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1 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

Undeniably, Godzilla is the strongest fictional character in existence. He has defeated nearly every one of his opponents in a matter of seconds. His atomic ray can kill almost every monster he fights in a single hit. The Cyan Uranium Thermonuclear Super Spiral Heat Ray has the power to blow up a star nearly the size of a planet, and Godzilla can even tank the explosion. When empowered with Keizer energy, he gains infinite power, and all of his stats are presumably buffed to infinity as well. He most likely possesses infinite invincibility. His ultimate attack, the Crimson Keizer Infinite Burning G-Spark Hyper Spiral X-Spark Hydrogen Fusion Ray, will undeniably destroy anything it touches in a single hit.

Destroyah was defeated by Godzilla junior in his second most powerful form ( and Godzilla junior is one of the weaker monsters of the Heisei series ).

2 Destroyah

This is quite literally the only Godzilla monster that Godzilla (while he's having a meltdown) himself can't kill and ends up being killed by the humans b/c they exploit his weakness of cold.

Destroyah tanked more red spiral atomic breath blast then Space Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Keizer/King Ghidorah ever did, so can we end this debate please?

Took on Godzilla in his most powerful form.

3 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is one of Godzilla's most well known enemies. First appearing in 1964's Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster, he has gone on to appear in more films than most other Godzilla foes.

Godzilla had to CHEAT to defeat him. Also, if you watch the scene after the end credits, Ghidorah isn't gone. He gonna come back. Just you wait!

Godzilla biggest rival

Godzilla's arch nemesis

4 Mecha-King Ghidorah

King ghidorah with Mecha

Controlled by ghidorah

5 Mechagodzilla

MechaGodzilla turned Godzilla into a blood-sprinkler!

He's mecha- godzilla.

6 Gigan

Gigan is highly intelligent! He/She worked with Ghidorah in 1970's! He can fly! He has knives in front of its or in its arms! He has lasers in his eyes!

He's the strongest you guys! Am I right? You guys?

Godzilla vs gigan

7 Space-Godzilla

Powerful asset of weapons, comes from space, so possibly even more powerful unseen powers, and he can settle just about anywhere with a good beacon sort of thing, like the tower in the movie. He creates huge space crystals to make the place he settles even more strong. He should be #1, it took Godzilla, and a giant mech created to destroy Godzilla to beat him, he's almost unstoppable.

Space Godzilla is the only enemy that godzilla has EVER faced that he could truly not beat alone. He defeated Deastroyah alone, he defeated King Ghidorah alone, He defeated both MechaGodzillas alone, he defeated Mecha king Ghidorah alone, he defeated gigan alone, and so forth, but Space Godzilla is the only kaiju Godzilla couldn't defeat alone, and therefore deserves number 1 on this list.

one of my favorite things in life is space, and I like godzilla, combine those, he's space godzilla. almost everything about him I like, except the giant spikes on his shoulder.

8 Orga

Orga does like Godzilla

9 Megaguirus

Megaguirus is mothra 2nd enemy! Also, very powerful than Megalon! My 6th favourite is Megalon.

In a mountain

10 Hedorah

Hedorah is very toxic and very impressive.

Hedorah is extremely strange.

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11 Keizer Ghidorah

The Final Wars Godzilla was by far the strongest Godzilla there is and he got recked by Keizer Ghidorah. He only beaten Keizer Ghidorah because the Humans gave him Energy that make him three times more powerful.

Keizer Ghidorah was clearly the strongest, by far, of any Godzilla villain. He easily beat the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla to date before external plot device (granted super saiyan powers) kicked in.

Keizer Ghidorah nearly killed Godzilla! How can he not be Number 1?

12 King Kong King Kong is a giant movie monster, resembling a colossal ape, that has appeared in various media since 1933. The character first appeared in the 1933 film King Kong, which received universal acclaim upon its initial release and re-releases.

Very smart and strong

Big monkey, strong monkey, live on skull inland which is the hardest place to live

King Kong was 1 of the ways that people tryed to kill godzilla,but no one will never know who is victoriest.

13 Monster X

Officially confirmed to be Godzilla's strongest opponent by the theater pamphlet for Godzilla: Final Wars, also criminally underrated, Monster X deserves more love.

Monster x hates Godzilla

14 Mothra

She fought Godzilla well. She even killed Gigan. Put her on top 10 please.

15 Rodan

He should be number 21

How he so low down

King of the Sky's.

16 Kiryu

The Mecha is Godzilla 1954 he deserves some love, he even said goodbye to Yoshito his newest pilot he loves humans now! Kiryu go!

17 Biollante

Godzilla needed to slice off biollante head so she would win! And highly intelligent too!

Good character not bad

Biollante was 1 of the test subjects of a way to beat Godzilla but failed

18 Zilla

He is real weak burning godzilla is way better!,

The best american movie monster and the fastest king of the monsters

Has atomic breath

19 Bagan

Absolutely formidable creature. Impossible to kill as normal Godzilla. Impossible to penetrate armor, killer Plasma beams, missile-like Diamond Storm.

Bagan literally needed a supercharged Godzilla to kill to kill him(even then he was still whipping Godzilla's ass)!

Bagan literally looks buff. He probably drinks red bull...

20 Red

This Creepypasta monster killed Godzilla. He should be number 1.

21 Battra
22 M.U.T.O.

MUTO PRIME almost destroyed the world, they are also very smart, and there are mutual of them.

23 Gorosaurus

He deserves more live

24 Megalon

Jet jaguar and Godzilla needed to defeat the massive monster together.

25 Cyber Zilla
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