Top 10 Best Monica Bellucci Movies

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1 The Passion of the Christ

Love this movie...Brings tears every time I see it.

One of the greatest movie with great actors... I love you so much Jesus

2 The Matrix Reloaded

I have watched it and I can't take my eyes off to tell that I have seen the movie "over and over".

Wow...what a breast I really want to suck it Monica please give me a chance...

3 Malena

I am from India. Long ago, when I first watched the movie, I was little older than Renato, the boy in the movie. I felt the same way he felt. I felt I had been there. Still it is one of my favorite movies. The grown up people always misunderstood the imagination and the fantasies of teen age and they messed up everything of teen's world and their own world too. OH! If I don't say it has depicted the socio economic background of fascism I would have missed the main objective of the storyline.

The original Director's cut was far better than the horrific editing inflicted by Harvey Weinstein and his Miramax suits for prurient American audiences. Weinstein nearly ruined the film. By all means seek out the original cut. Tragically, it was not released by Miramax in the US.

Monica is a woman who makes it difficult to look away from her beauty and notice anyone else. She looks exquisite in Melena, and, for that matter, all the movies she has made. I just can't get enough Monica...

This is funny. The only reason why I am commenting here is because this woman is SO UNDERRATED! ( As an actress and a beauty ).

4 Remember Me, My Love

I really love monica darling...
Please give me 4 once..

5 Irreversible

What a movie monica have good butt show in this movie.

6 The Apartment
7 Secret Agents

Where can I download this movie?

8 Asterix et Obelix - Mission Cleopatre
9 Under Suspicion
10 Don't Look Back

Yes monica is to good

The Contenders
11 Brotherhood of the Wolf
12 Franck Spadone
13 A Burning Hot Summer
14 Tears of the Sun

There are lots of problems with world America tries to solve it and is the reason America becomes a king.

Nature and Beauty of Africa with the combination of Monica also very nice.

I love this movie very much and also I love my favorite actress Monica. The way of monica's acting superb. I simply love this movie long live MONICA.

Just love the wonderful Antics the humane monica...

Monica is looking, beauty in dirt.

15 Shoot 'Em Up
16 The Stone Council

It didn't deserve the bad reviews it got. I think this is one of her best performances, actually. The movie was certainly interesting, unlike many other uninteresting films of Monica...

17 The Second Wind
18 Dobermann
19 Spectre
20 The Whistleblower
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