Top 10 Worst Things About Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is one of the worst holiday specials I’ve ever seen! I like Frozen, but this was terrible! So let’s discuss the worst things about this special.
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1 Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

I wish she'd grown up to be another disguised canon commoner/non royalty/peasant since one sole traumatic childhood accident or better yet, her childbirth infancy.

She would've came from too distant modern times in canon instead since she's more of another modern day girl than another classic royal crown princess.

If I were Disney, I'd rather allow her (Anna) to grow up elsewhere together with remaining Northuldra people in the Enchanted Forest than force her to grow up in the isolation.

Gerda (Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen) rocks and rules as another classical canon heroine, whereas, she (Anna) sucks and rules as a canon heroine.

2 Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Kind of bad when Olaf is the worst thing about a short called "Olaf's Frozen Adventure". I liked him in the movie, but when they make him the main focus he becomes annoying! This was a major problem I had with Cars 2! They made the comic relief character the main character! They also made Olaf a lot dumber than he was in the movie. Which was a bad idea. They made him so annoying that I actually didn't care what happened to him! It's too bad they'll make him survive anything! He's just so obnoxious! This short made me hate Olaf! If Frozen 2 ends with Olaf permanently melting, that will make me so happy.

Olaf is a lot like SpongeBob. Both have similar good-natured but naive personalities, and both them either come off as funny and charming or annoying depending on what material they're given. Olaf, like SpongeBob, is also a lot better when he's working off of other people as opposed to being by himself. I thought he was likable enough during the "short", but I totally see how someone would find him irritating.

I didn't mind Olaf in the Frozen movie. He said some amusing things. In this there was just to much of Olaf. I also refuse to call it a short because that was in no way a "short". Was so happy it finally ended so I could see Coco, which is why I went to the movies in the first place.

Olaf just isn't a good stand alone character. In order for comic relief characters to be effective, they need something more serious to play off of- it's called comic RELIEF for a reason, it suppose to soften tense moments.

3 It Ruined a Pixar Tradition

You have no idea how angry this made me. As we all know, it's been a tradition for Pixar to release a Pixar short with their movies. They've been doing that with all of their movies since Toy Story. That is until Coco came out! Instead of releasing a Pixar short with the film, they decided to release Olaf's Frozen Adventure! Which is not technically a short or made by Pixar! Are you serious!? Why would they do that!? I always love when we get to see a Pixar short before a movie! Showing a 21 minute Olaf short ruins that! Yep! A short about celebrating traditions ruined a real life tradition! Well I just hope that Incredibles 2 will have an actual Pixar short.

As much as I think Frozen is a very good movie, this short is annoying as heck..
The reason why Frozen is hated is because it is getting shoved down peoples necks, I am not saying that overrated means bad and Frozen is awful but people have their own opinions on Frozen and I was so annoyed when I watched this short, I know it's about tradition that's one of the good things about the short.. Disney really needs to get off Pixar's coat-tails, also Coco is a beyond spectacular masterpiece... - Swampert02

Yes I think this show might be very okay but the way they ruined the whole pixar thing makes me want to cry because I'm going to miss I mean I love pixar but then.. this all happened just because of this show

4 The Songs

Disney wanted to see how many songs they can cram into a 21 minute short. The short is almost NOTHING but singing! With a few lines of dialogue. People complain that Frozen had too much singing in it, but that was actually a musical movie! Olaf's Frozen Adventure is too short to be a musical! The songs aren't even very good! They're so bland and generic! A lot of people like the song When We're Together, but I personally think it's cheesy and tries too hard force in a message. The song that Olaf sings as he's finding out what people's traditions are, I'll admit it was fun seeing Josh Gad performing it live at D23, but the song itself is kind of annoying and feels too long. I don't even remember the song at the beginning. There's also a song that Elsa sings and I really thought it was entirely pointless. It's meant to be emotional but Elsa was pretty much just being over dramatic. I didn't like any of the songs.

5 It’s 21 Minutes

This is a HUGE problem that a lot of people have with this "short". IT'S TOO LONG! Seriously! This would've been acceptable had it stayed as a T.V. special, but this was released in theaters and played before Coco! It's bad enough that we have to wait through a bunch of trailers before the movie starts! A bunch of terrible trailers! But if you include a 21 minute short, that means you pretty much have to wait almost an hour before the movie starts! This caused so many people to be angry! They even pulled it from theaters in Mexico! Throughout the entire thing, I was waiting for it to be over! It kept on going and going! At least Frozen Fever was about 6 minutes! I don't know what Disney was thinking.

I saw Coco today (fantastic movie) and had to sit through this. It sucked but it wasn't as horrible as I thought. Most of the songs were eh and Olaf was annoying!

6 Kristoff is Barely in it Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.

Kristoff is the only good thing about this short, but he's barely even in it! He only appears in I think two scenes and only gets a few lines. They do give him a song, but it's a very bad song. Seriously, Disney? You have Jonathan Groff, a very talented singer, in one of your movie franchises, and you don't even give him a good song? Hopefully he will get a better one in Frozen 2. The only moments in the short that I didn't think were terrible were whenever Kristoff was on screen because he's pretty funny. I would've preferred it if the short was entirely about him.

7 It Was Released With Coco

Really? They released this atrocity with Coco? What was Disney smoking? From what I've heard, and I'm not sure if this is true, but Disney didn't seem to have faith in Coco and thought that showing a Frozen short before the movie would attract more viewers. I bet they really regret this decision. The irony is that everyone ended loving Coco and ended up hating Olaf's Frozen Adventure. This makes me feel bad for Coco. It's a really amazing film but the Frozen short is keeping people from seeing it in theaters. There are even people who didn't know about the Frozen short and were getting frustrated since they paid money to see Coco. Some people got confused and were wondering if they walked into the wrong theater. Look, Coco is a fantastic movie! Nearly flawless! Olaf's Frozen Adventure, however, is the complete opposite! If you don't want to watch the short but REALLY want to watch Coco in theaters, then arrive at least 40 minutes late.

For the record, I don't hate Frozen (I've long since then jumped off of the hate bandwagon). But let's be honest here, it was totally pointless of them to shoehorn this short into a movie about Dia de los Muertos. As T.V. Tropes mentioned, it's especially jarring that they released this short along with Coco in Mexico, where people paid money to see a movie about THEIR OWN CULTURE, not some overexposed Christmas short that should've been kept as a T.V. Christmas special. Mexicans don't just love Speedy Gonzales, they love Coco. Mexicans don't just hate Tingle (well, maybe not as much as Americans do), they hate Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

Coco was so pretty that I am autism kid expirenced my first tears in a movie! So happy and sad! It was so beautiful and genius and the plot twist and Miguel's goal change was amazing! Not Frozen Adventure!

The juxtaposition does make it seem worse by comparison.

8 Oaken

I hated this entire scene in the movie. I never liked Oaken. Even in the movie he was a terrible character. I hate that Disney has to put him in everything Frozen related! This was probably his worst appearance! It's not just him that I hated. I pretty much hated this entire scene when he and Olaf were in a sauna. This part should've been cut out. It really didn't need to be there. Also, Olaf melts, turns into water, gets poured into a bucket, gets poured out of the bucket outside, turns into ice, the ice breaks, then he becomes a snowman again. HOW DOES THAT WORK!? And I really hated the joke in which Oaken takes off his towel and throws it on Olaf. We didn't see anything inappropriate, but I still thought it was disgusting.

The sauna is actually a Christmas tradition in some areas of the world, like people do it every Christmas. Still a somewhat dumb scene

Yeah same...I hate when oaken was in a sequeals because after they showed oaken their will be always trouble happening

9 The Humor

I don't know why, but the humor in this was terrible! I didn't laugh at any of the jokes! Well actually there was one joke I remember laughing at, but a majority of them I found to be very unfunny! I didn't even hear anyone else in the theater laughing! Not even the kids! I could tell how bored they were watching this! Most of the humor relies on Olaf's stupidity. Sure it was funny in the movie, but it gets annoying in this 21 minute short. It's so unfunny that it makes Saving Private Ryan look like a comedy!

Saving Private Ryan is a great film, while it's a bit too harsh for the kids, I d rather let them watch that instead of this stupid short.

Trust me. Olaf is as funny... as 9/11, Michael Jackson's, Princess Diana's and Robin William's Death: Mixed into ONE!

10 The Aspect Ratio

This is another way to tell that this was meant to be a T.V. special. They didn't even bother to fix the aspect ratio! It made it even harder to watch! It has an aspect ratio that's made for being shown on T.V.. It just looks weird when watching it on a larger screen. They could've easily fixed it to make it more watchable. We're just watching this small square image on a long screen! It doesn't look good! I really wish they changed it.

It's a 1:78:1 special being shown on a huge screen.

Reminds me of how Doug's First Movie was shown in 4:3 in cinemas, when most movies by then were in Panavision ratio.

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11 It’s an Obvious Cash Grab

It's clear that this special was only made so they can sell merchandise. Frozen made so much money and sold a lot of merchandise. What did they do next? They made a short to play before Cinderella (2015) two years later and that short sold a lot of merchandise. What did they do next? They made a 21 minute short that played before Coco two years later and it's selling a lot of merchandise. What are they going to do next? They are going to make a legit Frozen sequel that comes out two years later and will most definitely sell a lot of merchandise! You see what I'm saying?

It's time to let the frozen series die along with toy story and cars

12 It's a Waste of Time
13 The Forced Reference to Hanukkah Just to Be Politically Correct

In fact, it feels anti-semetic to just treat it like it's just a one-note thing, doesn't help the "Walt is a Nazi" case, although Walt is NOT anti-semetic.

It is especially stupid because it pops up during the part of the special where Olaf goes around looking for Christmas Traditions and the Menorah is not a Christmas tradition for goodness sake that was just stupid of Olaf even for him.

14 Prince Hans is Barely in It
15 Elsa
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