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1 Up

Saddest. Ten. Minutes. Ever.

Even the house on balloons couldn't make me happy and my heart melted and explodes my heart when Carl leaves paradise falls with the two chairs for him and Ellie.

Please stop for an ice cream break. And also when Carl gives the grape soda bottle cap that Ellie gave him to Russel was almost as emotional and sad as the first scene but nothing beats the first ten minutes

The fact that Pixar movies are so sad towards us makes us love them so much (especially Up). I give Up an A+. Pixar has the ability of intensely emotional moments, like the five emotions. Cars 2 is literally underrated because (Bobsheaux says when) Cars 2 can be emotional.

I just don't have words to explain this movie! Whenever I think about this film tears just roll down my eyes. A movie full of such beautiful and sad emotions I have never seen before... I can just say guys that please go watch this film. It's a really good movie

The scene when the doctor told Ellie they won't have their baby, the moment when Ellie died, and the moment when Carl leaves behind the two sofas...Totally made my eyes watery.

2 Inside Out

If Joy is hopelessly crying, lost in the Memory Dump, then you know that things are very bad. Even the ending is not so happy, because while Riley finally manages to accept and enjoy her new life, all her childhood memories have become permanently sad and they are very likely to never come back.

Oh my god. Where do I start? :

There are 5 emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. After Sadness touched Riley's memories, Joy and Sadness went up a tune with the core memories that form 5 islands: Goofball, Friendship, Hokey, Honest, and Family Island. With the core memories, Joy and Sadness try to get back to the emotion tower thingie, but they stop into Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong. So the 3 of them come together to get back to be focusing on Riley. Riley was always in a bad mood because Fear, Disgust and Anger were in charge of her emotions. Anyways, back to the three musketeers. Four islands crash (because of the other 3 in the tower thing), there was a lot of crying in it because of the memories, and then, so close, Joy tries to get back on time, but no. She fell down in the dungeon, followed by Bing Bong, where all the forgotten memories are. Joy cries because she misses all the forgotten memories Riley had. Then she had an idea. She decides to get back ...more

Inside Out is much, much sadder than Up, as the ten upsetting minutes in Up didn't beat the depressing undertone this movie has. While Up has one major sad moment, Inside Out has at least four - these being when Riley cries about moving (twice! ), when Bing Bong fades away, and when Joy turns to sadness. The music doesn't really help, either. This entire movie is just a depressing mesh, and by far the saddest movie in Pixar (and perhaps Disney) history.

I wasn't sad during this film. I was angry. I was filled with nothing but pure burning hatred and unfiltered anger. I won't go into detail, but I talked about it in the worst Pixar films list. The comment isn't actually on Inside Out, it's on cars 3. I was talking about my least favorite Pixar films and during that I talked about Inside Out. Ugh. I'm sure people hate me for hating this film...

3 Toy Story 3

The whole idea of the Toy Story movies was finding friendship with each other while also being there for not only for the other toys but for Andy. These Toys were Andy's life long friends who would do anything and go to great lengths to be with him. The scene where they are in the trash burner and realize there is no way out and see that this is the end. They all grab hands for what they think is one last time and that made me ball up thinking about all the adventures and good times they went through and this was the end. If that didn't make you cry they then get saved and get back to Andy, then Andy makes a decision and sees someone that would enjoy and make more use out of his toys because he feels as if he has neglected them for too long, he gives up his life long friends. When Andy starts pulling out the toys and sees woody at the bottom of the box is the most heart breaking thing I've ever seen, it takes him a second to look at his very best friend and makes his final decision. ...more

I feel as thought the meaning of this entire movie is growing up and moving on. Also, the meaning of true friendship. The incinerator scene gets me every time. I mean they link hands and close their eyes, accepting the fact that not only they are going to die together living their last seconds as friends but the fact that they had a fulfilled "toy" life with Andy which makes this scene even more sad and mournful. The ending scene where Andy drops off the toys with Bonnie making the wise decision to let these beloved toys live on is also a part that gets me. Especially the part where he plays with all of them one last time before leaving to college definitely will tug at your heartstrings. Even at the very end when he's driving away (Andy) and Woody says "so long partner" without crying or seeming jealous or anything like that, just accepting it is a lot to handle. This movie is very very good but is one you will need a box of tissues with you.

Trying hold back tears as best as I could just by remembering the awfully sad scenes. *sniff* My heart was very heavy during the incinerator scene. After they were safe, I was just like this couldn't be anymore tearful... (spoke too soon I guess). The scene when Andy waves Bonnie (and of course, his toys) goodbye - woody waving goodbye had my heart aching for at least a week.
And the theme song just adds on to the atmosphere, especially the 'As the days go by, our friendship will never die'... NEED I SAY MORE?!

The ending of this film really is something. A perfect way to end the trilogy with two scenes that made me cry. I was even crying 20 minutes afterwards. It makes you realise how much you miss all the toys you had when you were a child and appreciate the people you have now. A genuine masterpiece.

4 Wall-E

WALL E is sad but in a more tragic than sentimental sense. Humans have left Earth become super fat and lazy, also reliant on technology. It reflects a VERY possible future and it is not only sad but terrifying.

This is really Sad. Wall-E was a Lone Robot who all it's Robots Models Broken, and Earth was Pollution. Then Wall-E got Crushed, and Eve try Fixing and Wall-E's Program got Reset, and Eve was Heartbroken. But Wall-E Program got Reset.

Oh come on! Wall-e is totally sadder than toy story!

When Wall-E dies, I bawled my eyes out like cry-baby.

5 Finding Nemo

I have no words to express the beauty of this film. It's heartbreaking and amazing, and I bawled almost the whole time. Of course, I found Up to be much more sad, but I felt that Finding Nemo deserved a little more credit. The lines about how "Daddy's got you, it's okay"...and the goodbye at the end, all combined with the brilliant score from Thomas's just fantastic.

Finding Nemo is a really beautiful movie. I love see to Nemo and his father finding him and making everything for find her son.

Immediately direct this to 4th place over good but not sad Monsters, inc and overhyped wall-e... Tie with Toy Story 3.. UP! and inside out are right.

How is Monsters, Inc. sadder than Finding Nemo? Um, I don't remember a mother and her 399 children DYING in Monsters, Inc...

6 Coco

Not necessarily depressing, but Miguel's feeling trapped and unable to pursue his dreams, Hector's motives for getting his photo put back, and the idea of being forgotten had me pretty much tearing up. This movie is full of emotion. 20/10, would feels again

I actually cried a little bit in the theater watching this movie during Hector's backstory and when he was about to be forgotten and Miguel was trying to make Coco remember him. Really amazing movie!

I tried so hard not to cry. If my dad wasn't with me, I would of balled my eyes out. Probably one of the first movies in a while to make me cry hard.

I can tell you that when I first watched this movie I cried for over an hour, probably even more.

7 Monsters, Inc.

It was an emotional ending and also the fact that Boo had to learn a life lesson at her young age that sometimes "Bye" means forever through example was a tearjerker.

What's Monsters Inc doing below the Good Dinosaur?! The ending is really touching and just reminds ous of the time that we had to say goodbye to someone who means so much to us.

Up is sad, but it never made me cry. Monsters Inc's ending made it the best Pixars ever made.

"Kitty? "

That made me cry soon much!

8 The Good Dinosaur

Sad, but totally inaccurate, it's a very emotional movie, but it's so unrealistic, too fiction, the comet misses Earth when it should HIT! That's the first thing that led to the extinction, if this movie were real, then we would still have dinosaurs today, lots of fiction movies have realism, but this one doesn't.

This movie is underrated, I really like it, it's not my favorite Pixar movie but it was great. The ending and the part where Arlo's dad dies. Truly sad.

This one is so sad at the end. When they have to leave each other. Really good story though.

This is the first movie to EVER make me cry! For me, this should be #1.

9 Toy Story 2

Very Sad Movie. First, Jessie got Abandoned by Emily. Then a Old Pickaxe Man who become Selfish because nobody want Buy him. Buzz was Fighting with other Buzz.

When She Loved Me is as good a reason as Married Life from Up to be "up" in the top spots.

Jessie's backstory accompanied with "When She Loved Me" made for a very melancholy part in the movie

10 Toy Story 4

This is the saddest Pixar movie so far in my opinion. I was born basically the same time Toy Story came out. I've grown up knowing these characters my whole life, I felt like I could relate to Andy, especially going to college, that's why Toy Story 3 was the saddest to me for the longest time before Toy Story 4 came out. The reason why this is the saddest to me is because even though Andy had left, still Woody and Buzz were still together. They were there for each other from the beginning, through the thick and thin, and through my whole life. To see them go on their separate ways, knowing they'd probably never see each other again just killed me man. Knowing that Woody and Buzz are going on their separate ways now, and knowing that this is probably the last Toy Story movie that will be made, I felt like the last lingering part of my childhood has faded away with them. 20+ years (my whole life) in the making leading up to this very ending, I don't see how this could ever be beat for ...more

I won't mention any spoilers but I related more to woody and I cried through out the film.

It's not even out yet.

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11 Brave

I felt this movie on a spiritual level. It was so sad.

I bawled endlessly from this film! It is goregeous and y'all are a bunch o' haters that can kiss my butt cheek and die

12 Monsters University

I saw this in the cinema 3 times and cried every single time.

It's kind of sad, Toy Story 2 is more sad than this, though.

13 Cars

This Movie is very Sad. Mainly, Radiator Spring is Forgotten and 66 Route is Abandoned and Forgotten. Then Doc Hudson Story was very Sad. Where he got Crashed in Race and become Grumpy.

I don't understand why people don't think this film is sad - Doc's story was one of the most upsetting moments in Pixar film history.

It's sad in some scenes. I don't understand why some say it isn't a sad film.

This movie made me burst into tears. Beautiful

14 Finding Dory

(This movie reminds me of myself, which doubles for the sadness for me). Her parents try to act all encouraging to Dory because they don't want her to think she's a mistake because of her disorder(?) but they're still scared for her. They think she can't go out on her own. And at the part where Dory thinks they're dead, it's just depressing. She's scared and confused until she can't remember why. When she finds them, though, pure tears of joy.

Poor dory, she got separated from her parents!

15 Toy Story

Really Sad, where Buzz find that he is a Toy. Also there Scenes that are very Sad. Where Toys got Explosives or Torn, even Switch Parts.

Toy Story is actually sad, When woody admits and specially when buzz finds out he's just a toy. Absolute drama

How is it not sad?

How is this sad

16 Cars 3

The trailers make me cry!

Sad in some scenes

17 A Bug's Life

The ants were the real true jerks and pains in themselves. Thorny was always so very thorny and complex just like his name and character both matching each other just like a thorny devil and prickly thorn in the flesh. "Put a thorn in it!" I just hate, hate, hate that Thorny like thorn in the flesh he is just like his name to fit his anger and grumpiness with calculation. Also, Cornelius is crotchety and choleric. He's always such a choleric coot and crotchety codger and cynical and grumpy gruff grumbler himself. I hate him so much for how sore he always is along with grumbling. Atta is the one herself that is complex and insecure and irascible and neurotic herself for her anger issues with being so very stressed out.

Hopper is a real true pure "evil" evil and wicked evildoer and diabolical tyrant and nefarious sleaze and "dragon" grasshopper in this movie and film.

The way Flik was forced to leave and never come back kind of reminds me a little bit and resembles like classism a bit like class discrimination with benefitting the upper-class from the lower-class like to fit in with society having a place fitting in with it all.

I wish we could see Flik apologize to Atta and the Queen for lying to them about the Circus Bugs being warriors.

18 The Incredibles

This isn't really a sad movie, but its an EXTREMELY DARK one. The first time I watched this when I saw the scene where Bob realizes that syndrome had been systematically killing off supers I was too young to really understand what it meant. Syndrome literally committed Genocide

It's not sad or emotional to everyone, but if you can relate to Helen's experience of feeling that you're being cheated on or someone may be breaking your home, it is sad.

This one was only touching, not really sad... It showed family love and I thought that it was a very unique and sweet movie, but not that sad.

19 Ratatouille
20 Soul
21 Onward
22 Incredibles 2
23 Cars 2

All in all Cars 2 is the least emotional movie in terms of Pixar. There aren't many emotional moments at all and the ones that exist aren't easy to relate to seeing as the movie itself feels slightly rushed. Again though, I like it

The only one scene that is really sad in this movie is that Rod Torque Redline (the american spy agent) got attacked and then being tortured to death. This is for kids right?

Because of how bad this movie is, it ought to be sad.

It's sad Pixar has to admit making this.

24 Luca
25 Turning Red
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