Top Ten Forgotten Disney Animated Movies

Everyone has heard of or seen films like Frozen and The Lion King, but there are some Disney movies that people forget about. But that doesn't mean that they aren't any good. For this list, we will talk about some of the most forgotten films Disney has created that need to be better known. Some are even as good as Aladdin or even Toy Story. Some may not be the best, but are still worth watching. Be sure to check out more of these movies based on this list if you haven't.
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1 The Fox and the Hound The Fox and the Hound Product Image

I agree this movie is completely forgotten under all the Disney magic. This is a mildly good movie even as predictable as it is. I prefer the book but it makes for a great movie. When I was younger I wouldn't even think of forgetting this movie, it deserves a better sequel!

I love this movie, because thought Copper and Todd are suppose to be enemies they struggle to keep their friendship alive.

Not once have I cried at Mufasa's death. Yet, when I saw this, I BAWLED. Deepest Disney movie to date.

It's sad but usually true. This great, classic movie is often forgotten about

2 Oliver & Company Oliver & Company Product Image

Just watched this one again last night! I remember it from when I was a kid, and never realized it had Billy Joel as a voice actor. It gets points just for that.

Only Disney movie to star Billy Joel makes it amazing, but often forgotten for its mediocre box office and its time of release (just before The Little Mermaid kicked off Disney's 90's Renaissance).

This film is totally forgotten about. I love this film and the songs the whole film fitted together brilliantly

Awesome movie. I haven't seen it in a very long time. I don't even remember a lot of it. But I remember it was SO good.

3 The Emperor's New Groove The Emperor's New Groove Product Image

I disagree. I think the movie is one of those precious gems you look back on and say “It couldn’t hurt to watch again.” Now I never saw this as a little kid but when I finally realized what it was I thought that this was actually one of the funniest animated movies out there. The sad reason it probably doesn’t get looked upon highly is because it was put in with a lot of 2000s disasters. I love The Princess and the Frog and Lilo and Stitch but I’d say this time holds the worst Disney movies. For example: Chicken Little, Home on the Range, Dinosaur, just to name a few. I swear if this movie was made in 1999 it would have been even better. The Fox and the Hound is super boring, so this should pretty much be #1.

Truly one of the most craziest funniest Disney animated movies ever. The LATAM version was wackier with jokes that you never seen in the English version including the quote Yzma said in Spanish saying that "I was dreaming about Ricky (Martin formerly of the 1980's Puerto Rican Boy Band Menudo now solo pop artist).

Not as much forgotten as ferociously underrated, but still hilarious all the same. In 20 years, people will have forgotten it.

I really did forgot about this movie and it's about posions and magic. That's really weird about a protagonist turning into a llama.

4 The Rescuers The Rescuers Product Image

I love this movie so much. There is not way that I would ever forget this movie. I first watched this when I was only 3 months old. I watched this again and again for so many years. I couldn't remember everything that happened in the movie but the song "who will rescue me" still remains fresh in my memories!

No way in hell, Nintendofan126. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It's my fifth favorite from Disney, sixth favorite overall. But that's only without ties. Charlotte's Web is really a tie with The Fox and the Hound. Seriously. I love this more than The Little Mermaid! This is one movie I feel NEEDS MORE RECOGNITION. Why does it have to be treated like crap? And for some stupid reason, whenever they air it on Disney Jr. , they show the CRAPPY UNRESTORED VERSION. I don't know why. It was released on Blu-ray in HD in 2012. COMPLETELY RESTORED IN HD. And Disney wants people to see the crappy version? I don't get it. I know the Blu-ray didn't have the perfect restoration (TaranWarnder2 at IMDb and has pointed out what the REAL color palette looks like), but still, IT'S AT LEAST BETTER THAN THE TERRIBLE 2003 DVD TRANSFER. BY FAR. AND ANOTHER THING. THIS IS RANKED WAY TOO LOW ON THE BEST Disney MOVIES AND ESPECIALLY BEST Disney ANIMATED MOVIES. At the first list, it's 43. Even WORSE, the other ...more

One of my best childhood moments. I almost forgotten about this movie until my young Sister was watching it and I remember how happy I was as a kid.

Am I the only one who thinks that this movie was better than the second one? Even till this day I still find myself laughing at this movie.

5 The Aristocats The Aristocats Product Image

People say it's racist because the mane characters who are proper are white but white (pure white not skin color white) signifies Elegance so that's stupid and it's sexist because the girl cats need saving but so do the male kittens and the white kitten is swag "ladies don't start fights but they can end them"!

I love this movie so much. This is on the list for worst Disney movie's and I couldn't understand it. I love this movie and it is definitely one of the best Disney movie's

Best Disney classic in my opinion, and the film that sparked my favorite era of Disney movies: The dark age.

This is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies.

6 The Great Mouse Detective The Great Mouse Detective Product Image

My all time favorite Disney movie. It's a shame it isn't well known, because it really is a fantastic movie, plus it basically kept Disney from tanking in the 80's long enough for The Little Mermaid to save the company.

This should totally be number one it is like this movie never was made none of my friends even know about this movie.

This is easily the most underrated Disney movie of all time. I love it!

I've saw the credits when I was little but never watched it

7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame Product Image

In my opinion, the best musical Disney has made to date. The darkness of the villain is unmatched by any other Disney film (thanks, Victor Hugo), and the posed question "who is the monster and who is the man?" gets me every time.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time, not only because it tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story, but because of the wonderful characters and the darkness of this universe. I also just love it for the simple reason that it's so underrated

I love how Disney took a risk by stepping back into the dark side, especially after what happened to The Black Cauldron. The animation, songs, memorable characters, and overall beauty and darkness of the movie makes it stand out from the crowd.

People don't seem to realize this is on the level of many classics. Ok, big deal. The gargoyles are mediocre. BIG DEAL! Everything else about the movie is amazing, especially the villain, Judge Claude Frollo.

8 Lady and the Tramp Lady and the Tramp Product Image

Beautiful movie. Honestly, if I had kids I would make them watch this movie instead of the new ones. This is so much better, and it melts my heart every time I hear the soundtrack.

Beautiful love story suitable for all ages. Reminds us of innocence that are still to been seen on T.V.

I love this move and I was vey little had lady and I called her belly and she is in love with pluto

I love this movie can't forget

9 Brother Bear Brother Bear Product Image

I remember watching this since the Hulk (2003), Finding Nemo, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions came out the same year as this. I loved this movie all this time (especially in my teenage era) and I'm currently 17( as of 2016), still my fave. I like the design of the environment and characters, which make them both look realistic (Like XBOX ONE/PS4 graphics).
You guy honestly cannot forget this film. I still saw disney face swaps of Kenai and Koda and parodies of this in this show called "Brickleberry".

I really love this movie. It is underrated, yet so great! The soundtrack is amazing.
In "Warriors: the Last Hope", the soundtrack for when the spirits came down and turned Kenai into a bear was played in my head for Firestar's death. Although this isn't exactly what happened, I pictured the flaming tree falling, then kinda like Brother Bear, the spirits of StarClan coming down, dancing swiftly around him. His spirit got up, and began to be lifted into StarClan by a beam of sunlight. That soundtrack played and it was just beautiful.

-Emberflight of StormClan

Rutt and Took were hilarious, and the story was all around pretty good. Would've voted for this but I liked Emperor's New Groove a little bit more.

This is one of my all time favorites, I can't believe lots of people don't know about it! Nemo could be spotted in it.

10 Lilo & Stitch Lilo & Stitch Product Image

Not forgotten. As much as everyone complains about Disney overdoing Frozen, how about the fact that Disney has decided that STITCH is somehow as iconic as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and really doesn't deserve it?

This has got to be tied for one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. However, I wouldn't put it high on this list because it is not forgotten.

Everyone is talking about some disney movies or films there they do a countdown except for this one how can they forgot it?

Lilo and Stitch is loved by everyone this is not forgotten.

The Contenders
11 Robin Hood Robin Hood  Product Image

Why does nobody talk about this movie at all? It was hilarious. In my opinion it is like ZOOTOPIA only in the past. This is one of those movies that is really good and funny and nobody talks about it at all. Then there are movies that aren't as good and with annoying songs it took over the internet. And are overrated, that's Frozen for you right there.

This movie is fantastic! I've watched it more times than I can count, and I'll keep on watching it over and over again!

There are some movies that are amazing, but they are underrated, this is one of those movies

Truly a forgotten Disney film. My fam loves it, but I know many people my age (early twenties) who have never seen it.

12 Bambi Bambi Product Image

Why is this film forgotten? Well the answer is simple, it's a classic. Most people care about Disney films after Walt died and they are predictable. They like Lion King, Beauty and Beast, Aladdin, Frozen, Tangled and so on, but there are people like me who like the classic older ones a lot better. This was the 2nd Disney film to have someone die and stay dead, (Fantasia was the 1st and that was a masterpiece) but Bambi is a great film. And it should be recognized by all and loved more. It's the perfect family film.

It's a beautiful film. It should be talked about more. Lilo and Stitch and Wreck It Ralph are popular, this WAS popular, now it's just a comparison between Mufasa and Bambi's mom.

A classic. Was one of Walt's originals.

I cried during watching the movie when I was really little,Bambi lost his mother. ;_;

13 Dumbo Dumbo Product Image

Dumbo is not forgotten. It will always be one of the awesome classics. You can buy this movie anywhere and everywhere.

The names pretty funny I mean seriously DUMBO laugh out loud

If this is forgotten then why are there Dumbo rides everywhere?

Underrated movie with a soundtrack that absolutely slaps.

14 The Black Cauldron The Black Cauldron Product Image

It doesn't have the character development that we're used to seeing in Disney movies now, but it's still a favorite of mine. The animation is spectacular, as is the story.

A lot of people have no idea this film even exists! I haven't seen it, but I've heard a lot about how arcane it is. I think it was supposed to be another fantasy film, with a boy with a sword and a dog-Hobbit? (I have no idea what this movie is about so I hope I don't offend anyone because of my accidental rashness)

lol worst disney movie it is true worse then frozen worse then alladin 3 (which is one of the worst films ever) WORSE THEN HERCULES THE ANIMATED SEREIS (WHICH IS WORST) LOL I KNOW because I WAS THEIR AND WORKED ON BLACK CAULDREN (I had intership at disney) and it was bad oh yea I almost forget batman and robin is masterpiece.

So forgotten. Lots of people think its bad, and I wont argue that some parts aren't the greatest, but also keep in mind that the crew were forced to cut over 10 minutes of the film. Overall, the animation is beautiful and I love Eilonwy.

15 The Sword in the Stone The Sword in the Stone Product Image

I love this movie so much! It carries such a strong sense of the classic Disney magic that we don't really have nowadays.

A cutesy, feel-good film. Good music, lots of funny moments. Another truly forgotten film.

This movie means the world to me. Hello to my happy childhood! Thanks Merlin and Arthur!

People rarely have the slightest bit of respect for the work of art.

16 The Princess and the Frog The Princess and the Frog Product Image

I love that this is an African American Disney princess because we don't have very many of them and I think that we should have way more!

It is underrated since Frozen and Moana are somehow popular, but this movies is way better than those two. I love them all, but this is better because it's in 2D animation.

Easily one of Disney’s best. - AnimalsLover

This movie is hilarious and one of the best princess movies Disney has ever came out with and it doesn’t get enough recognition

17 Tarzan Tarzan Product Image

Tarzan is my favourite Disney movie and yes is very forgotten, I barely hear anyone talk about Tarzan or like it.why so much hate guys? just because it wasn't the typical princess movie doesn't mean that wasn't good movie!

By far my favorite Disney movie. It's so sad that more people can't appreciate it.

I love tarzan especially the songs there so good

No one can forget its beautiful soundtrack

18 Pete's Dragon Pete's Dragon Product Image

Oh ya this is stupid little kid stuff. Good for young people.

19 The Rescuers Down Under The Rescuers Down Under Product Image

I think this film Is better than the original because of how much excitement this movie has compared to the original. Not saying the original was bad just not very exciting

For me this is the best disney movie I'm glad this one isn't hated but I don't know why it is ignored so much and because almost nobody knows her

The animation as well as the outstanding score was the reason that this was better than the original.

Great follow up to the original

20 Bolt Bolt Product Image

This movie was very emotional even when I was a kid and no one ever talks about it anymore and it was really big back in the day from my memory

It's an OK movie, I didn't see anything wrong with it. You should at least appreciate the message it brings about the relationship between aa dog and it's owner,as well as the reality of life.

Bolt is the best disney movie ever it is my childhood

Yep, I really liked this movie

21 Treasure Planet Treasure Planet Product Image

I was torn between voting Brother Bear and this. At least people cared enough for the bear movie to make a sequel and a Pixar rip-off called Brave. No one outside of a tiny cult following even remember this. This movie is much more deserving of it's following than the Black Cauldron, even though I love it as well, because unlike The Black Cauldron, Treasure Planet was actually pretty darn good. It comes on T.V. on occasion on Disney JR, though it's too dark for the typical preschooler. It's still awesome.

This movie is very fun and entertaining for kids and nobody talks about it anymore either

Captain Amelia is sexy I remember morph and silver and most of the characters

I still can't get over this movie, it's so amazing!

22 Chicken Little

So after the diss track to Disney, also known as Shrek came out, Disney decided to get revenge in dreamworks by making this. FAILED

Everyone hates this film just because it was the first ever cgi disney movie. Well Toy Story was the first ever cgi movie and everyone didn't hate it, everyone was raving about it! It is funny, exciting, heartwarming, and depressing as a strange little chicken isn't accepted by the general public.

I understand that the plot was a bit corny,but it had the best message I've heard since toy story. This movie also had a great soundtrack(all I know by five for fighting. All of those haters out there should take high school level English classes by the way

I actually liked this movie ( unlike other people). To this day I still like it.

23 Fantasia Fantasia Product Image

Person who said the soundtrack should be made by Eminem or Justin beiber:
A. You obviously have little to no taste in REAL music
B. All the segments are really good
C. Fantasia is an underrated classic so stop talking trash about it

I love Fantasia. The music is beautiful, My favorite segments are Sorcerer's Apprentice and Dance of the Hours. Chernobog is my top scariest Disney Villain. I've had a nightmare about him once maany years ago

I never knew this was a movie. I just thought Disney went through a phase where Mickey was a sourcer

Why have people forgotten this magnificent little pearl? Why!?

24 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Atlantis: The Lost Empire Product Image

I watched this a child, never forgot it and how it was supposed to have a T.V. show about the gang looking for Atlantian artifacts on the surface.

Could never forget this movie! I go way back with this movie!

My favorite movie. (Don't judge me

I used to watch this all the time

25 Fun and Fancy Free Fun and Fancy Free Product Image

Isn't this the movie where Donald goes insane from starvation and tries to murder the cow?

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