Top Ten Scenes from "Kill Bill"

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1 The Origin of O-Ren

It adds so much depth to O-Ren's character, so much more depth than any other person in the movie has, even The Bride and Bill. I am also very sure that there was an especially close bond between O-Ren and The Bride, considering how much The Bride, who narrates the movie, knows about her.

It was also brilliant for this scene to be animated. Not only on an aesthetic level (and wow, is this aesthetic in combination with the music), but also because anime can perfectly capture such raw emotion as in this scene. Tarantino perfectly understands Japanese narration, and O-Ren's backstory is remotely that of an anime anti-hero or villain, such as Lucy/Nyuu (Elfen Lied) or Ken (Digimon 02).

2 The Bride vs. The Crazy 88

The Bride describes them as being "powerful," but she takes them all out with minimal effort. That's one of the best fight scenes in the franchise. They're all clashing swords, and the Bride slices and dices them.

3 The Bride vs. O-Ren Ishii

This fight is tormenting. My theory is that the two characters used to be very close friends, maybe even with a sister-like bond. They exchange inside jokes, and their fight is absolutely honorable and not at all dirty and mean-spirited. After Beatrix lands her first hit, the fight stops for a second, and both characters have tears in their eyes. The fight is very quiet and not a bit action-like. The garden is a peaceful setting.

After Beatrix kills O-Ren, she seems to feel no satisfaction like with the other characters. Instead, she faces down. She doesn't turn around to see O-Ren's dead body. For a brief second, she considers it but then doesn't. She seems to be hurt that it has come to this. The feel is entirely different from the rest of the movie and the other fights.

The Bride and Elle Driver truly despise each other. Budd is a jerk, and while Vernita Green is a reasonable and maybe even sympathetic character, The Bride and her both use unexpectedness as an advantage. There's no sign of a deeper connection. With Bill, it is also different. There is much respect, and they also have a mutual past, which is what Beatrix is sad about, but there is also rage and hate. Bill is like an ex-mate, who you know perfectly and who you grew attached to a bit, but you've also moved on. But the death of O-Ren seems to be something Beatrix seems to suffer from. It was necessary to come to this, and there was no return, but it hurts her that it came to this.

4 Bill's Death
5 The Bride vs. Gogo Yubari

Although the fight was short, it still made for a good fight. Gogo was extremely skilled with the meteor hammer, and Beatrix was mainly in defense for most of the fight.

Gogo nearly killed Beatrix by strangling her with the chain but was killed when Beatrix rammed a chair leg studded with nails into her foot and then her head in one last attempt to save herself. Not only was Gogo a skilled fighter, but she was also very smart as she did not fight Beatrix in her strong suit, the katana, in contrast to the Crazy 88.

6 The Bride Meets Hattori Hanzo

He allowed the Bride to try out one of his swords and then made one for her to take out the Deadly Vipers. He had sworn a blood oath not to, but broke it because he was sympathetic to her aim.

7 Elle Driver's Visit at The Bride's Hospital Room
8 The Bride learns from Pai Mei how to fight
9 The Bride vs. Elle Driver

They were pretty equally matched, but Beatrix defeated Elle when she snatched out Elle's remaining eye, totally blinding her. I think that was mainly to avenge Pai Mei for Elle killing him.

10 Beatrix snatches Elle's Eye

She deserved that, and I don't feel sorry for her at all. She lacks all traits that define her as a human being and uses underhanded methods to win a fight.

Plus, she poisoned Pai Mei instead of facing him in an actual fight and wanted to kill Beatrix in her sleep, showing that she is a coward.

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11 The Bride wakes up and takes revenge for her rape
12 Larry Gomez chews out Budd

Budd is a bouncer and always comes in 20 minutes late.

13 Pai Mei vs Beatrix

Though he was a misogynist and Beatrix was unable to land a single blow on him, he agreed to train her. He taught her Martial Arts, the three-inch punch, and the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

14 The Bride vs Vernita Green
15 Elle Kills Bud
16 BB Appearance
17 The Bride cuts off Sofie's arm
18 Beatrix vs Karen Kim
19 The Bride escapes the coffin
20 Pai Mei trains Beatrix
21 The Bride wiggles her big toe
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