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1 I Am Sam

Sean Penn gave a performance that not only made a statement to his acting diversity but also to his connection to making characters come to life.

Superb acting by the entire cast. Hats off to Mr Sean Penn. All I can say is that he can only be praised.

I haven't seen such a wonderful actor... I will just fall on his feet, I I would meet sean penn

Outstanding & brilliant. As Marlon Brando once said, Penn is "the best living actor."

2 Mystic River

Sean Penn makes me want to cry and shout at the screen with anger at the same time. BRILLIANT! He gives such a layered performance which we can only admire!

By far, his best performance ever. The intensity that he played in the role was total opposite of Fast Times. Arguably, top five movie of all time.

Brilliant film, brilliant actor. Sean penn is a class actor. One of my favourite films eve.

Simply superb. Acting is a tour de force of deep humanity, grief, anger and steely revenge.

3 Dead Man Walking

I love Penn a lot, all of his movies are so realistic and touching, this one was brilliant...
People, watch this movie!

Kudos to penn for making an almost entirely unlikable character on paper be shown human

4 Into The Wild

The movie that has strengthened my thinking and changed my life with a strong philosophical support. Whatever I will say will be less to admire for this movie. I'd prefer not to see any better movie to keep it the best I have ever seen.

Best movie ever. I love Eddie Vedder's music in this movie. Emile is indeed a great "new" talent. Sean did a great job with this movie.

5 Milk

How is this not number one?! For staters, people who knew Milk personally said that Sean Penn captured his personality, his humanity, and even his voice and smile down to the smallest, most minute detail. He's so likable, cheerfully optimistic, and you can't help but love him. I may be biased, but this movie is one of the very very few films that have truly, deeply, touched me, in a way that I think of every day. After watching this film, I felt utterly inspired to live my life the way Harvey did, with kindness and love, with strength, with passion, to fight for what I believe in and refuse to be belittled. I wanted to be kind to everyone no matter who they were, even if they were different from me. I wanted to promote acceptance. This movie, as well as Brokeback Mountain, cemented my strong support of homosexuality. And other than the emotional aspects, it is a technical tour de force, brilliantly crafted, uniquely original. A true masterpiece. 50 thumbs up!

My name is Harvey Milk, and I'm here to recruit you!

6 Carlito's Way

That hair is priceless.

7 Fast Times at Ridgemont High
8 All the King's Men
9 Bad Boys (1983)
10 21 Grams
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11 Colors

I taught in the main character's three areas of LA. Good stuff. Reminded me of all my students.

12 The Assassination of Richard Nixon
13 The Thin Red Line

The best movie in this list.

14 The Game
15 Up at the Villa
16 The Gunman
17 The Interpreter
18 U Turn
19 Sweet and Lowdown

This is perhaps my favorite Sean Penn performence, Emmet Ray is Egotistical, Chauvinistic, Arrogant, A Thief, A Gambler, and so many other things, and Sean Penn captures it perfectly, no other actor could have done this role justice. It's a shame that he lost the oscar to Kevin Spacey

20 State of Grace
21 The Weight of Water
22 We're No Angels
23 Racing With the Moon

I liked this movie a lot

24 Hurlyburly

One of his best movies, very underrated, unfortunately.

25 At Close Range
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