Best Boxing Movies of All Time

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1 Rocky

Best sport movie I've ever seen in my life! This movie has been such an inspiration for me at times. Kudos to the whole team, especially Sylvester Stallone, my god he has done an incredible job throughout the series. No other movies like Raging bull etc can't come close to this master piece. This movie is definitely on another level. This movie deserves to be on the number 1 spot of this list.

Rocky is the best boxing movie, and the other parts too.
I can't see how it can be ever compared with a movie like Raging Bull
And..Robert De Niro is a fine actor but he doesn't beat Stallone.

The best sport movie ever. Inspired me to become a boxer myself.

2 Raging Bull

This movie is definitely better than Rocky, it is amazing in Story and Performance!

You just know it was a great film, definitely a thousand times better than Rocky and the entire series

3 Creed

Loved this movie! It obviously tries to revive the Rocky series and does it right! Wouldn't put it as the best of the series (maybe at the 2-4 spot) but it does the little things right. The references to the first movie (Rocky) can really touch you. For Example, (POTENTIAL SPOILERS) Rocky starts out as a small time club fighter in Philadelphia while Adonis starts off as a club fighter in Mexico. Rocky gets a title shot at the best fighter in the world in Apollo Creed while Adonis gets a title shot at the best fighter in the world in "Pretty" Ricky Conlan. Overall, this movie completely revives the franchise in the best way possible. 10/10

All the rocky movies are awesome but this is the best!

4 Champion
5 Rocky IV

This is the best Rocky movie of the Rocky series. My goodness this movie has been and it still is an amazing inspiration to me. This movie without a doubt should be on the number 1 spot of this list. The best boxing or sport movie of all time. I am pretty sure no other boxing movie can even come close to being this good. This movie is everything you can ask for in boxing movie and it inspires us like anything!

This amazing movie featured arguably the most brutal knockout in all of boxing history when ivan Drago knocked out Apollo Creed in round 2 in Las Vegas.
Its Joeysworld

This is Top 5 material, how can you forget the Russia vs. USA, Cold War Boxing style!

6 The Boxer
7 The Fighter

MArk Wahlberg and Christian Bale were both amazing in this movie, they played the part of good characters!

This movie, was amazing, in the era were boxing movies were getting worser and worse!

Christian Bale puts on a performance like no one has ever seen!

8 Requiem for a Heavyweight
9 The Champ
10 Million Dollar Baby

Million dollar baby was definitely one of the best boxing movies ever created.

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11 Cinderella Man

This to me, is the best boxing movie of all time. Most compelling because it is both a true story, and the original underdog/comeback boxing story. Rocky and Raging Bull may have come before it, but Rocky was made up--and Lamotta (Rag'n Bull) came after --not to mention Rag'n Bull is a downer (great movie, but hardly inspiring). Jim Braddock was a real fighter, and Cind'a man tells his story brilliantly and faithfully. Ron Howard as usual, does a fantastic job--and Russell Crowe was simply excellent. The depiction of the Depression, and the family's struggles, juxtposed against the fights, makes this film the culmination of what all other boxing movies aspire to be.

Man this is the best boxing movie
Inspirational and the best and unbelievable thing is it is a real story which seems to be impossible. Depression time and how he came out of it was really shown in an excellent way

12 Rocky V

The rocky series is my favorite movie series of all time but this is the worst one and I don't know how its on this list. Million dollar baby should be here

An enjoyable movie, deserves more recognition, was actually a classic movie!

Really underrated. My personal favourite rocky film.

13 Body and Soul
14 The Quiet Man
15 Ali
16 The Set-Up
17 Rocky Balboa

The best since the original Rocky.

18 Southpaw

Should at least be in top five.

19 Rocky II
20 Rocky III
21 Hard Times
22 The Hurricane
23 Creed II
24 Somebody Up There Likes Me
25 Undisputed
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