Top 10 Reasons Why the Original Spider-Man is Better Than The Amazing Spider-Man

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1 Tobey Maguire was a better Spider-Man

Toby mcguire was undoubtedly the best spiderman there will ever be hands down and here's why. He portrays the character more accurately. Now all yawl ho say"o garfield captured his attitude better" sorry your wrong. The original spiderman was a shy, geeky, nerd who was a little awkward when talking to girls, he could also be sassy, make jokes and smart comments. Mcguire embodied this perfectly whilst garfield portrayed nothing but a smart-mouthed, narcissistic A hole and didn't capture any of the characters actual personality. Spidermans peter was always helping people and saves more people than TASM also he uses many different ways to fight enemies by throwing stuff with webs, making a web sling shot, and blinding them with webs. TASM peter only really uses speed as his technique. Mc guire used more emotion and filled the costume better, he was more muscular like spiderman. Garfield was skinny and looked like he could have been knocked over by mcguire in a fight easy. Mcguire used more emotion on screen no doubt he does many facial expressions wile garfield keeps the same hot headed smile on his face the whole movie. Mcguire also shows emotion when listening to other people, garfield looks... Stiff, expressionless maybe? Tobeys voice is better and more like a heros when spiderman and a good shy kid when peter. Toby looked better in glasses. Also this was a directing choice but why the hell was garfield playing his cell phone in the sewer while waiting for lizard?! Imean what I feel like they were trying to cram in to many relatable jerky teenage things into his character.

2 The villains were more threatening and memorable

The villains in the new movies are just weird, some of them act crazy and some of them acted like dorks. The ones in the old films were awesome, especially venom, sandman and doctor octopus. And Norman Osborne was cool, when he was green goblin he acted like a mad man, and James Franco was an incredible Harry Osborne, and he became the goblin himself which was cool

Marvel villians aren't suppose to be threatening. Marvel villians are suppose to be funny

Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and Sandman over Lizard and Electro any day of the week

3 Maguire's Peter wasn't a colossal Mary Sue

Garfield's Peter is a textbook example of a Mary Sue: He's a "nerd" only in name, he is handsome, popular and is only disliked by the jocks because the plot says so (All of which just screams Enoby), he's also born into his powers (TASM2 explains only he could have been bitten and not die), has an IQ of like 300 and tech skills on par with NASA.
Moreover, the plot is designed to make him a victim of the circumstances rather than burden him with responsbility, he couldn't have possibly helped Ben because he played no part in his death and when Gwen dies the movie is very careful to show us that it is her fault for coming when he told her not to.
And finally, he never feels sad for anything for more than 5 minutes, he's so hyper-idealized that he barely shows human emotions.
Maguire's Peter may have "cried too much", but at least he conveyed the idea of a regular everyman having to put up with all this stuff, and when he reacted to things he didn't do so as if he'd read the script beforehand.

4 Better Spider-Man costume

Amazing Spider-Man failed on both of its costumes. The first one was too much different from the de facto Spider-Man and the second one was way too kiddish. The original Spider-Man movies saw an accurate comic tie in as with a movie adaption. Plus the black suit was awesome.

I do agree the ASM 1 costume looked like it came from a dumpster, but the ASM 2 costume was pretty awesome & my favorite so far.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man franchise only has 1 well received movie

This is major proof that the original movies are better, how can TASM franchise be considered better if TASM 2 was criticized so heavily, on the other hand, 2002's Spider-Man was well received and most of the general audience really liked it, and you have Spider-Man 2 what many people consider the greatest Spider-Man movie to date and 1 of the greatest superhero movies of all time. I just don't understand how people think a franchise with just 1 well received movie is better then a franchise with 2 well received movies, I think people just like TASM movies better cause they're newer

6 JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson

Seriously you can't beat this guy, he's awesome in this role. He was one of my favorite parts of the entire trilogy. I'm sad that since it's rebooted we probably won't see JK Simons in these movies, but in the original he was perfect

7 The new villains suck.

The new villains are terrible. The Lizard looks ugly and too human. Electro starts as a really corny nerd who loved Spiderman, he loved him so much that he even thought Spiderman baked him a cake, what? The he fell into a tub of electric eels and he still likes Spiderman. Then Spiderman cannot remember his name so now he hates him just because he cannot remember his name, what? And in the first place he loved him so, so, so much, and just why does he hate him now? Then there is Rhino who is not Rhino. He is not even close to the Rhino in the comics. He is not injected with super-soldier serum, he is just a man and he drives a giant two-legged robot with guns and missiles. So they basically got rid of him and reimagined him, like they did with the 1940's Flash who got his powers by in haling water vapour and wore a tin hat. But the worst villain is, the Green Goblin. He sucks. He is a teenager and he looks terrible. There is barley any green on his suit and he looks so ridiculously ugly. He looks like he is on meth or even ice. When I look at his awful face I just want to put a mask over it, and yes, he does not even wear a mask.

8 They have heart
9 The franchise is getting rebooted before Amazing Spider-Man even got a 3rd movie

Heres how each franchise is going to be regarded by people, Original: iconic, paved way for other superhero movies. 3rd Franchise: a faithful retelling of the Spider-Man movies and a faithful reboot. And lastly The Amazing Spider-Man movies: the failed attempt at a second spider-man franchise which will probably be forgotten by everyone as soon as the 3rd franchise comes out.

The amazing spider-man movies are just doomed to be buried beneath Sam rami's Spider-Man movies and the Spider-Man movies in the marvel cinematic universe, let's face it, after spider-man starts making movies in the MCU, TASM franchise will be looked back on as the bizarre, half assed, half-forgotten fail of a franchise, let's be honest, that pretty much what it is

10 Uncle Ben's death scene in the Amazing Spider-Man was bad
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11 The new movies turned Peter into an emo skateboarder

I think it's hilarious that TASM fans say Garfield is better because of not as much crying scenes, can you people stop harping on that!?! It's the only thing they know how to criticize about Toby's performance. The crying is not that big of a deal

Id rather have a skateboarding spiderman than a dancing spider-man who cries over every little thing.

I know they had to update these movies because nerds today aren't what they used to be but you could have still made him a shy outcast, instead of what they did in these movies by making him an arogent show off, he should be like that when he's SPIDER-MAN not Peter Parker, Peter in these movies could have at least been an outcast

12 The action was cooler and more creative

Yeah remember the train fight from spiderman 2? Of course because it was badass, they were just more creative with the action in the original trilogy, the cool action in amazing spiderman was pretty much only with electro

Sorry Doug Walker, but you're out of your damn mind to say that The Amazing Spiderman movies have better action scenes than the ones in the original.

13 No web shooters

In the original comics he starts out with no webs so he creates web shooters, however he does eventually acquire the ability naturally and thus goes on and off with the fake webshooters. I agree that it's better without them though. The second movie accurately portrayed what happens to Spider-man's abilities when he's sick or depressed as his powers rely on his physical health because they are a part of him. One thing many movies forget about characters.

I feel that the no web shooters make it a little bit more realistic because even though Peter parker is smart I doubt he would be able to make something like that. Also stan Lee (rip) said that he liked the change.

14 Better script
15 Better choice of villains

Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Harry..., all four are incredible villians with character development and great motivations. I can't get enough of them, and even Venom was pretty cool, even if he was wasted. With TASM..., Lizard? His motivations make no sense. Harry? A spoiled brat. Rhino? So embarassing? Electro was the best from the reboots, but even then, he could've been so much better.

They chose the most iconic and well known spiderman villains for these movies, the new ones aside from electro are just the villains who they can make more realistic, especially Rhino or based on how he was in the movie, Rhino-Tron, Sony, when you choose which villains you use choose the ones who would be really cool to see, not just ones that are easy to make more realistic

16 It is iconic

Tell me something from TASM that is more iconic than the upside down kiss.

17 It didn't feel too rushed
18 It wasn't all dark and moody

The original spiderman was lighthearted and fun. But thanks to the Dark Knight comic book movies are starting to have a darker tone, which is stupid. Why would people want to watch a drama filled superhero movie? The death of uncle Ben was fine because that needs to happen, but after that you don't need it to have a dark tone. The only way you would NEED to have a dark tone is if they use Carnage. Which would be awesome.

The whole idea of "superheroes" is kind of dumb, I mean imagine if people did this in the real world?
This is way Marvel movies make jokes.

Whereas TASM wants take something silly and make it serious.

19 Better actors
20 The Amazing Spider-Man movies squeeze too much into the story to build more sequels

It's funny how when marvel created their cinematic universe all the other studios instantly tried to put together a universe of their own, Dc's just looks like if batman vs superman sucks then it's gonna fall to pieces cause I don't care if they claim to have "official" release dates for their other movies, if batman vs superman sucks then those movies are gonna get canned. fox's looks pretty promising, especially since they're doing such a great job with x-men now, and Sony's just looks incredibly desperate, they only have spiderman so they're gonna try to build a universe with a bunch of villans? That's a creative idea but the way they're setting just makes it look like such a desperate attempt to try and make money

21 They don't try to be realistic
22 Spiderman 2 doesn't disregard everything learned in it's predecessor
23 Gwen's Death Was Her Own Fault

Mary Jane may have been just a helpless tool, but at least she didn't throw caution to the wind and try to take on the big villains

24 Richard Parker Was Made To Be More Important Than Uncle Ben

This really made me mad, Uncle Ben is a crucial part of Peter's story, yet he barely got any development and was completely sidelined all for the purpose of making room for Peter's father

25 Longer, better planned out story line with better execution

Remember that crappy luck of the circumstances scene in TASM2? Peter gets frustrated with the fact that he isn't getting any closer to finding out about what happened to his parents and he breaks his calculator which COINCIDENTALLY had the subway tokens that Peter's father used in it, he goes down into the subway and COINCIDENTALLY decides to bang on the brick wall which COINCIDENTALLY causes a subway train to rise out of the ground which COINCIDENTALLY had all of Peter's father's work in it and also had a video explaining the entire god damn thing to us

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