Top Ten Movies Directed by Michael Bay

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1 Transformers

The trailers looked cool. The voices were incredible. The action is out of this world...but the rest is absolute (bleep). There's too many things going boom, even for a Michael Bay movie, and an excess of slow-motions, Transformer transformations that last for over ten minutes, and there's too much property damage to make this movie believable. The worst part is that, even versus the female characters in the other movies, the fact that Mikhaela Banes is only there to get teenage boys' motor running. Her character has very little personality that will be remembered, and the camera lingers over her hourglass figure, her tanned and pumped-up legs, her award-winning rear of the year, and her huge breasts that bulge across the T.V. screen. It's still a cool movie, I suppose, but there's too much gratuitous content that has no substance involved.

This movie is a courageous attempt at reinvigorating the Transformers canon, but it is over ten years long, is virtually plotless, is visually incomprehensible at best, and focuses way too much on Megan Fox's enormous rack and gratuitously slim bum. That being said, the action sequences, and the performance of Hugo Weaving and Shia LaBeouf are highlightable aspects of this film.

This is where Megan Fox became the breakout starlet in the first Transformers movie and that was just a beginning of a new era in 2007. This is the only Transformers movie that I like the most, even when Michael Bay started to show lack of action in the other Transformers movies.

Is it good? No.

Is it bad? No.

Is it underrated? No.

Is it enjoyable? Maybe.

Is it the best Bay film? YES.

2 The Rock

For once, bay made a good movie, but everything still went boom. Seriously, what is it with bay and explosions? Someone lights a cigarette, there's bound to be a dozen sparks. A boom every now and then is okay, but with this guy its every 20 seconds!

The highest rated movie by Michael bay, smart (for Bay) and enjoyable action. Certainly some of these other movies are good, but I have no idea how they beat out the rock.

This is definitely the best film Michael Bay has ever directed. Awesome action scenes, an epic score by Hans Zimmer, and great chemistry between Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. Overall, this is one film that you don't wanna miss out on.

Truly one of a hand full of Michael Bay's films I can stand.

3 Armageddon

Great movie about love, hope, fight for survival with superb soundtracks.

I kinda think this film was underrated.

4 Bad Boys
5 Pearl Harbor

One of the most beautiful films ever, truly epic. Though it is tragic, it has elements that make it worth watching, terrific job and yet again one of the most unique films ever made about World War Two.

My favorite movie and it's 2014! Love this! Should be up in the top two!

Up there in the top 2 with Armageddon.

Love this movie

6 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I think it was the best Tranformers movie directed by Bay. It had drama, betrayal, aliens killing people and not just exploding cars and buildings, badass Prime scene and Shockwave!

This is where the franchise should've stopped before Michael Bay decided to turn it into a contest of milking the cash.

Quite good just in general. Also I live in a large suburb where 10 seconds of this movie is in.

7 The Island

I find his story lines usually suck. He's all about the eye candy and the action. Which sells tickets. I like the plot to the Island. Out of the norm for him.

Only three good movies on the list, and this is the best of them.

8 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Should be ranked higher, excellent movie with solid cast. True American heroism without going too political. Only people who pay attention to politics will know who's to Blaim for 2011 attacks in Libya.

By far his best, I didn't know he directed it going in, was shocked to see his name in the credits. Highly underrated. A masterpiece

Best movie he's made yet, by far, because he didn't have to make up a story, he just had to tell theirs.

My personal favorite movie from that year.

9 Pain & Gain

Awesome movie... You'll know once you watch it.

10 Transformers: Age of Extinction
The Contenders
11 Bad Boys II
12 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I find this underrated thanks to the fact that there were tons of voice actors.

I've Seen 3- The Rock and Transformers. But this is way better them!

This was the most entertaining Transformers movie.

Ok when I was like 8 years old I saw the first transformers movie. what kid doesn't like to see giant robots punch each other. so as I got older,watching all the films and now I look at these films a little differently. I think Michael bay tries to hard to introduce more humor than action. so lets take a look at some bay you watch them,you begin to notice that a few of the scenes are reused in the other transformers revenge of the fallen when prime is fighting megatron, prime is just saying some pretty random stuff. and I quote' junkyard scrap waste of megaton '.pointmade. and this is not the only time they do it. megatron does it the most. next. I mentioned how bay focused on the humor more than action? well the humor is not even funny. its really just stupid. the only movie I actually liked his humor was in Armageddon. next megatron has been resurrected way to many times. if they keep making these films,he will have been resurrected more than shredder. transforms ...more

13 Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall

I caught Michael red-handed!

14 Ambulance
15 6 Underground
16 Transformers: The Last Knight
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