tolerable in the first installment.

It's the best bit not so much loved. Why? Well, it wasn't promoted like others and also, people do not know how important and might Thor really is Marvel Universe. If they knew, it's not be a surprise if Thor was on No. 1!

Dazzling and spectacular. A visually stunning movie with amazing action sequences, terrific acting and awesome soundtrack. Great characters and Kenneth Branagh brings a nice shakespearian touch to it all. Fully entertaining.

25 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Most superhero movies make people feel good. This movie made me laugh, cry, reminisce, love, and rev all at the same time. I wanted to die for Baby Groot, marry Gamora, punch Rocket, play a game of chess with Drax, and be Starlord. It was like being a kid in the theatre once again. Additionally, this movie fostered my unhealthy obsession with Yondu (Mary Poppins) and Kraglin (better version of Grand Moff Tarkin)-- when a movie brings characters like that to life (e.g. Forrest Gump, Joker, Darth Vader), it is an instant classic.

This is by far one of the best Marvel movies I've ever seen. It was emotional and had a decent plot. SPOILER, it was pretty heart wrenching when Yandu died. That scene hit me hard. And let me just say, that's one of the best things to have in a movie.

I consider this film to be a slight step beneath the first film, only because it fails to add anything to the first film's formula. It's more of the same, and that makes it good, not great.

Put this movie in the top ten! It has an awesome plot, awesome villain, and awesome jokes. The only complaint was that the villainwas a last minute one.

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