Top 10 Best Basketball Movies of All Time

What are the best basketball movies of all time? A tough question, no doubt, as these movies are as varied as the sport itself. They come in all shapes and sizes, featuring a spectrum of stories from inspiring underdogs and high-stakes championship games to heartwarming friendships and romantic connections formed on the court. All beautifully intertwined with the excitement and suspense that is inherent in the sport of basketball.

We've seen stories of hard-working high school teams making their mark in the big leagues, like "Hoosiers" and "Coach Carter". There are also those films that delight in the sheer fun of the sport, such as the family-friendly "Space Jam", where the line between reality and cartoon mayhem gets delightfully blurry. Some movies use basketball as a backdrop to delve into societal issues or personal struggles, such as "He Got Game" and "The Basketball Diaries". And of course, there are films that take a comedic approach to basketball, like "White Men Can't Jump" and "Semi-Pro", offering a lighter take on the game we love.

But which one tops them all? That's a question that has as many answers as there are basketball fans. So, it's up to you, the audience, to help us find the answer.
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1 Coach Carter "Coach Carter" tells the stirring story of Ken Carter, a high school basketball coach who prioritizes academics above sports. When his players' grades begin to slip, he takes a controversial step by locking up the gym and benching the entire team. The movie effectively captures the struggle and ultimately the triumph of discipline, education, and principles over immediate success.

Best basketball movie I have ever seen! It has inspired me that anything is possible! I'll be sure to show this movie to my players one day..

A realistic movie that takes us beyond winning and losing: Shows us that winning a game doesnot guarantee "the ever-elusive victory". For victory you have to play ball...
A great movie indeed!

This is the most inspirational movie I've ever watch! This is excellent movie and a life. Coach Carter, I salute you. THE BEST FILM

2 Space Jam "Space Jam" is a delightful blend of live-action and animation, where Michael Jordan teams up with the Looney Tunes to win a basketball match against alien invaders. It's an entertaining ride that gives a whimsical spin to the sport, proving basketball can be as thrilling in an animated universe as it is on Earth.

There is another Space Jam movie with Lebron James! I also think it's with the Looney Tunes but it might be with a different cartoon

Imagine if there was a sequel to this movie featuring Blake Griffin and a whole host of stars.

Hard to believe this came about all thanks to a Super Bowl commercial for Nike.

3 Glory Road "Glory Road" narrates the true story of Don Haskins, a college basketball coach who led the first all-black starting line-up team to the NCAA national championship in 1966. It's an inspiring tale of breaking racial barriers and the transformative power of sport to change society's perceptions.

Awesome basketball movie. It has everything!

Amazing movie and based on true story.

4 Hoosiers Set in 1950s Indiana, "Hoosiers" centers around a volatile coach and a former star player-turned alcoholic leading a small-town high school basketball team to the state championship. It's a heartwarming film that showcases how dedication, hard work, and a bit of faith can lead to unexpected victories, both on and off the court.

HOOSIERS. Best basketball movie, EVER, based on a real life event where a David beats a Goliath, before high school divisions and class rankings. I listened to the whole game, live on the radio, and it was awesome. The whole state of Indiana was pulling for this team of underdogs. What a thrill it was when they won. No other movie, mostly fictional can ever come close to it. Space Jam, a cartoon? Give me a break.

Coach Carter and Space Jam? Is that a joke? Coach Carter is a good movie but it's not Hoosiers. Space Jam is good when your 10 years old. Hoosiers is the classic and is the best basketball/sports movie EVER!

5 White Men Can't Jump "White Men Can't Jump" is a street-ball classic featuring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as two basketball hustlers. When they form an unlikely alliance, they soon discover that their biggest opponent isn't on the court but their own conflicting personalities. The movie showcases a humorous, yet insightful look into street basketball culture and friendship.

This movie is pure greatness and I just love the story line!

6 Love and Basketball "Love and Basketball" revolves around Monica and Quincy, two childhood friends who aspire to be professional basketball players while navigating their evolving feelings for each other. The film weaves a narrative around love, passion, and the shared pursuit of dreams on the basketball court.

How is this not number one. This movies a great movies about two peoples love for basketball but also their love for each other. It's a really great movie that everyone should see.

7 He Got Game "He Got Game" features Denzel Washington as Jake Shuttlesworth, a prison inmate who's offered a reduced sentence to convince his estranged son, Jesus, a top-ranked basketball prospect, to play for the governor's alma mater. The film explores the game's raw dynamics amidst familial strife and reconciliation.
8 Hoop Dreams "Hoop Dreams" is a powerful documentary that follows the lives of two African-American high school students in Chicago, aspiring to become professional basketball players. It's a gripping tale of ambition, resilience, and the socio-economic realities impacting the American dream.

Documentary about 2 Chicago area high-school hoops players' lives over a 5-year period. Maybe the best documentary ever and one of the best underdog basketball stories ever. Movie is long and moves slow. More footage showing day-to-day life than basketball. Gets very exciting during senior year.

9 The 6th Man "The 6th Man" is a supernatural sports comedy where the deceased basketball player, Antoine Tyler, returns as a ghost to help his struggling college team, led by his younger brother Kenny. The movie is a heartwarming blend of humor, hoops, and the enduring bond of brotherhood.

Best basketball movie that you will ever watch in your life, I promise

10 Semi-Pro "Semi-Pro" is a comedic take on the world of basketball, featuring Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of a struggling team in the American Basketball Association. It's a hilarious journey of a team's ludicrous attempts to survive in the competitive sports arena.

Semi pro is HILARIOUS. Will Ferrel is a genius in the movie, and it should go down as not only one of the best sports movies of all time, but one of the funniest movies of all time.

The Contenders
11 Crossover "Crossover" takes you into the world of street basketball in Detroit, highlighting two friends, Tech and Cruise, who have contrasting dreams - one seeking a basketball career, while the other aims to attend medical school. It's a gritty portrayal of urban basketball culture and the personal battles one faces in pursuit of their dreams.

Street ball is more fun than the NBA even though is doesn't pay enough, we have to hand it to them these guys are good... This I know...

12 Thunderstruck "Thunderstruck" is a family comedy where an awkward teenage basketball fan magically switches talents with his idol, NBA superstar Kevin Durant. As Durant's career begins to falter, the teenager must figure out how to reverse the process. It's a fun-filled journey into the world of basketball superstardom.
13 One on One "One on One" follows the story of a small-town basketball phenom, Henry Steele, who faces the harsh realities of big-time college sports. It's an underdog story that shines a light on the challenges and corruption in collegiate athletics.

Robby Benson did a pretty good job as a 5'10" high school star trying to get used to big-time college ball. Was it as good as Coach Carter? No, but it didn't have much to work off of.

14 Celtic Pride "Celtic Pride" revolves around two die-hard Boston Celtics fans who kidnap the opposing team's star player to ensure their team's victory in the NBA Finals. This comedy caper adds a twist of fanaticism and absurdity to the basketball world.
15 Blue Chips "Blue Chips" highlights the underbelly of college basketball, with a college coach resorting to unethical tactics to recruit talented players in a bid to revive his struggling program. It's a gritty and honest look into the corruption lurking in the sports world.
16 Like Mike "Like Mike" centers around a teenage orphan, Calvin, who discovers a pair of Michael Jordan's old sneakers and gains incredible basketball skills. This family-friendly film is a delightful tale of dreams, magic, and the power of belief.

Why is this not higher up on the list? I grew up on this movie, I used to say "make me like mike" while tying my shoes before every game I played laugh out loud

17 The Winning Season "The Winning Season" follows an unconventional girls' high school basketball coach leading his team to unprecedented success. This heartening story offers a fresh perspective on the transformative power of sports and the importance of believing in oneself.

Awesome movie of female basketball team with the beautiful Emma Roberts.

18 Uncle Drew "Uncle Drew" is a comedy where a young man, desperate to win a street basketball tournament, recruits a team of septuagenarians led by Uncle Drew, a legendary old school streetballer. It's a fun-filled narrative highlighting the timeless nature of basketball and teamwork.
19 Rebound "Rebound" tells the story of an arrogant college basketball coach who, after a public meltdown, is demoted to coaching a middle school team. This comedy shows the coach's journey of redemption and growth, while guiding his ragtag team to victory.

Very underrated greatest basketball movie of all time easily

20 More Than a Game "More Than a Game" is a compelling documentary that chronicles the early life of NBA superstar LeBron James and his high school teammates. It’s a heartfelt story about friendship, teamwork, and the transformative power of basketball.

The story of Lebron James' high school career told by his teammates and himself. Very inspiring.

21 Air Bud "Air Bud" is a family-friendly film about a golden retriever named Buddy, who has an uncanny ability to play basketball. It’s a warm, whimsical tale about an unlikely sports star and his impact on a grieving young boy.
22 Above the Rim "Above the Rim" is a poignant narrative that follows a promising high school basketball player torn between loyalty to his brother and the lure of a drug dealer who wants him to play in his street tournament. The film explores themes of ambition, adversity, and moral choices.
23 The Red Sneakers "The Red Sneakers" centers on a teenage boy who, after receiving a pair of magical red sneakers, becomes a basketball sensation. However, the boy must confront the truth about his abilities and the importance of hard work in this fantasy drama.
24 Hustle "Hustle" is a captivating film about a basketball scout who, after losing his job, discovers a talented player abroad and decides to bring him to the United States. The film beautifully navigates the complexities of ambition, redemption, and the lengths one will go for a second chance.
25 Hurricane Season "Hurricane Season" is an inspiring film based on the true story of a high school basketball coach who assembles a team from students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The film beautifully encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit amidst disaster.
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