Top 10 Saddest Animated Movies

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Sad, but not as sad as Lion King.

This was so sad I cried 3 times, because grandpa was like raising money to get to paridies falls and he was the only one and the old pictures that maded me cry

2 Grave of the Fireflies

I get that people are entitled to their opinions, but I really think it is a FACT that this is not only the saddest animated movie of all time, but possibly the saddest movie ever.

Movie tells an amazing story of how war destroyed a young man's life. Heartbreaking moments and soul wrenching animation.

HOW THE HELL this movie is not number one? This is the saddest thing ever created! Wonderful, but so sad...

A movie that show how two childrens face war by themselves, and how, slowly, it destroyed their life...

3 Toy Story 3

When Andy had to give up his toys to go to college no one was happy.

4 The Lion King

Musfasa died saving his son from a stampede that was caused by Musfasa's brother,Scar to take the throne.

5 Monsters Inc.
6 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Its sad that SpongeBob and Patrick dry out.

7 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
8 Inside Out
9 The Fox and the Hound

The scene where Todd got abandoned in the dark moist forest by Widow Tweed and that harmonica played with the strings that just killed me.

10 Bambi
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11 Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
12 The Prince of Egypt
13 Pokémon: The First Movie

The last scene of this heart touching movie made me to embrace all the pokemon series and still at the age of 15 I am watching it.

14 The Iron Giant
15 How to Train Your Dragon 2

This isn't just a great sequel or a great animated movie. It's just a great movie period, not to mention one of the most emotional movies I've ever seen. The world building and the character development are incredible,and you really care about the characters and what's happening to them. There is also a shocking development towards the end that will have fans of the film tagging it as the franchises "Luke, I am your father" moment.

There are not a lot of movies that can move your emotions in the way How to Train your Dragon 2 can, and that is truly the mark of a great movie.

I've watched this movie recently and... OK, let's get to the point! This was absolutely one of the greatest movies in the world I've ever seen! I really didn't know that I would comment on this movie like this! I think you understand what I'm saying... I thought that there was no Animated movie sadder than Inside Out, but now I'm saying that How to train your dragon 2 is the best of'em all! But, one thing... Stoik shouldn't have been died! so sad!

This movie was so sad. I cried when his dragon left hiccup and when his father died and one more when hiccup tried to take his dragon back

I cry every time I see this movie.

16 Ratatouille
17 The Land Before Time

This really isn't very sad compared to things like Grave of the Fireflies and A Silent Voice.

Should be number 1 littlefoots mom dying was depressing and unlike Bambi we had to see littlefoot be depressed for half the film because he lost his mother and he had nobody after his mother died until he met his friends in the movie.

One of the saddest animated movies I've seen. It makes me cry even today.

Very good movie but sad and creepy at times also why isn't Felidae on here?

18 Dumbo

Dumbo and his mother during the song "Baby mine"gets me every time.

19 The Plague Dogs
20 Wall-E
21 Wreck-It-Ralph
22 All Dogs Go to Heaven

When Charlie lost his second chance there was not a dry in the house.

23 9

I thought this movie was horror but the one part that was sad was when the main character finds a lady in a car dead holding her new born baby.

24 The Wind Rises

Why is this not higher?

25 The Good Dinosaur
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