Best Movies of 2003

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1 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This movie is absolutely, 100%, amazing. Terrific action scenes, sturdy plot, great characters, and the battles are just unbelievably fantastic. This should be number 1 for as long as possible. My favorite movie of all time. Nothing can beat.

Most beautiful trilogy ever made. Best thing about these movies there is so much optimism in it. I miss these kind of movies. Nowadays most movies have negative and depressing themes. I miss those good old days.

X2 was good, a great movie, but deserves the number one? (Actually it's my second xman favorite movie)
The lord of the rings win a oscar and got a great plot, and a epic battles, deserves the number one

My 5th favourite movie of all time. Definitely deserves all the academy awards.

2 Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

I consider this the best of all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and overall audience reviews seem to agree with me. I still liked the other PotC movies, but this was something else.

The most enjoyable movie experience of 2003. A rollicking adventure. Pure movie magic. A classic!

This changed the movie world so much.

3 Finding Nemo

It should at least be at number 3! This is one of Pixars most famous films!

No.26? This is the best movie of all time.

Number 2 for this movie

Breathtakingly Pasted and beautifully animated finding Nemo awards Pixar another Academy award For best animated feature

4 X2: X-Men United

The best movie in the original trilogy and one of the best marvel movies in general

5 Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Best movie ever made!

6 Freaky Friday
7 School of Rock

Jack Black is a very funny guy.

Greatest childhood film

Number one always

8 Elf

I love this movie, I watch it from thanksgiving to new years.

The theme makes the movie better!

9 Holes

I loved the movie.. I was laughing so hard in my AB class that I lost my voice and went to detention.. Anyway my review.. (9/10) humor. (9.5/10. For the story. Finally (10/10 for the characters

10 Bruce Almighty
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11 Looney Tunes: Back in Action
12 Tokyo Godfathers

Another film by Satashi Kon. After "Perfect Blue" and "Millennium Actress," this feels quite a bit different for Kon. Has a bit of a Ghibli feel to it, probably because Satashi actually worked with a couple of animators from Studio Ghibli on this movie. It has a mixture of Kon and Ghibli ideology to it, making it a bit of an oddball amoung Kon's movies.
Not that this is a bad thing; in fact, this made for a uniquely great movie; I'd rank it as one of the best movies of 2003.

13 Wrong Turn
14 The Matrix Reloaded
15 Big Fish
16 Hulk
17 Scary Movie 3

Greatest installment ever!

18 Lost in Translation

One of Bill Murray's best in my opinion.

What is the plot

19 The Last Samurai
20 The Room

Ooh, the infamous "The Room" title. I hear about this particular name everywhere from time to time, whether the name is referring to the game or the movie.

21 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
22 The Italian Job
23 Mystic River
24 Tears of the Sun
25 Phone Booth
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