Top 10 Saddest Animated Movies

You might think animated movies are all about singing animals and happy endings, right? Well, think again. There's a subset of animated films that tug at your heartstrings in ways you'd never expect. You'll find yourself reaching for tissues as you become deeply invested in characters and storylines that go well beyond child's play. So, brace yourself; these movies are an emotional rollercoaster you probably didn't see coming.
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1 Toy Story 3

When Andy had to give up his toys to go to college, no one was happy.

2 Up

This is way sadder than toy story 3. The person the old man married died, a man was bonked on the head from the man, (kinda funny but mainly sad. And ik there are lots more, just can't remember. Oh wait, I think the bird got injured, right?

Okay, to be honest, I don't love the movie Up. I mean, it's okay and everything, but I don't really think it deserves an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. (Don't judge me. I just think Pixar has done better.) But I still enjoy it. Anyway, WHAT IN THE WORLD!? THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! Here are all the DEPRESSING scenes (SPOILERS):

1. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, Ellie has a miscarriage. After that, Ellie just sits in a rocking chair, depressed, and Carl can't do anything but watch. So sad!
2. After Carl makes Ellie feel better about the miscarriage, she and Carl plan to go to Paradise Falls together and save up their money but end up having to use the money for other things. After a while, Carl and Ellie's jar is used as a joke, but you can see that the two are a little hurt that they won't be able to go to Paradise Falls. Reality stinks...
3. Finally, Carl gets enough money for him and Ellie to go on a vacation together (I forgot where they were going to go), and he plans a lovely surprise for Ellie, but she gets sick and the two can't go on the trip. Later, Ellie dies... And Carl is filled with grief as he sits in the church where the two got married and where Ellie's funeral was, ALONE. HEARTBREAKING!
4. Years later, Carl meets a kid named Russell (I think everyone who's seen the movie knows what happens after that), who helps Carl's grief heal. But one thing nobody even bothers to talk about is that... Russell's dad never seems to have time for him, making Russell mainly dependent on Phyllis (who I think is Russell's stepmother?), and she doesn't really like Russell all that much. And we never see Russell's mom or get any mention of Russell's mom, hinting that she doesn't have time for him either. Pretty heartbreaking...

I'm sure there's more, but I'm getting bored of typing all this. Anyway, I think Up should be number 1, and I'm pretty mad that number 1 is Toy Story 3 because the only sad thing in that movie is the scene... more

3 The Lion King

Mufasa died saving his son from a stampede that was caused by Mufasa's brother, Scar, to take the throne.

4 Grave of the Fireflies

People who didn't vote this first probably never have seen it. Absolutely gut wrenching movie. This is not a kid's movie; it invokes deep and lasting emotion.

I get that people are entitled to their opinions, but I really think it is a FACT that this is not only the saddest animated movie of all time but possibly the saddest movie ever.

The movie tells an amazing story of how war destroyed a young man's life. Heartbreaking moments and soul-wrenching animation.

5 Monsters Inc.

Hmmm. It's sad but at the part it is (The end when they goodbye to Boo) they see her again, they just don't show it.

6 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

It's sad that SpongeBob and Patrick dry out.

7 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
8 Inside Out

This is the only movie I've ever cried at.

Bing Bong dying was heartbreaking.

9 The Fox and the Hound

The scene where Todd got abandoned in the dark, moist forest by Widow Tweed, and that harmonica played with the strings, just killed me.

I think that this is even sadder than Toy Story 3! First five minutes in and the mother fox is dead! It gets better...for about 40 minutes. Then the train hits Chief and now Copper wants to kill Tod for it! Then we get to the saddest scene, with the saddest song! Just listen to this!

We met it seems, such a short time ago
You looked at me, needing me so
Yet from your sadness, our happiness grew
And I found out, I needed you too!
I remember how we used to play
I recall those rainy days
The fire's glow that kept us warm
And now I find, we're both alone

And then the KILLER is the chorus!

Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart's a memory
And there, you'll always be

After that, poor Tod is left alone, and goes through HELL at the game preserve! Then it gets better again when he meets the love of his life. But then they are pursued by Copper and Amos Slade! When the bear attacks, Tod jumps in to save Copper and fights the bear. Finally, the two friends-turned-enemies are now friends again. There's just one problem: they can't be together anymore!

This is probably the saddest animated movie I have ever seen. However, I haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies yet and I know it's a tear jerker! But the #1 choice for me that I have seen? It's definitely none other than The Fox and the Hound. Only one other animated movie is this sad in my opinion. The second saddest animated movie would be Charlotte's Web. This and Charlotte's Web should be in the Top 3 with Grave of the Fireflies. Even Up and Toy Story 3 aren't as sad.

10 Bambi
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11 Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
12 The Iron Giant
13 Pokémon: The First Movie

The last scene of this heart-touching movie made me embrace all the Pokémon series, and still, at the age of 15, I am watching it.

14 How to Train Your Dragon 2

This isn't just a great sequel or a great animated movie. It's just a great movie, period, not to mention one of the most emotional movies I've ever seen. The world-building and the character development are incredible, and you really care about the characters and what's happening to them. There is also a shocking development towards the end that will have fans of the film tagging it as the franchise's "Luke, I am your father" moment.

There are not many movies that can move your emotions in the way "How to Train Your Dragon 2" can, and that is truly the mark of a great movie.

15 The Prince of Egypt
16 Watership Down

This is apparently a kid's movie. Yes, rating was terrible back in the day.

Gory! A death in 10 minutes. Yep one of the most scariest movies ever!

17 Ratatouille
18 The Land Before Time

One of the saddest animated movies I've seen. It makes me cry even today.

Should be number 1. Littlefoot's mom dying was depressing, and unlike Bambi, we had to see Littlefoot be depressed for half the film because he lost his mother and had nobody after his mother died, until he met his friends in the movie.

Very good movie, but sad and creepy at times. Also, why isn't Felidae on here?

19 Wall-E

My favorite film of all time. I can agree with this being here to an extent because I understand how emotional one can get just from watching this. Despite the fact that I usually never cry when watching it, I have loved it for 15 years, and it will never be dethroned as my favorite film of all time. I will never care how high or low this is ranked as long as it is the number 1 Pixar movie of all time in my heart.

20 Dumbo

Dumbo and his mother, during the song "Baby Mine," get me every time.

21 The Plague Dogs
22 All Dogs Go to Heaven

It was so sad when Itchy got beaten up by Carface and his gang, but I think by far the saddest scene is the end. Charlie accepts his death and says goodbye and sorry to Anne-Marie, who almost got killed and has Itchy sleeping next to her. Charlie doesn't wake up Itchy to tell him goodbye, due to Charlie not wanting to hurt Itchy anymore. To make matters worse, Itchy looks as if he cried himself to sleep because he saw Charlie die a second time. PLUS, it was Charlie's fault that Itchy got beaten up by Carface in the first place, making Charlie and Itchy's last conversation a fight, and NOW that Charlie is dead, he and Itchy can't make amends. I do think Charlie did the right thing not to wake Itchy up (if Charlie did, Itchy's heart would probably be broken all over again), but it is still depressing. Anyway, enough about Itchy (even though Itchy is a pretty depressing character who decides to stay in heaven in the sequel, meaning he never even wanted to be alive), Charlie saying goodbye to Anne-Marie is DEVASTATING. The tears in both of their eyes and Charlie's apology are just so sad. To make matters worse, Anne-Marie's voice actress died before the film's release due to being murdered by her father, and the song in the film "Love Survives" is dedicated to her memory. Dedicating a song in her memory is pretty sweet, but... Anne-Marie's voice actress getting KILLED... BY HER OWN FATHER!? This should be higher on this list. SO SAD!

23 Charlotte's Web

Cute but sad. The death of Charlotte is just so SAD! But it is "Just part of life" Charlotte says to wilbur which is also sad because Wilbur is crying.

I'm so depressed when Charlotte dies and Wilbur takes care of Charlotte's babies

24 Wreck-It-Ralph
25 The Good Dinosaur
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