Top 10 Universal Studios Movies that Would Make Great Park Attractions

Here are some movies that would make great attractions at Universal parks.
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1 The Secret Life of Pets

The ride would be similar to the Rock 'N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studios. However, instead of Aerosmith and rock theming, it would feature elements from The Secret Life of Pets. Upon entering the queue, you'd find yourself near a replica of the Statue of Liberty. From there, you'd proceed into a sewer where the "Flushed Pets" reside. In this area, an animatronic Snowball provides you with his "plans" as well as the safety instructions for the ride.

As you exit the sewer, you enter a back alley where you can see your ride vehicle - a super stretch limo painted to resemble a taxi. While waiting, you can watch as other people launch into a tunnel. When it's your turn, you board the taxi, pull down the restraints, and find that a pet from the movie - such as Max, Duke, Gidget, or Snowball - is accompanying you.

The story of the ride centers around your attempt to escape from Animal Control while also trying to get the pet back home. You launch into a tunnel, where a camera captures your on-ride photos, available later in the gift shop. The ride features a cobra roll and takes you past various New York City landmarks. After a mid-course brake run, you encounter the animal in front of you, illuminated by bright strobe lights. The ride continues through more landmarks and into a corkscrew. Finally, you enter Times Square, narrowly missing some cars, before hitting the brake run where Animal Control gives up. The ride concludes at the unload platform, leading into the gift shop.

2 Everest

What if Universal created their own version of Expedition Everest from Disney's Animal Kingdom? In this ride, you board your very own train and climb up to Mt. Everest. Unlike Disney's version, there's no yeti in this one. You reach a dead end and a massive snowstorm (represented by fog) approaches. Then, the train reverses into the mountain to escape the storm.

Once inside the mountain, rocks start to fall and fog covers the cave. You then begin descending the drop, and a camera captures your on-ride photo. After that, you re-enter the mountain and briefly go outside. As you re-enter, a piece of the mountain (similar to the yeti in Disney's version) almost falls on you. Finally, you escape the storm and head back to the unload platform, ending your experience in the gift shop.

3 The Boss Baby

This would be a dark ride similar to Journey to Imagination with Figment at Epcot, but featuring the Boss Baby and Tim. Essentially, you'd go through BabyCorp to see what it's like to be a boss baby. While the plot is relatively simple, the ride would include animatronics of Boss Baby and Tim.

Storks is way better than this piece of garbage.

4 Trolls

This ride would resemble the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It involves going through a cave where the trolls live (I haven't seen the movie yet). The villain tries to destroy the town, and you proceed through a "roller coaster" section before hitting the brake run. Poppy and another troll then defeat the villain, and you return to the unload platform. It's a simple but fun ride for little kids.

5 The Mummy (2017)

Although most Universal parks already feature Revenge of the Mummy, what if they refurbished the ride to resemble the 2017 version of The Mummy? It wouldn't be a new ride per se, but it would improve the existing Revenge of the Mummy rides.

6 Ouija: Origin of Evil

What if Mystic Manor were a horror fest? This ride would be it. You'd board a Ouija vehicle and encounter a girl (animatronic) who finds the board and messes with it. She releases demons that stalk you throughout the ride and trigger various effects both inside and outside the vehicle (such as air, water, smoke, etc.). The only way to end the terror is to break the Ouija board's curse and the board itself as you pass through different rooms where various events unfold. In the final room, just as the demons are about to possess you, you break the board, ensuring everyone's safety as you return to the unload platform. A pretty chilling trackless dark ride would make a neat combination.

7 The Cat in the Hat (2003)

I know everyone hates the movie. Me too. However, I thought a ride at one of the parks would be cool. It could be similar to California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure. Yet, I think it might suck because the Cat would be on the ride, laughing at you during the ride. I'm not sure how this will work, given that the movie is atrocious.

8 Battleship

What if a board game got its own ride? This ride could be like Pirates of the Caribbean, where you see battleships fighting. It's kind of simple at first, but it will look nice.

This isn't going to make the list. I just thought the ride would be nice.

9 How to Train Your Dragon

Thanks to whoever put this on the list. I think a B&M Wing Coaster would suit the theme of flying on Toothless. Add some theming and near-miss elements, and it seems great.

10 Sing

This would be a simulator-type ride where you are late for the performance and you rush through the city to get to the theater. You make it in time, and you get to perform - well, not really. It's similar to Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Another Illumination Entertainment film has made the list. This ride would be similar to the Enchanted Tiki Room, but with singing animals who are animatronics. It's nothing too special, but still possible.

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11 Storks

The ride would be similar to Star Tours but set in the universe of Storks, featuring characters from that movie instead of Star Wars characters. Guests would board the ride wearing 3D glasses and join Junior and Tulip in thwarting Hunter - who survived his fall in the movie - from executing his evil plan to destroy the baby delivery service. The goal of the ride is to save the innocent storks and other characters residing on Stork Mountain.

12 Jurassic World

If DINOSAUR at Disney's Animal Kingdom were a Jurassic Park ride, this would be it. You board an EMV and go through Jurassic World. You see some dinosaurs, but then an outbreak occurs, and loads of dinosaurs start running. You encounter a T-Rex. The story is that you need to escape the T-Rex and get to safety while encountering other dinosaurs. The drop is similar to Jurassic Park River Adventure because the T-Rex almost gets you, but you make it to safety and enter the unload platform.

13 Krampus

This would be another coaster and would be similar to Busch Gardens Tampa's Kumba. The story is that Krampus unleashes his power on you, and you go upside down seven times. It will also feature VR.

14 The Croods
15 Dracula (1931)
16 Godzilla 2014
17 The Lorax

Save the trees! This ride would be like Toy Story Mania at Disney parks and is themed around defeating O'Hare from destroying the trees. The queue is themed to the forest in the movie, where you are surrounded by Truffula trees. You board your vehicle and put on your 3D glasses. The Lorax wants you to defeat O'Hare and save Thneedville. It sounds exciting.

18 The Land Before Time
19 Balto
20 Furious 7

Think about it: a go-kart style racetrack featuring go-kart style muscle cars.

21 Final Fantasy VII
22 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
23 Land of the Lost
24 Walking with Dinosaurs
25 Penguins of Madagascar
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