Top 10 Animated Disney Movies With the Best Music

Which Disney movie had the best songs as a whole? I'm actually not using my own order in creating this list, so it actually kinda "stings" to place Pocahontas so low.
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1 The Lion King

Universally enchanting... makes you feel a deeper connection to humanity, the earth, our ancestors, and the gods... A celebration of Africa and more generally nature. I love the musicality of "Circle of Life" and the lyricism in "Be Prepared".

The circle of life alone puts this at number 1.
However, there's also Hakuna matata, Can you feel the love tonight, Upendi, He lives in you, We are one and Love will find a way. Even both of the villain songs are great.

I knew this would be #1. The Circle of Life would have given this movie top spot, by itself, even without all the other brilliant musical numbers.

2 Aladdin

A movie a lot a princess. One of the greatest characters intros of all time. Robin Williams was spitballing out amazing works of art.

Oh my god, One Jump Ahead and Prince Ali are so catchy.

3 Beauty and the Beast

Ugh I love the song of these movies why? I'll tell you:
I like belle/bonjour because: the tune was really amazing I can give credit to alan menken to the music it was really succesful + I can not stop singing this song
I like be our guest because: be our guest is proving that they had a delicous meals for dinner and inviting a very kind guest... altough they're dinner is never second best that's right lumiere!
I love human again because: the tune was really great they are totally dreaming about being a human because they are cursed
I like the mob song because: wow I cannot imagine how gaston (richard white) succeded about her lyrics and her tune it is showing that it's time to fight for love...altough the prince losses... but I'm telling you love is not weak

Not only did I love the soundtrack, but I loved the score. The opening music, the battle music, the transformation music, it was amazing!

4 The Little Mermaid

This deserves to be top. Most of the Lion King music was good, but not great (with the exception of the circle of life, which is great) And while Aladdin had a couple of really good songs, almost all of the Little Mermaid songs were really good (except for part of your world. I didn't like that one). I've yet to watch beauty and the beast, however.

I used to like Aladdin better but not anymore, especially with how corrupted the Genie's image has become as of late (go to Disney World and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about).

This is the best musical ever to grace the screen. Part of Your world and Under The Sea are two of the most beautiful and memorable songs of them all.

5 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Written by veteran composer Danny Elfman, who has been snubbed, countless times, for an Oscar. His songs are different in structure compared to other Disney movies. Jack's Lament and Sally's Song don't have a chorus to repeat the title of the song, for instance, which is similar to Epiphany and A Little Priest in Sweeney Todd (another Tim Burton movie). This makes the film feel more like a Broadway show than most Disney films, in my opinion.

This deserves a much higher spot because it is so well put together and I get chills every time I listen to it. The music is so well written and every single song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I especially love Sally's Song. One of my favorites. Way better than Frozen and it has everything; music, horror, love, comedy, Santa Claus, fantastic visuals. Who could ask for more?

Am I the only one who thinks this movie has better music than Mulan?

6 Hercules

The Hercules soundtrack is by far my favorite Disney soundtrack because it's not so serious, it's very jazzy. There are your fast paced pop songs like Zero to Hero, The Gospel Truth, and A Star is Born. You have a romantic song, I Won't Say I'm in Love, a funny song, One Last Hope, and a serious song, Go the Distance. These are the main songs but the reprises and second parts to songs are pretty good too (like Go the Distance Reprise and the other parts of the Gospel Truth). The soundtrack is diverse, and doesn't really have a bad song!

Not a classic princess love story, but enjoy how much action and the stakes this movie has. Brilliant music as well.

Gospel Truth, Zero to Hero, A star is Born, I won't say I'm in love and Go the Distance!
Perfect songs but underrated.

7 Tarzan

Phil Collins could fill a greatest hits album with these songs. Better than almost anything he has ever written before. The songs are catchy, well-written, well-orchestrated, and deeply emotional (when they need to be). Of course, above all, they're memorable.

This soundtrack brings out more true emotion then any other! Your truly feel this soundtrack in your heart

Why isn't this number one? This soundtrack is amazing!

8 Moana

The music in Moana is a beautiful wedding of South Pacific themes to pop/Broadway influences. The unusual rhyming patterns along with fresh and heartfelt tunes and lyrics makes Moana, in my opinion, the most unique and impressive Disney musical to date. Whilst the Disney Renaissance titles reign supreme on this list, Moana tops them all. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'I, and Mark Mancina have created something that should be bench-marked for greatness.

My 1 year old loves all the songs from this. I play them in Spotify pretty much on loop. Have watched the movie and it's cute! Best "new"Disney movie I think.

This movie has songs that stay in your head! Our five year old has them memorized. We have watched it at least 50 times.

9 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

All Disney soundtracks are great but ones for Hunchback of Notre Dame is just exceptional. Never miss goosebumps hearing Bells of Notre Dame, and Hellfire is without doubt of the best villain songs from Disney, just to name some of the movie's songs. The movie itself is great too!

How is this soundtrack so low on the list? It's probably the greatest piece of musical art Disney ever produced with an epic emotional feel to it. It's one of the few that goes beyond your whimsical sound, and can have actual weight and meaning behind each song.

Criminally underrated. I'm not going to reserve myself and say this deserves to be higher. It should be #1. The Bells of Notre Dame, Out There, God Help The Outcasts and Hellfire are the best.

10 Mulan

I am surprised to see this one so high on the list, but I definitely think it deserves it.

"I"ll Make A Man Out Of You" is the best song ever!

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11 Tangled

I love this movie and this that it is completely underrated, I think it is way more fun and interesting than Frozen.

Grossly underrated and under-appreciated as a movie and for its music. A top 5 Disney movie easily.

Tangled is underrated:have you hear when will my life begin? or I see the light? those songs are better than let it go.Also this was the last movie (until inside out and the good dinossaur) from Disney that was great

12 Frozen

You can't argue the incredible music in this movie. Every single song was an instant hit. From "Frozen Heart" to "Fixer Upper" with "Let It Go" in the middle, each song is instantly recognizable. There's a reason this is the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

Can't argue with let it go. Frozen has some really beautiful music, and although it seems overrated at times, the songs really are incredible.

I love this movie, have sat down almost every week with my great granddaughters and we all sing along with all of the songs.!

13 The Jungle Book

The main overture is so beautiful, and "Be like you" is really incredible. "Bare necessities" is lots of fun and gives a code to live by (maybe another generation's Hakuna Matara)!

I could have loved this movie as a kid from the music, alone.

I would have loved this movie for its songs, alone.

14 Fantasia

This one has way better music than Lion King. And best Villain (Chernabog obviously).

Are you joking? Classical music is not something to vote over! this is the climax of Disneys classical music this should be at least in top 10

15 Big Hero 6

Eh, don't really like Fall Out Boy, but I'd still choose "Immortals" over "Try Everything".

16 Pocahontas

Colors of the wind is one of my favorite songs. It is amazing and her voice is just beautiful.

Love the music. Whether it be from the characters or just the score. Beautifully done.

The songs are just beautiful, one of disney's best indeed. One major highlight is of course Colors of the wind

17 A Bug's Life
18 Monsters Inc

This should be further up!

19 Sleeping Beauty

We're not ranking hit pop singles here, but the whole soundtrack. This is Tchaikovsky, and it deserves that top spot. The music alone tells a story. The picture makes it even better. 10/10

Love this movie, and I love the music. Once upon a dream is one of my favourite Disney songs

Exactly how is this ranked below Home on the Range?

20 Coco

I love coco. The music is great and it's a movie both the little and I can agree on.

The songs in this movie are way better than the ones in Home on the Range.

21 Pinocchio

If nothing else, this movie's soundtrack includes "When You Wish Upon a Star", which is THE Disney song.

My only complaint is that the music could have sounded more authentically Italian.

This deserves to be 10 places higher. Each song of this is embeded as timeless music. And I mean.. all of the songs.

22 Peter Pan

The only bad thing about it is the racism.

I love this movie

23 Oliver & Company

This should automatically be higher than Big Hero 6 because of the fact that it has more songs.

I love the songs in this such as why should I worry,once upon a time in New York City and good company. The film and the songs are brilliant in this film

24 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The animation is still beautiful. I enjoy that there are songs that don't do anything for the plot, but exist to bring the audience joy.

It's cool but sad

25 Disney's A Christmas Carol
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