Top 10 Saddest Movie Scenes of All Time

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1 John Coffey's execution - The Green Mile In a heart-wrenching turn of events, John Coffey, a gentle soul with extraordinary abilities, meets his tragic fate as he walks towards the electric chair, leaving behind a room filled with teary-eyed witnesses.

"Please don't put that thing on my head! I'm a afraid of the dark!".
Probably the saddest line in movie history.

The Green Mile Was by far the most Powerful Movie I've Ever seen.

It wasn't sad, but uncomprehensible. I mean, he should have tried to save the innocent.

2 Forrest visits Jenny's grave - Forrest Gump Forrest Gump, a man whose life has been marked by innocence and unwavering love, pays a visit to Jenny's final resting place, tenderly laying flowers on her grave as he reminisces about their bittersweet journey together.

It is very sad and moving.

3 Opening scene - Up In the poignant opening scene of Up, viewers witness the poignant love story of Carl and Ellie as their dreams of adventure and togetherness are overshadowed by the passing of time, leaving Carl alone and their dreams unfulfilled.

This is a such a sweet and sad scene, great movie opening and one of Pixar's best

4 Bambi's mother's death - Bambi In a heartbreaking scene that has resonated with audiences for generations, young Bambi witnesses the sudden loss of his beloved mother, forever changing his world and leaving him to navigate the wilderness alone.

Lets expand that to every time a Disney parent dies. Which is in like, every movie.

5 Mufasa's death - The Lion King The Lion King delivers a heartbreaking blow as Simba witnesses the tragic demise of his beloved father, Mufasa, at the hands of his treacherous uncle, Scar, forever altering the course of Simba's life and challenging his journey to reclaim his rightful place as king.

His brother killed him. Why would he do that? (Look at the movie for the answer. Trust me)

Scar killed Simba's father.

6 Zofia makes her choice - Sophie's Choice In the gut-wrenching climax of Sophie's Choice, Zofia faces an impossible decision, torn between saving the life of one of her children while the other faces a horrific fate, forever haunted by the burden of her unimaginable choice.
7 Hachi dies - Hachi: A Dog's Tale In the emotional climax of Hachi: A Dog's Tale, Hachi, a loyal and devoted dog, breathes his last breath, surrounded by those who loved him, leaving behind a legacy of unwavering loyalty and aching hearts.

Although this isn't the saddest part, it was sad, and Hachi waiting the whole time. And the whole movie was really sad- and one of the few movies that made me cry. It to me is one of the saddest movies ever. My mom cried too. She's a big crier.

8 Death of Billy Flynn - The Champ In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Billy Flynn, a celebrated boxer, succumbs to his injuries in the boxing ring, leaving behind a devastated young son who desperately clings to the hope of his father's return.
9 "Don't let me leave, Murph!" - Interstellar In the mind-bending climax of Interstellar, Cooper pleads with his daughter, Murph, not to let him leave, as the fabric of time and space threatens to separate them forever, their emotional bond strained by the vastness of the universe.

It's so sad how his daughter is telling her father about this ghost in her bookshelf. Her dad doesn't care. But years later, he's the one talking to her in the bookshelf.

10 Bruno and Shmuel getting gassed - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The Boy in the Striped Pajamas takes a harrowing turn as young Bruno and his friend Shmuel unknowingly face a tragic fate, locked inside a gas chamber, their innocence and friendship extinguished in the depths of unimaginable darkness.

Worst Movie ending ever! Why would they kill two innocent boys? Even worse, his dad killed BOTH! Like Powerfulgirl10's review, the music is so creepy, and to add insult to injury, the movie was cut when the outside of the gas chamber. So that means no funeral for the boys!

Ugh. I hate that ending. The music is creepy, and there are too many deaths. That's why it's so sad.

Did you really expect a happy ending given the subject matter involving the Holocaust.

An unsettling ending to an unsettling yet great movie.

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? "You were my brother Anakin!" - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith delivers a heartbreaking moment as Obi-Wan Kenobi confronts his former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, now transformed into Darth Vader, uttering the despairing words, "You were my brother, Anakin!" capturing the heartbreak of betrayal and the loss of a once unbreakable bond, leaving audiences with a sense of tragic inevitability.
? Guido is executed but maintains his jolly nature so his son isn’t affected - Life is Beautiful
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11 Harry says goodbye - Armageddon In a heart-wrenching moment of sacrifice, Harry bids a tearful farewell to his daughter and the love of his life, knowing he won't return from his mission to save humanity in Armageddon.
12 Snow White's funeral - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs In the classic animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, mourners gather to bid a solemn farewell to the lifeless body of Snow White, as the dwarfs and woodland creatures weep for the loss of their beloved princess.
13 Shirley's death - Madea's Big Happy Family The loss of Shirley, a central character in Madea's Big Happy Family, leaves her loved ones shattered as they grapple with grief and the painful realization that life will never be the same without her infectious laughter and unconditional love.
14 Titanic sinks - Titanic As the ill-fated Titanic succumbs to the icy depths of the ocean, passengers face their impending doom, with the realization that countless lives, dreams, and loves are tragically lost in the vast expanse of the sea.

The Titanic sinking scene in a nutshell:
"Baby I love you! I know we're going to drown but I love you! "
"I love you too! "
*insert overly dramatic kissing sequence here*
"Goodbye my love! "
"Goodbye! "
*insert overly dramatic ship sinking sequence here*

I think the saddest part was when Rose noticed Jack frozen.

Looks like everyone are waiting for their death.

That's not a sad part, the sad part is that Jack & Rose did not live happily ever after

15 Louis watches Henri attempt to escape in the finale as they embrace for the last time - Papillon In the poignant finale of Papillon, Louis watches with a heavy heart as his dear friend Henri attempts a daring escape, their embrace serving as a bittersweet farewell, knowing that they may never see each other again.
16 Marley's death - Marley and Me Marley, the mischievous yet beloved dog, takes his final breath, surrounded by his grieving family in Marley and Me, leaving an irreplaceable void in their lives and reminding us of the fleeting nature of unconditional love.
17 George mercy kills Lennie - Of Mice and Men (1992) Of Mice and Men delivers an emotionally devastating blow as George, torn between love and mercy, makes the heartbreaking decision to end the life of his intellectually disabled friend, Lennie, freeing him from a world of suffering and ignorance.
18 Mathilda buries the plant for Leon - Leon: The Professional In a poignant moment of loss and closure, Mathilda, a young girl who has found solace and mentorship in the hitman Leon, buries the potted plant he cherished, symbolizing the end of their unconventional bond and the acceptance of a harsh reality.
19 Titanic sinks - A Night to Remember A Night to Remember paints a poignant picture as the majestic Titanic sinks, engulfed in tragedy, with passengers and crew desperately grappling with the inevitable and confronting the chilling reality of their impending doom, forever etching this catastrophic event in the annals of history.
20 Schindler's tribute - Schindler's List Schindler's List concludes with a deeply moving tribute, as Oskar Schindler, overwhelmed by the weight of his actions, breaks down, lamenting that he could have saved even more lives, realizing the immense magnitude of the Holocaust's tragedy and the profound impact of his own actions.
21 Leslie's death - Bridge to Terabithia Bridge to Terabithia delivers a devastating blow as Leslie, the spirited and imaginative friend of Jesse, tragically loses her life in a freak accident, leaving Jesse and viewers grappling with the harsh realities of life and the fragile nature of friendship.
22 Malcolm Crowe death revelation ending - The Sixth Sense The Sixth Sense delivers a mind-bending revelation as Malcolm Crowe, a troubled psychologist, comes to the realization that he has been dead all along, leaving audiences stunned and deeply moved by the poignant exploration of life, death, and the power of human connection.
23 Bubba dies - Forrest Gump Forrest Gump delivers an emotional blow as Bubba, Forrest's loyal and kindhearted friend, tragically loses his life in the Vietnam War, leaving Forrest grief-stricken and forever carrying the weight of his friend's memory in his heart.
24 Jack Dawson's death - Titanic The tragic demise of Jack Dawson in Titanic leaves viewers shattered as he valiantly sacrifices himself, allowing Rose to survive amidst the sinking ship's icy waters, their love forever bound by the depths of the ocean.

This was just about the only scene that broke me down. I am usually tough.

This scene was so sad.

25 Monty and friends comfort Simon on his death bed - With Honors With Honors reaches an emotional climax as Monty and his friends gather around Simon's death bed, offering comfort and companionship in his final moments, a powerful testament to the strength of friendship and the significance of human connections.
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