Top 10 Best Mark Wahlberg Movies

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1 The Departed

This is definitely Marky's best film. I mean, come on... besides HIS awesome acting, there were legends in the movie such as Leonardo DiCaprio. Just gotta love this movie...

I totally agree. Mark is gorgeous! And The Departed should have been ranked higher. The Corrupter SUCKED! It should have never even been able to touch this list.

The Departed's screenplay is very strong, and the actors have made it the best movie. It deserves to be in the top twenty of all time.

2 Shooter

His acting in this movie is remarkable. He makes you believe that he is an American patriot, and I think he is in real life too. He would do his best for America. His appeal is unbelievable. Make more movies!

Magnificent movie. I have watched it more than 50 times. Loved watching it. He has played a great role.

It was a breathtaking movie. Mark just played the role in the exact way it should have been acted. He is in all ways THE BEST! Please keep on acting like this!

3 The Fighter

Mark trained for four years to play this role and has been nominated for a Golden Globe, among many other awards. This is his second-best film on this list, behind The Departed.

Definitely his best, but Fear should be ranked much higher. And where the hell is Contraband? That movie was badass.

Great movie. It was so good that it made me watch the real fight.

4 Ted
5 Boogie Nights

That Mark Wahlberg sure is one sexy man. WOW, he's just great, and yes, what a nice penis he does have (laugh out loud). He just plays his role so well in any movie. LOVE YOU, Marky-Marky.

Has anyone even seen the performance in this movie? The director, Paul Thomas Anderson, asked Leo to be in it, but he was stuck in Titanic. So he advised PTA to ask his best friend Mark Wahlberg to play the lead. Now we have one of the best movies of all time with Marky in it, and it's not better than the cliche Italian Job?

Are you kidding me? Fourth place? The greatest movie of all time is behind Shooter and The Fighter?

6 Lone Survivor

Just saw it. It's amazing. It's so sad. It must be in the top 5! In my opinion, it's better than Saving Private Ryan!

Best film up there with Shooter, but this has a slight edge of rusticness to it that I love. Gory but heartfelt, 9.9/10.

7 The Italian Job

I really love this movie! It has an interesting story and the ending of the movie was so on point! Movie of the year, I guess!

Easily the best of Marky Mark's titles. It's so good it's hard to make a follow-up for a second movie.

The best crew, one of the best movies I've ever seen. A movie with Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham, and Seth Green must be great!

8 Four Brothers

Suits Mark. I bought the DVD so I could watch it all the time. This man deserves an Academy Award for his acting skills.

Four Brothers was a great movie, Mark Wahlberg's best of all times.

9 The Other Guys

So good and funny. It needs to be on your bucket list for sure!

Should be number one because it is hilarious, and The Departed was stupid.

10 Invincible
The Contenders
11 Pain & Gain

Very serious but funny acting! Love him!

12 Max Payne
13 The Perfect Storm
14 Rock Star

He portrayed the dream I had back in the 1980s, when I was a teen. I wanted to be the lead singer of Guns and Roses.

This movie brings me back to a time when music was fun and carefree.

15 Planet Of The Apes

Mark Wahlberg is terrific in this very entertaining movie. Love it!

16 The Basketball Diaries

Such a great movie and really shows what can happen to people that have so much going for them. One of the greatest movies of all time.

17 Fear

My favorite movie of all time. Mark is hot in this movie. He did an excellent job in this film. Whether he's a bad guy or a good guy, I love him. He deserves recognition for his accomplishments as both an actor and a singer.

I think the role Mark played in this movie not only made us appreciate how great his body looked, but also showed how well he was becoming an actor. He has now established himself as a great actor. Keep up the good work.

Not his best movie, but it deserves to be ranked over half the movies above.

18 Patriot's Day
19 Mile 22
20 Contraband
21 Deepwater Horizon

Very intense movie! The action, the soundtrack, and the acting! One of Mark Wahlberg's best movies!

22 Three Kings
23 The Lovely Bones
24 Ted 2

Ted 2 was great. Hysterical film and should be higher on this list, as well as Basketball Diaries.

25 We Own the Night
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