Top Ten Psychological Thriller Movies of All time

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1 The Silence of the Lambs

This was the first horror movie I ever saw and it is still my favorite. The point of it is to get under your your skin (literally), and I've seen it at least three times and it still manages to freak me out. I love it.

This is very clever. Thomas Harris very cleverly wrote this story about Clarisse Starling and her fight to face her demons, with the help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
"Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarisse? "
Really chilling and intelligent.
The book offers more than the film though. Go read!

Nothing beats it. Especially the heart-racing aura generated by Hopkins. Not to mention Foster's exquisite performance as a trainee FBI agent getting psychoanalyzed by a ruthless serial killer.

This masterpiece shows you how intimidating a life it would be, and how scary it would be to constantly be around a serial killer.

2 Shutter Island

The first time viewing this movie is a true cinematic pleasure. This is a true psychological film that really messes with your mind and makes you question what's reality and what's not. I've seen this film so many times and I always enjoy how brilliantly created it is. One of my favourite films of all time for sure.

Scorcese classic. It's up there with goodfellas, casino and the departed. Constant Suspense and makes you want to watch it again the moment it's over.

The only movie that really played on my mind. What to believe and what not to believe. Brilliant film.

One of the best movies I've ever seen, this is the epitome of how a movie should be made.

3 The Sixth Sense

Bruce willis is so great in this movie, it s without a doubt the best movie ending. Haley joel Osmont is should have won an oscar for this movie, he got nominated. They really made this movie what it is right now.

When I understood the plot twist I said "what" so loud that my neighbour came with objections.

4 Seven

What happened to the greatest thriller of all time? Why not higher up?

5 Psycho

Psycho is a classic and should be remembered throughout Hollywood history!

6 Memento

One of the perfect example of epic direction by nolan. If this movie was told in chronological order, there was absolutely nothing. But the way it is now makes it the best movie in this list

Loved how Christopher Nolan rearranged all the scenes. Fantastic filmmaking. Two thumbs up!

It is a movie very entertaining, a bit psychological but hey we are not begginers in movies...

This movie deserves more credit, its absolutely a masterpiece

7 Orphan
8 Cape Fear

Robert De Niro's finest hour. Max Cady is so terrifying.

9 Misery

I've had a strange, nagging feeling for a long time, that although without question, this is the best psychological thriller of all time, something wasn't quite right in the film; an error, a discrepancy that has played on my mind...Well I figured it out. Near the beginning, whilst Annie is giving Paul a shave, she says, and I quote: "The Misery novels - I know 'em all by heart. All eight of 'em. I love them so." Well.. that set my mind racing to a scene further on. Remember when Paul uses Annie's hairpin to unlock the door of his bedroom whilst Annie has gone to the store to buy some "non-smudge" writing paper for him? He wheels his chair around her sitting room and just after knocking a ceramic penguin from the table, he spots a signed framed photo of himself, surrounded by over SIXTEEN Misery novels (a definite nine of which are to the right of the picture) There are more to the left but it's difficult to see exactly how many there are. You would think that his "Number One Fan" ...more

This terrifying, yet terrific story is what happens when so many masters of their genre come together: Kathy Bates, in her Oscar-winning initial role, Stephen King, master of horror and suspense, and Rob Reiner, who had already masterfully adapted a King story (The Body/Stand by Me). There is one thing that makes this gruesome film a masterpiece. Not the cinematography. Not the claustrophobic environment. Hell, not even the hobbling!
It's Annie.
Annie Wilkes, the deranged superfan with a distaste for profanity and a penchant for torture, brought to life by Kathy Bates. She is horrifying. It's a downright shame that she isn't honored in pop culture as much as slashers, like Freddy, Michael, and Jason. Proving that women have a secured place in horror, but not as the virgin final girl. As the villain. This film delivers such a thrilling experience for me, as well as a newfound kinship to my ankles.

The best psychological thriller that has been written. With only two main characters, the suspense is kept going throughout and not once falls flat. Kathy Bates is superb as Annie Wilkes; depressed, unhinged "number one fan" of writer Paul Sheldon.
I believe this was James Caan's most trying role, since an active actor, had to remain immobile for a lot of the film.
Incredible story by Stephen King, incredible acting by Kathy Bates and James Caan and just an incredible film.

10 Saw

The ending of the very first Saw shook my bones and made my blood run cold.
Amazingly clever concept by the writer. This film makes you think about your life and how you live it. It makes you appreciate the small things in life.
Having said this, sadly the sequels fell flat and became repetitive and predictable.

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11 The Shining
12 Candyman
13 The Bone Collector
14 Black Swan

Love the concept of infusing the tale of Swan Lake with a girl's sexuality and descent to madness in search of perfection. The symbolism was great.

15 Unlawful Entry
16 The Cell
17 Phone Booth

Highly underrated thriller! Colin Farrell at it's best!

One of the best psychological thrillers. This is joel schmacher's best work! It's a must watch

18 The Dark Knight

The movie was so suspenseful. I was on the edge of of my seat the entire time. Great direction and acting

19 Insomnia
20 Rear Window
21 Saw V
22 Get Out
23 Joker
24 Dial M for Murder

This film is the best thriller movie ever before, but iam more like SCREM4 than this film.

25 The Ghost Writer
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