Most Offensive Movies of All Time

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1 The Birth of a Nation The Birth of a Nation Product Image

A movie where the KKK are the heroes and a group of blacks are the villains? Hearing that alone, I already know that that is offensive even without watching the movie?

How does this not too the list?!

2 A Serbian Film A Serbian Film Product Image

Umm nope don't make me think about this

3 Cannibal Ferox Cannibal Ferox Product Image
4 Antichrist Antichrist Product Image
5 Salo: or the 120 Days of Sodom Salo: or the 120 Days of Sodom Product Image
6 Human Centipede Human Centipede Product Image
7 I Spit On Your Grave I Spit On Your Grave Product Image

I haven't seen nor heard of this movie before but the title is very offensive!

8 The Song of the South The Song of the South Product Image
9 Cannibal Holocaust Cannibal Holocaust Product Image

how is this below an innocent Disney movie? HOW? SOTS can be mildly racist, but not so much it is treated worse than Birth of a Nation.

10 Soul Man Soul Man Product Image

That movie makes racist stereotypes towards Black people!

The Contenders
11 Freaks (1932) Freaks (1932) Product Image
12 The Passion of the Christ The Passion of the Christ Product Image

Way more offensive than Song of the South. If it ever had a theme park attraction for any reason, it would've already gotten demolished Horizons-style by now.

FACT: Anti-Semitic pieces of crap like MDbs have significantly tinier penises than everyone else on this planet.

Still not as offensive as the a-hole who directed it.

MDbs is an undesirably challenged anti-Semitic incel who is easily amused by the mere occurrence of the Holocaust.

13 Kids Kids Product Image

Let me quote the british actress Amelia Warner when she was talking about LA and the United States in general " I don't even really want to talk about how I hate LA... I'd like to say I love it, but I don't... And everyone thinks they're so crazy and wild and liberal and they're not...". She's right and if Americans are offended and shocked for movies like this one it's because they are so restricted in their way of thinking. I mean come on even the friendliest pet behaves more badly than this "kids".

14 Borat Borat Product Image

People are really missing the point of this movie. This movie is basically a critique of American hypocrisy. Borat acts offensive to see if people will fall for it. So far, some people, like the rodeo organizer and fraternity boys, did, while an old family was dismayed when a black woman visited their house.

Other than that, hysterical movie. Very nice, high five!

The point of the movie is to be offensive, I think. And that's part of what made it so great!

What isn't offensive about this movie.

Rude. Offensive. Comedy genius,

15 Irreversible Irreversible Product Image
16 Ilsa: She Wolf of The SS Ilsa: She Wolf of The SS Product Image
17 Freddy Got Fingered Freddy Got Fingered Product Image

Even the cover looks like Tom Green himself is shunning this film's ridiculous levels of comedic incompetence.

18 Bruno Bruno Product Image

We don't talk about this movie.

19 Meet the Spartans Meet the Spartans Product Image
20 God's Not Dead 2 God's Not Dead 2 Product Image
21 Crash Crash Product Image

It's one of the most racist movies in history and it won an Best Picture Oscar for it.

22 Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Product Image
23 God's Not Dead God's Not Dead Product Image
24 Shōjo Tsubaki
25 9/11 9/11 Product Image
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