Top 10 Best DC Comics Movies

The ten best movies based on superheros from the DC Universe.
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1 The Dark Knight

This movie really set the groundwork for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCEU. People have tried to replicate the beauty of this film, but it hasn't worked. This film will remain timeless for generations to come and Heath Ledger's performance is fantastic. Everybody's performance is fantastic Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, then that's a complete shame. You have to go see this.

Can I just say Heath Ledger and everyone will understand why this is one the greatest films in cinema history? He gave his life for this performance. Now that's a hero.

Compelling pace, intelligent story. Revolutionary, pounding score, unrelenting action. Great acting by Heath Ledger and the definitive Batman, Christian Bale.

This movie is the only DC movie that is realistic and almost as awesome as MARVEL movies are. The KNIGHT IS the only reason we still don't laugh t DC movies.

2 The Dark Knight Rises

Epic conclusion to one of the most complex and well-made film trilogies of all time. Not only the greatest DC movie ever, but the greatest Superhero movie ever and one of my personal favourite films.

An epic conclusion to the most amazing trilogy ever. This is definitely the 2nd best dc movie after The Dark Knight.. So vote guyzz...

I thought it was good. I think it's a great finale for Nolan's trilogy. Bane was kind of weird though.

Most action packed Batman movie. And Batman is the greatest hero of all time!

3 Batman Begins

Batman Begins is simply the comic book movie, at least of the Nolverse trilogy. The Dark Knight is an incredible cinematic piece of perfection, but it can't be defined as the perfect comic book movie. Batman Begins sure comes close to that description. It not only showed the beginning of Batman, but also the early development and struggles. It was a cinematic Year One, from the perspective of Bruce rather than Gordon. Bringing in villains like Scarecrow, Ra's, and the entire League of Assassins (Shadows in the comics) was great, and despite the mispronunciation of the name Ra's, they were fairly accurate. As we're many other aspects of the film, which make it the best DC, and arguably the best superhero movie, to date.

The best if the bat trilogy. Most realistic superhero movie EVER!

First superhero movie I saw, absolutely loved it!

Cooler than man of steel.

4 Batman

I don't think there is a better super hero movie than this. It's Not only my favourite super hero film, but it's my favourite movie ever.

This was a GREAT movie. All the actors were really talented, such as Jack Nicholson as Joker.

This is not tbe best superhero film, it is the best FILM ever. I respect other people's opinion, even if they are wrong.

Love the movie great acting good not the best sound effects and a little bit more fighting

5 Watchmen

I do agree with # 1

Dark Knight was very crisp, well organized, entertaining and intense

but Watchmen! This movie just a masterpiece.

I agree with one of person who commented that this was an impossible comic book adaptation

but when you see the final product it satisfies you deeply.

every hero has his own place, screen time and impact.

every character, be it Rorschach (my favorite! ), Dr. Manhatten, comedian, night owl and who can forget ozymendias had their own views and visions

each so correct and meaningful but at the same time incomplete and wrong.

loved this one from bottom of my heart.

I admit that the dark knight is a little better but, Batman movies have been done hundreds of times, Watchmen was accualy consitered the impossible comic to be made a movie. Also the director of the dark knight was by the director of inception so that's a big advantage and the director of watchmen is Zach Snyder and he has done very few movies. But they all have been epic and almost all have been good.

This one's a masterpiece adapted from a comic book of same name and so complex that making a movie on it should be appreciated. A better team up than the on screen justice league and also avengers. Rorshack was my favourite in this.

Incredible, but Even though, the director of one of my favorite movies, 300 I still wasn't sure with the idea of an R-rated DC movie, but somehow, it was actually a masterpiece excellent film!

6 Superman - The Movie

Awesome film! It's even better than TDK. For 1978, the special effects were outstanding! Reeve is perfect as Superman. Great film. I Love the soundtrack! Superman 2 is good too. However, I don't reccomend watching 3 or 4.

What is suicide squad doing at number 2? It was okay, but there are much better DC movies, like the OG superman films.

Obviously better than Dark Knight.
This classical movie is best DC movie ever.

Richard Pryor though man, it was hilarious and had a great plot.

7 Man of Steel

Man of Steel is amazing! It doesn't deserve all the crap it gets. Sure, there are some flaws, but people need to understand that no movie is perfect. This had amazing visuals, soundtrack, acting, and it delivered a very realistic alien invasion. And this film gave us the superhero action that everybody has been waiting for. I can literally watch this movie over and over for hours! Truly an amazing movie, one of my all time favorites.

Such an incredible film. This is the Superman movie I've been waiting for so long! One of my all time favorites now. Everything is handled beautifully here. Snyder's brilliant direction, Zimmer's awesome soundtrack (one of his all-time best) and the excellent performances from everyone. It's so damn amazing, I can go on forever about MoS.

This movie is the best. All the haters that say Superman destroyed too much stuff are wrong, Zod was the one who did that. Great soundtrack, visual effects, and acting. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Russell Crowe were excellent.

It's amazing. The people who hate it are the same guys who say Superman is overpowered and Aquaman is useless and Batman can beat anybody. I think you'll like it better if you like action (and Superman, of course) a lot.

8 Batman Returns

It is a disgusting atrocity that this movie ranks below BvS. It is one of the most well humored and balanced superhero films ever.

Pfeiffer and DeVito in a Batman Movie directed by Tim Burton- need I say more?

One of the best Batman films ever. Penguin was awesome.

Was good, but I wouldn't say it's one of the best.

9 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is probably the most important film we need: For DC fans, for general audience, and for all the woman out there. The most satisfying film I've seen, and the most emotional. Really, the best.

I can understand why this film is low. It's because it's new. I think it's still in theaters. It's so awesome though you should all go and watch it.

Best dc movie in a long time you can tell they took there time with this one my second favorite super hero movie after captain America.

Most new dc movies are terrible but this is great also I love gal gadot. Throwback to when she was in the fast and furious movies which I love.

10 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie really is that bad.. 28% on rotten tomatoes..
People are trying to justify it by saying you have to "use your brain" to enjoy it, as if critics don't do that. I understood what the movie is trying to do, it just didn't do it well. It's one big mess, trying to shoehorn all these characters in just to set up justice league, trying too hard to be "dark and gritty" like Dark Knight, but unlike The Dark Knight, it did it very badly, and it ended up being a joyless movie. There's basically 5 movies in this movie, all of these stories were told badly because it's too much for one movie..
WB/DC should not try to rush to Justice League like this, just to try and compete with Marvel. If they just took their time, who knows how awesome this movie could have been.. It feels like such a waste of potential.

This movie does not at all deserve any of the crap that it receives. The only reason that critics hated it is because they thought it was too "dark" and "depressing" they did not look at it from the right perspective, it was set in a chaotic, corrupt storyline and background, it was meant to be that way. This movie was BADASS. Ben Affleck absolutely nailed it as Batman/Bruce Wayne (Him and Bale are without doubt the best batman actors to date) and the drama and story was dazzling. Although it did have its downsides, we all know that, (ex. Superman was too mopey most of the time, Lex was just plain out weird, and Doomsday was waay too soon) Beyond that though, it was overall a strong and entertaining movie and certainly got me excited for the upcoming Batfleck solo movies and of course, the Wonder Woman solo movie. Critics brutalized this movie for pathetic reasons. It deserves a second chance.

They could've done a better job with this film. They could've make Lex Luthor more mature. They could've left Doomsday out of it and saved him for a Superman Doomsday film. They could've made the fight with Superman and Batman longer and better choreographed. They could've had a better plot to the film. Frankly, this film wasn't all that bad, but all these aspects that have been left out ruined the experience.

This movie was so bad it could be one of the worst movies of from 2000-present. The movie was so bad there are even unecessary scenes in the movie that made the movie bore. The Ultimate showdown between Batman and Superman was enough to keep a movie great, and the Doomsday fight scene was horrible. The Warehouse Rescue was the best scene that Batman did. (If only Superman didn't suck that much, Man Of Steel Superman vs. General Zod could have been the best). So dissapointing. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Jesse Eisenberg were terrible. Good thing Gal Gadot or Amy Adams did not get a razzie or else Batman v Superman would be a big flop. I felt bored in the movie thinking it was a 4hr movie wasting time. And why can't Christian Bale return? He's so much better than Ben Affleck wasting time to make things worse. Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea did a good job, he even won best actor. This movie sucked so badly. And I'd agree that this film had one of the most razzie wins this year ...more

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11 Superman II

Remember, along with Superman 1 and the Keaton/Nicholson Batman. This film popularized what became the film industries biggest grossing genre. Chris Reeves WAS Clark Kent and the Superman!

12 V for Vendetta

I'm a big fan of batman and green arrow, but we must tell the truth v for vendetta send us messages, it talks in our minds about something true, about freedom, people, governments, terrors and the plans of every guy That is bigger than us. V for vendetta is the best movie here and of course the dark night is second

How is it this low? Should be at least 5th!

This should be on top#5

13 Batman: Mask of The Phantasm

This one should be #1

14 Suicide Squad

Actually the best film and worst heroes ever.
Just wait for the suicide squad 2, It will shake the film industry.

It's literally so great oh my god. Well-developed characters, and variety, diverse cast, and more!

I love this film, it is one of my favorite movies of 2016. And it is one of the best films of 2016.

The Movie can be enjoyable but the story, villains, and plot are really bad.

15 Joker (2019)

The best one along with The Dark Knight.

Joaquin and Heath are the best Jokers

16 Batman: Under the Red Hood

I love Jason Todd, he is my favorite Robin!

17 Justice League: Doom
18 Shazam!

Finally a lighter and more comedic tone to the DCEU. The story was great, Zachary Levi as Shazam was awesome, and it was a great callback to classic 80s kids films like Big and Goonies.

Stupid, funny, but stupid. Still a better experience than every movie beyond the dark knight.

19 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This was good. I liked DC Knights Green Arrow more

This movie is one of the best in animated movie...great emotions

I loves this movie it was great!

Suicide squad is awful

20 Aquaman

One of the Best DC movie of all-time! the visual is epic and stunning!

This movie was supposed to suck but it ended up being my favorite DC movie

It literally is nothing you should thank of happening but I'm not a big DC guy

21 Superman Returns

This movie is better than Green Lantern so it deserves the number 10 spot because Green Lantern was one of the worst super hero films ever. I'll say it was as bad as Batman and Robin.

22 Green Lantern

I thoroughly enjoyed this well paced, entertaining depiction of my second favorite 1960s comic book superhero. Batman was No. 1.

I thought it was fine, but I understand why people hate it.

I actually really liked this movie!

This is a great film, only thing bad about this is that his suit is all done with cgi

23 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
24 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
25 The Lego Batman Movie

This was a very funny, exciting, unique movie that transcended kids movies

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