Top 10 Best Alien Movies

Alien movies sure have gotten popular over the last couple of decades. Spielberg could probably talk to you for hours about how much he loves them. He has afterall made upwards of like, twenty!
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1 Alien

Few films are as well made as Alien. It is such a perfected film that it's still a masterpiece today. Oh, and it's bloody terrifying.

There are two types of people on this earth. The people that prefer Alien (like me) and the people that are wrong. I love aliens but this is the og masterpiece. No question

I agree with most of it, The Thing should be much higher. Also where is Arrival? That's considered as the best sci-fi movie of the last ten years.

Never saw the second film, so for now, it's Alien.

2 Aliens

I love Alien, But I love this way better!

3 Predator
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

This movie has a great story, plenty of adventure, and cool quotes. It came out in 1982 and still holds up today. Also, it's the best family oriented of the bunch.

5 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I love what Close Encounters does with aliens more than any other movie: It makes them mysterious, almost like an enigma. Like the childhood stories of wailing ghosts in the woods. On the boundary of fact and imagination.

6 Independence Day

My childhood. Independance Day is a really good movie and not great. A little bit frightening but so Awesome at the same time. Highly recommended.

This movie has it all, a real roller coaster ride of fear and joy.

What a movie must watch! A little bit old but extraordinary..

Will Smith. Need I say more?

7 The Thing

This movie scared me when I watched it.

8 District 9
9 Men In Black

I love this movie amazing masterpiece I can watch it over and over again

10 Avatar

OMG I love avatar so freaking much! Avatar 2: The way of water has also come out and it's so good. I cried of both of them...Avatar is just so magical! 10/10!

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11 Signs

This movie will make you believe.

12 A Quiet Place
13 Alien 3

It was meant to be the final installment to the alien universe and as an ending to a trilogy it was really good.

I thought it was good

14 Alien Resurrection

This movie is so underrated.

15 Arrival
16 Lilo & Stitch

An alien that crash lands in Hawaii. Plus, Stitch is cute!

17 Star Trek (2009)
18 Cloverfield
19 Home (2015)

The animation is good but this film is a 5/10 not that great but not anything super horrible just not that great.

Mixed with Nice Happy aliens and evil aliens. Home is a great family movie. Highly recommended.

20 Super 8
21 Predator 2
22 Men In Black 3
23 The World's End
24 Mars Attacks!
25 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
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